My Human Mate

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(Robert P.O.V)

What THE HELL!!!!! I am beyond furious! Who would play a prank on the prince of the Lycian than, a girl’s face comes to my mind? ‘Oh she’s gonna get it for sure’ I thought with a growl.

“What the hell wrong with them, men, we have almost stopped bullying then also they keep playing pranks on us,” Aiden growled as he tried to remove the paint but like Nate but I, had no luck.

We run out of the washroom to the parking plot but what we see there make us furious would be an understatement. I can feel my Lycian taking over the control all over me but I try to control it to my best but this itching and their laughing face made it harder to do. He wants to come out give them a taste of his mind. We growl at them and run away while changing in our Lycian form. We run back to my castle and to our room to get rid of paint and dies.

Thank god our parents were out for an important meeting with other king and queens otherwise it would be difficult to explain everything to them.

When we are done with taking shower and bath we met each other in the game room.

“Dud most of the paint were gone but it’s hard to get rid of others,” Nate said to me.

“I know dude, I know,” I said to him.

“I think those little pests need to learn some lesson, ” Nickhil said to me still annoyed as hell.

“I am with Nickhil with it,” Reece and Andy said in unison.

“I am with you guys so what on your mind,” I ask.

“We will found them at Alisha house I’ve heard them about having a sleepover at her house, let’s go there first maybe be we can find something that we can use against them, there” Nate suggested.

“Okay let’s go,” I said and we all drive to her house. After half an hour we reached there.

“How are we gonna get up there?” Aiden asks. I facepalm myself. “Dude, you’re a werewolf. Just use your speed and claws to grab the window ledge.” I say in an obvious tone.

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that.” Aiden replies sheepishly. Xavier just shakes his head at Aiden’s silly antics.

We all climb up and look through the window to find them dancing. Our attention instantly zeroed on the girls who are trying to perform a dance.

Keyword:- trying.

This girl certainly can’t dance for shit.

We all try not to laughter but fail miserably. I’m glad the music is so loud or else they would have heard us. Nate takes out his phone and records the whole thing, even the part where they fall flat on their perfectly round butt.

After we have enough recording for our ‘payback’ tomorrow, we head back to our pack house.

“Tomorrow boys is going to be an interesting day. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see what’s in store for them.” Aiden smirks.

To tell you the truth, neither can I.

(Alisha P.O.V)

“What about food fighting,” Eva suggest.

“Nah, that is boring,” Mia said to her.

“What about pillow fighting,” Mia suggested.

“Good idea Mia but I am not interested in a pillow fighting,” I said to her.

“What about we dance and celebrate the success of our mission the welcome threat,” Kanika suggested.

“Good idea,” I said to them. I look around and see enthusiasm slapped across everyone’s faces, no doubt my expression mirroring theirs. God, I love these girls- my little sisters. So I attached my mobile with the speaker and started the song.

We all dance our heart out. Then our special funny song started and we all dance making funny faces in slow motion while controlling our laugh when we look at each other dancing.

We can’t hold it anymore and bust out laughing at each other. After that we all get hungry so I call to call a restaurant and order a lot of pizza and Chinese food.

We play pillow fight until the food was delivered to my house, then we eat all our food while watching pretty little liars in my room and goes to sleep with a smile on our face.

(Robert P.O.V)

I get up in the morning with a smile on my face. Today was the day we retaliate. It’s about time those little pests learns not to play pranks on us.

With that thought, I get up from my bed and goes to the washroom with a smile on my face. I eat up my breakfast faster than I have ever done anything and meet up with friends.

“Did you brought that video with you, Nate,” I ask him and he nodded his head as yes.

“Good,” I said while nodding my head in approval.

“Did you arrange the screen in the school, Nikhil,” I ask him and he nodded his head as yes.

“Good, let’s go,” I said with an evil smirk in my face. As soon as we enter the school I mind-link my friend and told them to behave normally so they don’t suspect anything on us and they nodded their head in agreement.

We were at school; it was lunch now waiting for the team- A to arrive after connecting Nate mobile to the screen. When we saw them coming in the cafeteria, I stand up on the table and whistle loudly to draw their attention to me.

“Hey everyone, can I have your attention, please. I want to show you something,” I said to them and take my seat back at my table and I look at Nate and as a cue, he started to play that video.

(Alisha P.O.V)

As soon as we entered the cafeteria Xavier whistles and everyone gives him full attention. We also turn to look at him but he just steps aside and the big screen comes into view.

Oh.My.Gosh... It can’t be. It is! That bloody asshole!!! How the hell did he get that?!

We were all frozen; our eyes glued to the screen which happens to be playing a video if our last night’s sleepover dance marathon! Our, special funny victory dance we used to do when any one of us was feeling low or celebrate our victory in our house to make us laugh and smile.

When the video comes to an end everyone in the cafeteria is howling with laughter and looking at us. Oh dear. This was not good. So not good. I could die of embarrassment right about now. I turned towards the direction in which the culprits were standing. I fix my death glare at them.

I look around to saw my friend reaction and saw that Eva just about to stomp over there and slap them on there faces red but I hold her back and turn to see the boys looking smugly at us with a smirk on my face. Oh, how I want to remove that smirk from there face by beating the shit out of them.

I look at Eva but she’s throwing daggers at the boys who are currently standing there with smug smirks. I jerk her hand a little to draw her attention towards me and blink my eyes a couple of time telling her to calm down and let me take care of it and she nodded her head at me.

(Robert P.O.V)

I saw Eva about to stomp over to us but stop by Alisha. She then looks at us with a death glare then look back her friend then back towards us with a smirk on her face.

They walk towards up and stop. Alisha is the first one to speak, “So that’s how you wanna play, huh? Ok then. Game On Alpha.” she says to me with a smirk and they all walk away together without waiting for a reply.

*Oh shit! The real things are just about to start, this was not the reaction we thought we would get, * I thought and look around to see the reaction of my friend.

Their expression is priceless. It turns from shock to regret to panic and then completely blank within a few seconds.

Oh, things are about to get really interesting.

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