Origins ~Book #1 in The Hands of Fate and The Cosmos

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It all begins here. They all have a purpose. We follow from different points of view just exactly what that purpose is.

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Part 1: Chapter 1


That is all there is. For as long as I can recall, that was all there was. It hasn't been long at all... or has it?

There's no measure for how long it has been since I began to think... to feel... hollow.

I don't feel right.

Don't ask me how I know; I just... don't.

My first memory... was wondering how?

... what?

... who am I?

... how am I able to... do this? This thing where words are pulled together...

What even are words?

A way to communicate... but communicate with who? With what?

All I am... all I feel like is... just consciousness.

Complex words for something that doesn't even know what it is.

What is this... consciousness? A state of being awake.

But I don't feel awake...

I feel...




I don't know how I feel.

What are feelings?

What is it... to feel?


Well, now all I feel is confusion...

And a tug.

Something is pulling me... pulling me somewhere.

But, where is here?

And where am I going?

... it feels strong


I feel like I am going too many places at once.






I feel pain.

But what is it?

It... hurts.

Now, it is all I feel.

... but... it grows less.

Until I feel nothing yet again.

Nothing but myself.

I feel right now...

... solid.

Don't ask me how I know.

I just do.





Another tug. Not as strong as before, yet still, I must move.

But... how?






I move... with these... extensions?

They carry me to where the tug is strongest.





This measure goes on. Almost as if I am gaining consciousness again.

But then... I ... see.

And smell.

It is bright. And smells... pleasant. Comforting.

I no longer feel confused.


I know.

I know.

Who I am...


My... purpose.

I... I have a purpose.


I am Cosmos.

I have control... control over everything.

Everything that will be... because I make it so.

Magic... this bright... pleasant-smelling... thing?

It tells me how much control I have over it.

Because it cannot be controlled.

It must be free.

But it chooses.

And it chose me. To be a leader.

A creator.

Of everything. So it... can move too.

Just like it made me...

...pulled me together. To move with me... to move in me.




I guess I must get started.

I have much to do.

Yet, a lot of time to do it.





That measure I could not describe.

They shall be first.

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