My Alpha's Mate

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What happens when a normal human being is thrown into the world of packs, werewolves and stuff like that. And not only that but have two mates too. A Los Angela civil engineer student, on an internship in America. What happens when she decides to have a one night stand, and he turns out to be the soon-to-be Alpha of the biggest and strongest pack out there in America. Not only did she sleep with him, but she's also his mate. After that, she meets the Alpha of the Lycian pack in an interview who also turns out to be her mate. What happens when a normal human being is thrown into the world of packs, werewolves and stuff like that. And her world suddenly isn't as innocent as she thought it was. Who will she choose from them? Will she reject or accept them when she comes to know about them? Will they share her with each other or fight with each other to keep her to themselves only.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter - 1

(Elena P.O.V)

“Common Elena you promised me we will go to a club and party whole night, Plus you have a few days left until you go back to Califonia and you also have to lose something today, we are going out,” Stella said and give me a knowing wink and I blushed while hiding mine with my hands.

“But I don’t have anything to wear,” I wine.

“Oh don’t worry about that leave it to me,” she said and drag me to my room, she immediately goes to my closet and starts looking for an appropriate dress throwing my clothes here and there, soon my clothes where everywhere in my room.

“Ah, here it is,” she said and put a dress on my bed but I can’t see it what it is since she is blocking my sight with her body.

On my bed laying a red short lacy skin-tight dress with a low neckline, set of lingerie and matching red high killer heels and diamond hearing.

“If you think I’m wearing that well thing again, I am going to break my neck with those heels,” I said to her while shaking my head in denial.

“Well if you want to lose your V card then you have to wear this thing if you wear your oh so revealing dress then not one guy will get attracted to you,” she said and I sighed while taking all the things from my bed and get ready for the party.

*I must say I am looking hot in this dress Stella has good fashion taste* I thought while looking at myself in the mirror.

(Picture of Elesa and her dress)

“Girl you are looking hot boys do anything to have your attention,” Stella said while looking up and down at me.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” I said to her while checking her out and smiling at her.

“Thanks,” she said smiling at me.

(Picture of Stella)

“Shall we go now,” she asks and I nodded my head at her. We link our arms with each other and walk to our car then drive away to the club.

A half an hour later we reach to the club and get in line to enter the club. The line was so long that I started to regrate to come here with Stella and internally groan at myself.

“Can’t we go to another club where we always go?” I asked making a puppy dog eyes on her hoping that she will take it and we will go to our usual club.

“No we are staying here it is one of the tops clubs in America and there were also the rumors that the hottest guys and gangsters or mafia come here,” she said in her not to mess with her tone.

“But it was cold here and we will get in trouble if a mafia or gangster take interest on us and decided to kidnapped us,” I whine.

“Some time it’s good to get in trouble to have some change,” she said and I groaned at her. After 15 minutes a black sleek Lykan Hypersport drives past us towards the VIP section, I can’t look inside the window but something lures me towards the car.

“What are you looking at?” Stella asked me, taking me out of my daze.

“Nothing just looking at the car which just enters the VIP section,” I said to her and look back to the car to see someone come out of the car but couldn’t able to see him or her clearly because of another person comes out of the car and block the view and they walk in the club from VIP entrance door.

She just shakes her head and looks back to the line and I am glad for it. Its been almost half an hour since we were standing there waiting in the line to enter the club and it was getting cold very cold with every passing moment.

I was about to open my mouth and say something to Stella when I see two, no three muscular men wearing a tight suit walk up to us, which I assume as a bouncers but I am not sure they didn’t like the person who dresses up in suit to throw the people, in fact, they look hot, handsome and Delicious in this suits.

They come and stand in front of us and may I say, man, they were very tall. One with the blond hair is 6′0 feet, second is 6 feet 2 inch and the third one is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

“Maam you can come inside now,” one of them said to me.

“Can I bring my friend with me?” I ask and my voice was not completely steady because I was kind of get intimidated from them.

“Sure, if you will follow me now ma’am.” What’s up with the ma’am, thing I think to myself. And together we start walking one led us the door while the other two follow us towards the club, apparently, the men that picked us up wasn’t the bouncer because in front of the door is standing another big dude, he to radiates danger, he bows his head in respect towards the men, and opens the door for us. You can hear the offended gasps from people who are still waiting in line, angry that they didn’t get to go inside.

As soon as we walk inside we are hit with loud music and the smell of sweat and the hard drinks in the air. There are lights flashing everywhere, and people are grinding on each other up on the dance floor. I immediately feel uncomfortable, this so isn’t my scene. I can feel eyes burning holes into my body, but I just can’t pinpoint the person. It gives me a creepy feeling as if I’m being followed

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