My Human Mate

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My parents want to meet my mate

(Alisha P.O.V)

I’ m currently pacing around Robert’s room and I have been for about an hour now... I’m just so overwhelmed! “Don’t worry about it. You will know what to do when the time comes, it will come naturally. Plus if you have questions, I bet my mom will help you out.” Robert walked over to me and hugged me tightly. “We are in this together, we are a team. Everything will be okay.”

Looking up into his eyes is all I needed to know everything would be okay. It was almost instantly that I calmed down and no longer had any worries in the world. It’s crazy how much of an impact he has on me.

A knock came from the door causing us to separate. Robert grumbled as he walked over to open the door. “What do you want?!” He yelled before even looking at the person on the other side of the door. I couldn’t see who it was from where I was standing but by the way, he froze and turned pale, I knew he had yelled at the wrong person.

"Excuse me! Young man! I brought you into this world and I have no problem taking you out! How dare you use that tone with me! I don’t care how old you are and how much power you have, you will never speak to me like that again!”

Yea way to go Robert...

“Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. I would never have yelled at you I just... I didn’t know it was you....”

I had to place my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. He went from being an all mighty soon to be king to a little boy scared of his mother. Robert must have noticed my struggle because his head whipped in my direction and he gave me a death glare.

“I will deal with you later Robert, I came here to get Alisha. We have a lot of work to do.”

I quickly walked over to the door before she started to yell again. When she saw me she smiled before turning to glare at Robert. Keeping her eyes on Robert, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and down the hall. I turned to wave bye to Robert, who still looked like a scared little boy.

“Where are we going, Queen Samantha?”

"You are my son's mate and soon to be the Queen of our community so please call me mom or Samantha and I am going to teach you how to be a Queen! It is not quite as complicated as you would think sweetheart, as a matter of fact, you have been doing it already without even noticing it.”

I looked at her strangely, until I notice we were approaching the daycare. A bright smile came to my face as I thought about all of the little children and babies. I smiled even more and picked up my pace at the thought of seeing my sweet little Alice...... Wait did I just say my Alice?

I brushed away the thought as Samantha opened the door and the familiar sound of children running and laughing filled my ears. As Samantha and I stepped into the room some of the children noticed us and ran over squealing and trying to jump into our arms. I kneeled down on the floor and was tackled by all of them. I couldn’t stop laughing as they told me how much they missed me and that they wanted to play games.

"Alright, guys! Let's go outside and play on the playground!” Samantha said with a smile on her face. All the kids cheered and raced to the doors, some holding my hands and pulling me along with them.

Outside the girls were playing on the swings and slides, the boys played kickball and football, and the toddlers played in the sandbox. I decided to start by pushing some of the girls on the swings while Samantha kept an eye on the little ones.

"Alisha can we braid your hair?!” “Yea, Please?!” “OH! OH! I want to help!”

I sat down with my back to the girls. The girls decided to section off my hair, that way they could all braid at once. Needless to say, my hair was being pulled in all directions with multiple braids I knew I’d have trouble getting out later. After what felt like forever they said they were done. Looking into the mirror I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or be horrified. I had about 12 different braids in my hair, some I’m not sure you can even call braids and they stuck out in all directions.

“I think you did a lovely job girl. I’ve never seen Alisha look prettier.” I looked up to see a smirking Robert. I could tell he was trying very hard not to laugh.

“Yea girls, it looks great! I think you should try doing Robert’s hair!“I couldn’t help but laugh as the smirk instantly turned into a frown. But luckily for Robert, the boys started shouting at him to come to play football so he had to tell the girls maybe next time.

“Yea maybe next time you girls can do his hair and his makeup!” I shouted loud enough for him to hear me as he walked away.

“Yea!” “That’s a great idea” “I can’t wait!” As the girls shouted excitedly, Robert abruptly stopped walking and turned to give me a deathly glare. I just smiled innocently and blew him a kiss.

I was playing with girls when Samantha come to me saying that my parents want to talk to me and give me her phone and she walks to the toddlers to keep an eye on her.

"Hello mom," I said on the phone.

"Young lady when did you thought to tell us that you have a mate and not only that you also accept to become the queen of werewolf and Lycian community," my mom asked me in a stern voice.

"Mom, how did you know?" I ask shocked.

"I have my ways, after all, I am your mother, now tell me when will you introduce us with your mate? " she asks.

"Soon may be tomorrow or a day after tomorrow," I said while smiling at her on the phone.

"How are you feeling, now? How was your ankle?" she asks.

"I am fine now and I can walk on my own," I said with a smile on my face.

"I will wait for you and your mate tomorrow and don't you dare say no, otherwise I will invite your mate's whole family at dinner actually you know what that was a good idea, I will invite them all for dinner tomorrow," she said and I can practically imagine her bouncing up and down with excitement, before I can say anything to her she cut the phone.

*My mother I tell you,* I thought with a smile on my face and shake my head in astonishment. I loop up to see Robert was looking at with a raised eyebrow in question and I just shake my head as nothing.

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