Alpha Owens And His Girl

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dad opens the door after taking his time and I froze in horror. the man who stood there looked just like me, and he smiled at me.  hello daughter. Arianna McBride is a shy and nerdy 16 year old girl that lives with her parents and siblings happily. but all that changes. her real father came into back out of the blue, and despite the family pleas to stay longer, she's swept away. moved to a new place, a new school, new people and out of her comfort zone. she meets the leader of the "group", and what if she finds out he is her mate? Tyrone Owens is a ruthless and cold 22 year old alpha of the StoneHeart pack, the most powerful pack in the world. he was the most powerful alpha for being a hybrid, including the king, but declined the throne. he didn't care for anything except to take care of his pack at any cost until he met Arianna. and then his whole world changes. she was his blanket of comfort. he was her shield and sword of protection and strength. and she doesn't know that she isn't even human. his eyes were liquid amber with flecks of emerald and sapphires. i gasped when his eyes pierced my soul. he was gaping at me in shock and awe, but his cold demeanor never faded, showing his warrior side. Mate. He growled.

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will this big cold alpha open up and let her in, or shove her away like everyone else? how much can Arianna take before she finally breaks? why did Arianna get abandoned? who is she? what is she? who is her mother? why did her dad suddenly have the change of heart when he could've left her? is the rising of the rouges because of her or is it coincidence she is taken away when they emerge from the shadows after 100 years to take her? why is Tyrone the way he is? was he born that way, or made into it? find out!!

all the characters i chose by photos i thought looked similar to them, but if you want me to add characters, let me know who and what actor or actress to play the role.

this is a new story i made up myself and i hope you like it. please don't leave rude comments or anything harsh, its very appreciated. enjoy!!!

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