A Direction on Trust and Betrayal

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I remember the scent of her hair , I remember hearing sound of her struggling for air, I looked to see and it was over I am a killer liscenced to kill and they are dressing me up as his sister to stall her fiance untIl she gets here he gets to know the truth ill be good as dead , if I don't do it Ill be dead ,so ill do it and not get caught but i cant stop my self from falling for him ,but i will betray him because if I dont the will kill me .

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1The Adoption

Chapter 1 : The Adoption

Little girl’s POV The sisters told me my family is coming . they’re coming to pick me up today .

Amanda come down" yelled sister Karnika. I walked down the stairs carefully not wanting to fall .I don’t want to come here again.I was praying onto fall.

A man in black and a lady in red were waiting at the end of the stairs. She smiled at me and I gathered the courage and went down. ”Please take care she is also a child ..... maybe..human ... if ..Love her please.” .I heard a voice say more like whisper I couldn’t hear clearly .
The Rochford Mansion The car ride was silent unlike the last time .

nside the mansion Evelyn and Edgar Rochford were discussing about the child .
“She is only four Ed.”

“How is that child going to do it,she’s not a vampire or a werewolf she’s not even something we have ever dealt with.”
“She’s going to have to do it I don’t care how , I know she will .”
“She thinks we are her parents ,what you want is impossible, humans don’t like being slaved , their thinking is different.”

“She is not one of them anymore never will be and it is your job to make sure of that .“spoke Edgar Rochford voice full of authority and dominance . As the words came out of his mouth the men behind Lady Crain, bowed.

“As per your command” said his brother Gideon Hiram Rochford with a evil smirk on his face.

Eve bowed with a sad and defeated face walked out of the hall and saw none other than Ethan Samwell Rochford standing.

“I don’t like you . I don’t like you at all, actually I hate you but I do agree with you on this it’s just a child, should not be used like a weapon. So Lady Crain what are you going to do?“he said sarcastically . Being a fierce pure blood lycan and being the most dangerous and strong among the siblings. He certainly hates her as she is a witch and one of the oldest enemy of his kind and the wife of the eldest of Rochford brothers , she is still called by her maiden name as they don’t approve of her and never make a secret not in front of her or others.

She did have a plan . Which was dangerous but she hoped that it works . As hope is a very rare word in their world full of certainty . Still she hoped for the girl.

Little girl’sPOV

The car stopped in front of a castle like thing and the gate opened though I didn’t see anyone. They got out of the car and then I saw no one around me .

I was so scared but I wanted to come out of the car so I was trying to open the car door . Suddenly I fell on the ground and hit my head.

Third Person’s POV As the girl was trying to get up
A man said “You told me a candidate this is a baby . ” ” I’m not a baby” As the man scared her , her heart pounding in her chest but she said it anyway.

His pupils dialeted voice raged

“Someone should teach you manners ,I don’t like insolent children “he forwarded his hand for her throat .

" What do think your doing ” Little girl was trembling in fear.
SHE IS JUST A CHILD ”the woman spoke gritting her teeth and catching his hand .
She then looked at the girl and spoke ” Come darling I’ll show you the way.”
Holding her hand she asked “What’s your name sweetling .”

“The sisters call me Amanda.”

“Is that what your name is , Amanda? Do you want to be called Amanda?”

“I like Amanda”

“So do I, follow me and I’ll just show you where you will be staying ”

Amanda’s POV

The kind lady showed me my room and then she disappeared . I put down my small backpack . I wanted to see where everyone is .

The were so many doors and so many rooms . I am tired and hungry . After a while I heard a voice coming from my right I was curious and I really wanted to see someone .

So I peeked and there was a man but I could only we his head it was so still . I pushed the door a little bit more and I froze I put my hands on my mouth I felt my heart was trying to come out of my chest , there was a body without a head and the room was a mixture of black and red and I screamed .

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