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It's Show Time

(Alisha P.O.V)

"Everybody wake up

(Wake up)
Everybody wake up
(Wake up)

Open your eyes, jump out of bed
Open your eyes, jump out of bed
If you’re on the bottom bunk
Don’t bump your head

Everybody wake up
(Wake up)
Everybody wake up
(Wake up)

Find your shoes, find your sock
Find your shoes, find your other sock

Don’t hit the snooze on your alarm clock"

My alarm sing and I roam my hand here and there to get my alarm clock and see it’s six in the morning. I snooze it back and goes back to sleep until I remember something and get up from my bed to wake all my friends up. I shake Eva lightly to wake her up but she just shoves my hand away and goes back to sleep. I was about to shake her again when suddenly the bulb of my brain light up and an evil smile come up to my face.

I go to my washroom and open the tap so that it fills up with water then I walk back to my room and take a tray a full of ice and drop all the ice in the bucket and added some itching powder in it. I walk back to my room with it while smiling evilly and throw it content towards my friend and they wake up shocked, looked all over there faces. I tried hard to not to burst out laughing but failed miserably.

“What the hell Alisha?” Mia shout at me and start scratching all over her body making me laugh harder.

“What have you done to us A?” Eva asks scratching all over her body.

“I have splashed cold water with itching powder in it on all of you because you were not getting up when I tried to wake you up. So I would run directly to the washroom to take shower and get that thing off of me,” I said while backing out to my washroom before they come towards me to have their revenge on me.

When I was sure that they were out of my room I walk to Josh room to wake Anush up and get ready for the school. After that, I go to my room to get ready my self.

When I am done with taking a shower I wrap a fluffy towel around me and walk to my closet. I decided on wearing ripped black jeans and white V-neck tank top and my blue and white converse.

With that done I walk to the dresser and put light make which consist of light blush and lip gloss and put a diamond earring which was a gift by my father on my 16th birthday. I take my backpack, keys and my mobile and walk down to the dining room while humming an unknown tune with a smile on my face.

When I reach there I see all my friend sitting and chatting with my friends.

“Good morning Mom, good morning dad,” I said while walking towards them and kissing on their cheeks.

“Moring,” they said and kissed my face if you’re wondering where were my grandparents they were at one of my grandparents’ friend house.

“Why were you guys up so early? I ask one of your friends about it but they said you’re the one who wakes them up early and they don’t know why?” my mother asked.

“Well, you already know about Robert and his jokers joining school again and their welcome threat right?” I ask.

“Yes,” she asks confused.

“It’s the first day of our school after our summer vacation and to give those jokers a perfect welcome we have to be in the school early so that everything was ready for them,” I said with a smirk and she nodded at me.

“So what’s the plan?” Dad asks excitedly and I told him everything and we give high five each other. After breakfast, we say goodbye to my parents and leave for school while Mia goes back to her house promising us to meet us on my birthday and to stay in contact. When we reach school we get out of our car and I give them their task to complete it.

“Okay, guys listen up. There will be here in 1 hour. Eva, you go and put die-filled paintballs with itching powder on their locker, Kanika you will set up the camera and record the video and make sure everybody watches it, Anush go to the boy’s locker room and Block their shower so that they can’t use shower to take their paint off and I will haywire their car and punctured their car tire so that they can’t use their car and make sure nobody see you doing it, alright?” I ask them.

“Ai Ai Captain,” they shout in unison.

“GO, Go, Go, Go” I shout at them and they run away to do their task.

****************AFTER HALF AN HOUR**************

“Guys, they are here, is everything ready?” I ask them on my phone.

“Paintballs?” I ask.

“Ready to roll,” Eva said with a smirk.

“Cameras?” I ask.

“Connected and ready to films,” Kanika replied with a wink.

“Perfect,” I say while rubbing my hands together, “let’s get started!”

“What about you?” they ask.

“Done,” I said with glee while rubbing my hand together evilly.

Okay, its show time’ I thought as I saw Robert and his posse reach their lockers. I did a mental countdown...5...4...3...2...1...and it all happened in slow motion- it was a color-fest.

Dye-filled paintballs shot out their lockers and hit them all at once; they let out girly shrieks because some of the paintballs also hit them in the ‘you-know-where’. Ironic isn’t it?

“Oouch, that’s got to hurt,” Anush shouted out. The hallway filled with laughter. They were now covered in paint from head to toe and I’m sure their faces were red, under all that paint, from anger and embarrassment.

I was absolutely ripped and fell to the floor, clutching my stomach, while tears roll freely down my cheeks. Anush, Eva, and Kanika were pretty much doing the same.

The three of them stormed take spare clothes from their locker and run towards the washroom. We all quickly sobered up and followed them, to burst into laughter seconds later, as we watch Phase 2 unfold in front of us.

“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT” I heard Robert and his posses shout from the washroom and run to their car.

Them being angry was an understatement; if they were only slightly annoyed by what just happened with their lockers, they were beyond pissed right now- ‘fuming’ would be the appropriate description.

Their car tires were punctured and there was a pink bow placed on the top of the car. There was also a word “I am a barbie girl and I love to play dressing ” with a kissing face on it written on the window screen.

They all growled. I saw their Lycian start to surface. They stormed off into the woods to let their Lycian out and cool down.

“Well done A-Team!!” I laughed, “We are victorious once again! You make mama so proud.” I say as I wipe away a fake tear.

“Come, my fellow pranksters, I believe we have a video to post!” Kanika reminded us with a wink as we all laughed.

Watch out boys, there’s a lot more where that came from. ;)

After posting the video we send the link so that she can see the video. We also decided to have a sleepover at my house to celebrate our success in a welcome treat prank.

The rest of the day passed by like a blur. ‘The A team’ desperately avoided Robert and Company. We successfully made it without running into them the whole day, now it’s time for the sleepover!

I made my way to my home with guys behind me and we all park our car in the garage. Mom and dad were not here because they have an important meeting to attend. While all my sibling were out to have fun with their friends. So we have my home all to our self.

We raid the kitchen and stock up on snacks then make our way up to my room. “Right guys, get yourselves comfy while I go take a shower.” I grab my pj’s and a pair of clean underwear and run into my bathroom. When I’m done I walk into the room, “ok next one can hit the shower.”

After that, we go to the theater room and watch all our favorite movies. After movies we all go back to my room to have some fun.

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