My Human Mate

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Pranks and Shopping

(Alisha P.O.V)

I park my baby in the school parking plot and get out of my car to see all my friend except one standing in a line like a soldier except one.

“Where is Mia? ” I ask them.

“Her training to be a queen of fairy have been started and she was graduate last year do you forgot that?” Eva ask.

“Oh right, I almost forgot that, but men it would not be the same without her,” I said groaning.

“That’s true,” they said in unison and sighed.

“Alright guys, I take this Kanika have already told you about Robert and his Jokers,” I said to them with a smirk on my face and they all give me a mischievous smile and I take that as a yes.

“So commandos any ideas,” I ask them.

“Oh, how about we steal his clothes and leave dresses in the place of them in gym class?” Eva asks with a smirk.

“Nah, it’s a good idea but I want some perfect idea for a perfect welcome back something that they remember their whole life,” I said to her.

“What about we put itching powder in their shampoo,” Anush ask.

“Nah it should be a huge and record-breaking prank till now,” I said.

“What about if we fill their lockers with paintballs that shoot out of a sling when they open their lockers. But the paint must have dye in them so even if they wash it out; the color stays for at least the whole day?” Kanika said with a smirk.

“Well it’s a damn good plan, if I may say so myself, but one little tweak to that. How about we stream it to the cafeteria’s big screen and also add some itching powder on it for fun. While we were on it what if we haywire their car?” I ask.

“Good Idea captain,” they said in unison.

“Now that it has been decided what about we go to the mall for our prank and other shopping after we take our schedule from school since it was the last day of our vacation and after that, we can have a sleepover at my house, that way we can cautiously proceed our plan what says?” I ask and they all agreed

After that said we walk to the office to take our schedule from there. We find out that we have only 3 or 4 classes together.

“Men that sucks,” I said to them.

“True, but what can we do about it,” Eva said.

“Nothing?” Kanika answered.

“I think I should call Mia to join us at shopping it will make her feel like it doesn’t matter whether she goes to school with us or not we will always remain friends no matter what,” I said to them and they agreed with me. I call her when after we all come out of school. After a second ring, she picks up her phone.

“Hey what’s up Alisha?” Mia ask.

“Hey Mia team A is planning to hang out at Mall and have a sleepover at my house since it was the last day of our summer vacation so would you like to join us,” I ask.

“Of course, is that even a question to ask?” She said excitedly.

“Of course no and also I have something to tell you,” I said to her.

“What is it?” she asks curiously.

“How about I tell you that when we are at my house?” I ask.

“Sure, so see you at the mall,” she said and hang up.

“So is she coming?” Anush asks while screeching the back of his neck nervously and I smirk knowingly. Oh did I tell you that Anush and Mia has a crush on each other? well, now you know.

“Yes, she said she will meet us at the mall,” I said to him and a smile automatically come to his face.

“Alright so, since Kanika didn’t bring her car so how about me and Kanika go in my car while you two go to the mall in your car,” I said to them and they agreed.

When I and Kanika get into my car and I was about to start the engine my phone started to ring. I pick up to see it’s Mia.

“Hello,” I said on the phone.

“Hey, Alisha uhh which Mall were we going?” she asks nervously. And I burst out of laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” Kanika asks and I show her my hand to stop her.

“What’s funny?” Mia asks and I can see her pouting at me on the phone.

“Nothing. Meet us at Epic Mall,” I said and hung up.

“Well,” Kanika asks raising her perfect eyebrow at me.

“She forgot to ask me which mall we were going when I called her,” I said chuckling.

“That’s Mia for you,” she said with a chuckle.

We reach the mall after half an hour to see Mia, Eva, and Anush waiting for us at the parking plot.

“What take’s you guys so long?” Anush ask.

“We get stuck in the traffic and we stop at a shop to buys thing for the prank,” Kanika said.

“What prank?” Mia ask. And I said everything to her.

“Oh man I am going to miss it,” she said.

“Don’t worry we are going to record it and upload it in the youtube and send you the link,” I said to her and she smiled at return.

“Come on, let go shopping,” I said in a singing voice

“Let’s shopping,” Mia and Kanika said excitedly and I chuckled at their excitement. We get inside and goes our way to shop and promise to meet each other at the food court.

I first go to the dress store to buy some dresses, after that I go to forever 21 then to the shoe store to buy some shoes and heels to wear after that that I go to Vicotria secret to buy some undergarment and some accessories. After that, I go to jewelry to buy some jewelry.

After that, I go to the food court to have something to eat and meet my friends. 5 minutes later all my friends join me there and Anush being a sweetheart ask us what we want to eat and go to place the order. When we are done with eating we decide to watch some movies at the theater to kill some time.

So we decided to go to the parking plot to put our bags in our car then meet each other at the theater after we were done with it. After a lot of arguing we come to the conclusion the first, we will watch Hellboy after that we will watch Frozen 2.

After watching movies we decided to go to the food court to have some snacks after that, Me, Kanika and Mia will go to Kanika house to collect some clothes for a sleepover while Eva and Anush will go at their house to collect their clothes and other need and meet us at my house. I also called my parents to inform them about our sleepover at our house.

Our sleepovers were amazing. Mum and dad never had a problem with Anush before being up here in my room because he was like the brother like Josh and Jared, to be honest, and he rarely sleeps with us when he comes for a sleepover after my other siblings have grown up a little he generally sleep with them and we were very close, like siblings. My dad was a prankster as well and we let him join in on the fun with some pranks.

But this one; it’s strictly ‘A-Team’ business and we are going to dominate.

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