My Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 3

(Elena P.O.V)

As soon as we are inside I can feel eyes burning holes into my body, but I just can’t pinpoint the person. It gives me a creepy feeling as if I am being followed.

Stella pulls me towards the bar, “Come on let’s get something to drink.” She yells in my ear and dancing to the music she makes her way to the bar, pulling me with her.

I normally never drink or only on very rare occasions, and then only a little bit and not even the strong drinks. I just don’t really like the taste of it.

“What do you want to drink?” Stella asks me.

“Just a coke.” It feels so weird to say that it’s like I’m asking for cocaine, is that weird?

“O hell no girl, we’re doing shots and we’re going to get drunk, whoah,” Stella yells. O wow this is definitely going to be an interesting night, I just want to go home and read some stories on Inkitt.

“4 shots,” Stella says towards the barman. “Come on let’s get drunk,” she says to me. And she hands me two shots

We both grab the shots and take them right after each other, I can already feel the alcohol hitting my system.

“Come on let’s dance.” And Stella drags me onto the dance floor, we stay there for a few songs just dancing to the beat only the two of us and nobody interrupting. Except for some curious hands wandering on my body, but I just swat them away like there irritating flies.

“I want some more drinks, let’s go,” Stella yells in my ear. I feel the slight buzz of the alcohol, and well what the hell you only live once, tomorrow is Saturday and on Monday I’m gone. Can’t go wrong right?

“Yeah, okay let’s get some more drinks.” We push our way towards the bar and Stella orders another round of shots, which we chug quickly. A man approaches us and starts hitting on Stella, Stella who is a little bit drunker than me since she had an extra round of shots, is fine with it and they go off to dance.

A man with a creepy air around him starts approaching me like I’m his pray, “hey sweet cheeks what are you doing here so alone, can I maybe buy this pretty lady a drink?

“Well, you may Sir,” I say while giggling like a schoolgirl, god what’s wrong with me? He hands me a blue cocktail which I sip carefully. I feel the man’s hand that was around my middle travel more closer to my ass. I freeze up. I try to swat his hands off me what just results in him pulling me closer, I feel like I have to puke. I can really feel the alcohol hitting my system. My body doesn’t feel like mine anymore.

I try to wiggle myself out of his grip. Which just results in a throaty grunt from the man, “Yes sweet checks grind that perfect ass of your in my c*ck.” I can feel his hard one on me.

Tears start to form in my eyes, what the heck did I do to deserve this?

“Come on let’s go somewhere else, shall we now.” The man has a wicked smile on his face which can only mean one thing. I start to fight harder to his grip. But he just tightens his arms around me.

Suddenly I heard the growl come from somewhere but I ignored it thinking that I heard things because I was drunk but then suddenly his arms are not around me anymore. He’s laying a few meters further, when I look to see who has thrown him off me, I’m met by a hard chiseled chest, I look up towards his face, he just has the most beautiful blue eyes, and I’m immediately mesmerized by them. Just then I feel my eyelids get heavier and heavier and the floor suddenly looks very comfortable. I try to zoom in on Stella who’s sucking some dudes face off.

I then feel my world become black, and I start to fall towards the ground but before I can hit the ground I’m caught by a pair of strong arms, I immediately feel safe. And then everything goes black.

(Oliver P.O.V)

I turn to look at the bar to see that she was not there. I try to look at my surrounding to find her but to no avail so try high lighten my senses and sniff the air for her particular sent.

After some moment I finally got a sniff of my mate sent and follow her sent to find her. When I reach there I see her dancing with that man and I let out the low growl. Satisfied that other people didn’t hear me due to loud music.

But I lost all my control when that man started to grind on her and I can also smell the tears with my mate sent while she was trying to get out of his grip but he just tightened his grip on her.

‘Don’t just stand there you idiot, our mate need us, go there and help her’ Roy said snapping me out of my trance.

I go to her and get him off of her while growling at him.

*How dare he touches what is mine, she is mine and only mine,* I thought. Roy wants to take over and kill him for touching our mate but I stop him saying that while doing that he will scare her.

She turns and looks at me and I get lost in her eyes again. Roy also calms down when he looks at the way she was looking at us. Then she passes out in my arms.

I take her in my arms in bridal style and walk out of the club towards my car while mind linking Manson and Nick saying that I was going home with my mate.

All the way toward my house I keep glancing at my mate making sure that she was still there. As soon as I reach my house I take her in my arms and walk towards my room. I place her gently at my bed and cover her with a blanket so that she does not feel cold.

I want to change her in comfortable clothes but I didn’t do that thinking that she will freak out when she sees the change of clothes. I walk in my walk-in closet to change in comfortable clothes then get inside my bed next to my mate.

“Good night, mon amour" I said to her while kissing her forehead and fall the best sleep of my life with my mate in my arms.

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