My Alpha's Mate

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Chapter - 2

(Oliver P.O.V)

“Dude I’m getting bored, let’s go to the club and have some fun,” Manson my beta and my best friend said to me.

“He was right Oliver, we were so busy in training the whole three months that we hardly got time to have some fun and now that we were done with it why didn’t we go to a club and have some fun and maybe who know we will find our mate there,” Nick my gamma and my other best friend said to me.

“Fine then go and get ready for the club,” I said to them and they jump up and run to their rooms to get ready.

*God, they act like a child sometimes. Anyway, I think the club will be a good idea to distract me because for some days almost two months for some reason my wolf Roy is acting weird, pacing around in my mind and giving me a headache. And whenever I try to ask him what’s wrong with him he shut me out. But today he is acting weirder than before giving me a huge headache and I think that the club will be a good distraction for me* with that thought I go to my room and got ready to go to the club.

We get in the car and drive away to the club owns by my father. The drive towards the club was 15 minutes from my home and in the whole drive, I feel Roy jumping around in my mind excitedly as a little child get to eat ice cream after many long years.

When I ask him what’s the matter with him he said I will know with the time and block me out, I just shrugged at him and concentrate on my emails. As soon as I get out of the car a wonderful smell hit me like a wall. Its smell like Honey, lemon, and Cinnamon three of my favorite smell.

I look around my surrounding to find the bearer of the smell until my eyes met with a most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and I’m immediately mesmerized by them.

'Mate!Mate!' my wolf said inside my head excitedly. I look up to see a girl with a dirty blonde hair, pointed jaw fully pulp pink lips, light chocolate brown eyes, and a perfect body. To say she was beautiful was the understatement of the year. I was enjoying looking or checking out my mate when suddenly a saw two hands come inside taking me out of my trance.

"What?" I and Manson shouted at the same time who was the owner of the hands who is my gamma, Nick.

"What's up? You zone out on me, and who were you looking at?" nick ask looking behind him to see what we are looking at.

"Well I find your luna and my mate," I said with a smirk.

"Congratulations dude, I also found my mate," Manson said to us with a wide grin on my face.

"Who?" Nick asks.

"The girl with dirty blonde hair and with a red dress," I said to him while looking at my mate lovingly.

"And the girl with whom she is speaking to with a black dress is my mate," Manson said while looking to her like she is his whole world.

"So what are we waiting for let's go and introduce all of us to our Luna and beta female, I can't wait to meet them and spend some time with them, let's, go," Nick said and about to go towards them but I stop them.

"Wait, they are here to enjoy let them enjoy themselves and after some time we will go to them and make them ours, they are here to have there time let them be," I said to them.

"Fine, but I don't want them to stay here and wait in the line, they deserve the best of the world," Manson said while looking at his mate.

"Don't worry I will tell my bodyguards to take them in and guide them in the VIP section, they are our mates and they will get the best things in the world," with that said we all get inside the club and walked to our boot.

"There were two blonde women in a red and black dress, they look like it guide them here and their drinks are on us, they look like this," I said and showed them the picture I have taken off them when I was outside of the club. They nodded at me and walk out to do as I tell them.

'What are you doing? go to mate! Need Mate!' My wolf Roy whined at me.

"I know Roy but just let her enjoy with her friend freely because after that she will be ours and only ours," I said to him and he calms down when we saw our mate come inside the club with her friend and goes to the bar.

She grabs some shots and drinks it in one shot. Then she goes to the dance floor and dance with her friend. I can't able to take my eyes off my mate.

'She is just gorgeous, isn't she?' Roy ask.

'Yes she is, and she is all ours' I said to him with a smirk.

"You stay here dude if you want but I can't stay away from my mate anymore, I am going there," Manson said to me and walk towards his mate.

Then suddenly a creepy looking man comes towards my mate and said something in her ears making my wolf growl. I was about to walk towards her but suddenly a slut comes towards me and started clinging on me.

"Hey, handsome want to have some fun with me?" she slurred while clinging at my arms in a seductive voice which sounds like someone was running their nail in blackboard.

"Sorry but not interested," I said removing my hand from her hands. I turn to look at the bar to see that she was not there. I try to look at my surrounding to find her but to no avail so try high lighten my senses and sniff the air for her particular sent.

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