My Human Mate

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Return Trip

(Robert P.O.V)

Finally, after finishing our training from High Accecadmy For Supernaturals we are going back Home. But still, after completing my training, I can’t take over after my father until I found out about my mate. It is the one and absolute law for us and every werewolf who is in higher or in Dominating positions like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and General of Warriors to have your another half, your mate to take over your position.

After completing our training and while coming back home we have visited every pack in the hope to find our mate. But it all goes to vail. Accept me and my beta everyone who has come to train with me in the academy from my pack has found their mates and going to take over their position soon when their mate turns into a Lycian like us and they claimed them.

At the thought of our mate, my Lycian Roy stirs and started whining.

“Mate! I want to have a mate!” Roy said whining

“Me too Roy! Me too” I said to him.

“Then why are you sitting here go and find one, you idiot,” he said growling at me.

“It’s not that easy Roy, We have already gone and checked in every pack here in our way to home. We will go to another pack to find our mate after completing our last year of graduation” I said to him.

“I don’t care about your graduation or your studies, we have completed our training to become a king and that what that matters, and if you forgot then let me remind you that we are nothing without our mate, neither we can take over after your father and become the king without a mate, ” Roy said getting annoyed.

“I know Roy but--” I said but cut off by him.

“No, but or and,” he said growling. I was about to say something to him but he blocks me before I can say something. I sighed and rubbed my temple to get the headache to smooth down a little. I was the son of the king of all the werewolf, the strongest pack in America, and yet I didn’t find my mate. I’m 20 for crying out loud! How much longer does the Moon Goddess want me to wait? Most werewolves find their mates at 18. Nikhil and I are the only ones who do not have found our mate yet.

We were all driving back to our packhouse and we still have another day worth of driving to do. I, Nikhil, Andy, Suzane Andy mate, and Reece are in SUV While Blacky, Isabela Blackys mate, Aditi Mark mate, and Mark in Red Mercedes behind us.

“Robert man, don’t worry about it. I’m sure we’ll find them soon. Maybe we can find them in our neighbor packs or in our pack just wasn’t old enough when we left,” Nikhil said trying to lighten up our mood.

“Yeah, dude. Don’t stress. I bet they’re going to be total babes. Hot and sexy, just the way we like ’em.” jokes. He’s probably the most laid back guy out of all of us.

“Yeah, sure, whatever. I’m going to get some shut-eye and then take over and drive the rest of the way. You good going for a few more hours Nikhil?” I asked Nikhil since he was driving. “I got this bro, you get some rest. And don’t worry, you’ll find her soon.”

I closed my eyes and shrunk lower in the passenger seat. I think about home, how it was before we left. I think about mum and dad. They were both so sure that not only will I complete my training but also find out my mate. I miss them, but I would never dare tell anyone that. I would seem weak and girly. An Alpha especially the king’s son who shows vulnerability isn’t fit to lead a pack - especially the strongest pack in America.

I wonder how others were doing in school. Only, the boy in our group has left our education in between and goes to training to take a higher position after our father. I wonder did Alisha still harass them with her and her group’s pranks. I hope not. Because some time her pranks can almost make a real man cry.

Playing pranks on us after the year she joins the school is her way to protect herself and her friends from her us or anyone who try to bully them. She uses her brain and her friend’s powers to do that and as much as I hate to say that I respect her for that, that she has the guts to backfire on us. And that intrude me in some way why or how that I don’t understand.

Although, I wonder what she’s like now. She was such a cutie when we were little: with her two cute little pigtails and flowery summer dresses -wait. What the hell am I thinking about her for?
But I got to admit she was cute, maybe she’s gotten a little I shook my head to get that thought out of my mind. I signed and fall asleep.

Finally, after three days of traveling, we are back home. I get out of the back seat and stretch my body to remove some stiffness from my body and smiled when I look at our castle.

“Let’s get ready dude”, I shouted to Nikhil, “We need to make an impression today”.

“Yeah man,” Nikhil replied, “we gonna have them, babes, chasing after us like lost puppies “.

I chuckled”Got that right bro.”

It was 8 pm in the night when we reach home. We get inside and greet everyone and make some small talks about our training and everything. After that, we walk to our rooms to get refreshed and meet others at dinner.

Dinner went normal eating, chatting and laughing at Reece’s lame joke. After that, we leave our room to have some beauty sleep and get ready for school tomorrow.

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