My Human Mate

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First Day In School

(Alisha P.O.V)

“Get up Alisha, or otherwise you gonna be late for school,” my mom said while shaking me to get me up. I groan and sit up on my bed yawning.

“Good morning mom,” I said screeching my arms and smiling at her.

“Good morning sweetie, go to the washroom and get ready for the school,” she said while folding the covers.

“Is it necessary to go to supernatural school why can’t I go to the normal school?” I ask my mom with a puppy dog eyes.

“Yes it is necessary and you can’t go to normal human school because you would be a human but now you are a family member of a royal supernatural family, you have to learn to mix up with supernaturals and I know it was not going to be easy but you don’t if you don’t try and always remember that I and your father loves you and will always love you and be there for you, you can always come to us if anyone harass you okay?” she ask with a smile on her face.

“Okay,” I said smiling to her then go to my washroom to take bath and get ready for the school after kissing her on her cheek.

I come out of the washroom wearing my school uniform which is a plain white shirt and brown skirt to see my mom is packing my bag. She looks at me with a smile and tells me to go and sit in front of the mirror. She brushes my hair and ties it in a high ponytail, then tie a red tie on my neck and make me wear a black coat which is a part of a school uniform I guess.

I wear my socks and shoes then we go downstairs to have some breakfast before I go to school.

“Ah, Alisha you look beautiful in your school uniform,” grandma said while smiling at me.

“Thank you, grandma,” I said while smiling at her. We eat our breakfast peacefully then I and mom leave for school.

We reach to my school in 15 minutes, the whole drive to school was very uneasy for me, I was sitting in the shotgun playing with my tie nervously. When we reach there mom get out of the driver seat and walk to my side to open my door.

“All the best for the first day of your school and don’t worry I have already talked to your teachers and principle they will make sure that other students don’t harass you,” she said and kissed my forehead and to be truthful it takes some of the nervousness away from me that teachers and principle will be there to help me.

I walk to the office and go to the receptionist, she looks at me and gives me a small smile.

“Hello sweetie, how can I help you?” she ask.

“Hello, I’m Alisha Ellwood and I am here to take my schedule,” I said with a small smile on my face.

“Oh yes wait a minute please,” she said and take out a file and a map from her drawer. After looking in the file for some time she gives me my schedule and a map.

“If you have any problem in the school or anyone harass or bully you, then you can come to me or go to any of your teachers okay,” she asks.

“Okay, thank you, ma’am, have a good day,” I said while smiling at her.

“You too, sweetie,” she said and I walk out of the office and walked to first classes which are mathematics. As soon as I walked into the class all the student looked at me and start whispering in each other ears. I walk to a seat and sit next to a red hair girl.

I tried to talk to them but every time I spoke up, they would shoot me down and look at me in disgust. When I tried speaking to them again, a little blonde girl spoke up.

“Just stop trying to talk with us we don’t want to hang out with a pathetic human like you,” she said and others laugh at me. the same thing continued to the last period before the lunch break bell rings.

Till then I had enough of it, as soon as the bell ring I run to the playground, hide behind a tree and cry my heart out. I knew that this would happen. This always happens.

Suddenly three shadows hovered over me. I look up to see one boy and two girls are looking at me with a sad face. A girl with sharp ears which I guess is elves kneel down at me and brush the tears away from my face.

“Hey, why are you crying?” she asks while looking at me with awe.

“Because I know I can’t be able to make friends like other because of me being human,” I said between hiccups.

“Oh, why don’t you become our friends,” another girl standing next to a boy ask me.

“Really?“You don’t mind me being a human,” I ask with the hope in my eyes.

“No never,” a boy said to me with a smile on his face and I smiled a goofy grin.

“Anyway this is Kanika she is a fairy, next to her is Anush my twin brother and I’m Eva, it’s nice to meet you,” she introduces herself and others to me.

“My name is Alisha and pleasure is all mine,” I introduce myself to them with a huge smile on my face.

“So friends,” Kanika ask me and stretch her hand to shake with mine.

“Friends,” I said and shake and walk to a cafeteria to have some lunch.

“Look, the loser team finds a new friend,” a raven-haired boy who is sitting in the center of the cafeteria said while pointing his finger to me.

“A from the look of it, it’s a pathetic human girl what a group,” a red-haired girl said to them and they laugh at us.

“Just ignore them,” Anush said to me and we walk to their table and have our lunch.

“Who are they? And who they think they are?” I ask them.

“The raven hair boy is Robert N Dawson he is the Lycian and the son of Nate Dawson who is the king of all werewolf, next to his left side, the brown hair boy Nickhil the son of the beta of his pack, and to his left side is Andy the son of the gamma of his pack, the blond hair boy is Reece the son of data of the pack, that red hair girl who is sitting next to max is Karin Andy’s sister, and the two twins are Riddhi and Siddhi minions of Karin, they are the most popular student in the school and the bad news for us so we better stay away from them,” he said while pointing his finger to each of them and I nodded at him.

When we have done with eating our lunch the bell rings signaling that the lunch break is over. We exchange our schedules, we have some classes all together while some with other while some are not. We great our goodbye and walk to our next classes.

When the school is over I walk out of school to see uncle Alex is waiting for me with his car and when he saw me running towards him he smile at me and pick me up in his arms.

“How was the first day of your school?” he asks opening the door for me to enter the car.

“Good, I manage to make some friends,” I said to him with some time. As soon as we reach home I open the door and run inside to my mother while my bag was still in the car.

I walk inside to see mom was talking to Naina and when she saw me walking towards them a huge smile comes to her face, she runs to me and picks me up in her arms.

“How was your school,” she asks and I tell her and mom everything that happens in the school.

“See, I tell you it’s not going to be so bad and about bullies, with the time you will learn to deal with them, there is no school where there are no bullies,” mom said to me with a smile on her face.

“I agreed with your mother,” Naina said to me and kissed my check.

“Go and change your clothes after that you and Naina can spend some time and have fun with each other,” mom said to me, Naina up me down on the ground and I run to my room to get changed.

After that, we watch movies with each other while having some snacks and played with my sibling for some time. When it was time to go dinner we go down to the dining room and have our dinner with others.

Naina leaves after greeting goodbye and I walk to my room to have some sleep, today was the first day of the school so we don’t have homework to worried about. I got in my cover and go to have a peaceful sleep.

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