My Alpha's Mate

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chapter 4

(Elena P.O.V)

I feel sunrays hitting my face, I groan inwardly. Who in heavens name pulled the curtains open. I turn around in the comfortable bed and pull the soft quilt tighter to my body. Wait, what, I don’t have a comfortable bed like this. My bed in NY is really shitty and my bed in my home isn’t really that better

I reluctantly open my eyes, and I gasp when I’m in a huge bed, like king size bed, what the fuck? The room is really nicely decorated, definitely a men’s room. I shift around some more in the big bed, and I then notice that I’m wearing a men’s shirt, what the actual fuck happened.

I quickly get out of the bed, O shit I shouldn’t have done that, my head hurts like a son of a bitch. I look around the room for a weapon but I can’t find anything.

Only a big office chair but I don’t think I can lift that off the ground and pillows sure as hell aren’t going to work.

I open a door, and I’m met with a walk-in closet, it’s filled with suits. I let my fingers run over the fabric of the suits, they all look super expensive. I walk further into the closet and I see the casual clothing some sweaters, jeans and more stuff like that.

I walk out of the closet and investigate further. The second door that I open leads me into a hallway, I think it’s on the second floor. When I walk towards the balustrade I can look all the way down towards the ground floor.

I hear laughter floating from a room, I’m guessing it’s the kitchen. I slowly make my way towards the room trying to make no sound. While I walk towards the room I come across a baseball bat, fuck yeah I’m going to have some fun and go in Harley Quinn suicide squad style. A sly smile creeps onto my face.

I walk towards the room but I make sure that they don’t see me yet. I walk in and try to hit the first moving object, the baseball bat is quickly ripped from my grip and suddenly I’m in the air pinned to the wall. I wrap my legs around the person out of reflex.

When I look up I see some blue eyes stare at me, he has a smirk on his face, o how I would love to just slap that smirk off his face. I try to hit him but he pins my arms above my head. “I like this position.“he whispers seductively in my ear, I can immediately feel it in my lower region. He then proceeds to lower me onto the ground.

I look at him with anger and I immediately try to attack him again.

He turns me around so my back is to his front and he presses me into him. I can feel tingles coursing through my whole body. “Are you going to stop attacking me princess because otherwise, I might need to hold you in this position a little longer. Not that I mind so go ahead, try to fight me wiggle that perfect ass of yours into my junk.” He whispers into my ear, I feel his breath on my neck. It sends tingles down there, what the hell you don’t even know this man he practically kidnapped you I scold myself. Stockholm syndrome much, am I right.

“I’m going to release you know. Okay?” And he slowly lets go of me, I quickly turn around. “Why the fuck am I here?” I immediately question him.

“Princess you really shouldn’t swear it doesn’t suit you. You are here because while I was saving you from that creepy dude you passed out. I checked your blood you were drugged.”

I look at him with shock. “Sweetheart close that mouth or I might find some new things to put that mouth to good use. Now let’s get some breakfast.” He checked my fucking blood, and now he’s making sexual innuendos, what is up with this dude.

“Uhm well thanks for saving me but I should really go now goodbye.” And I start to walk towards the door.

Before I can even set two steps, I feel strong arms wrap around me, they put me on top of the kitchen counter and he cages me in with his hands. “You aren’t going anywhere, you’re staying here.” He says in a low and threatening tone.

“Adriana must be really freaking out, OMG what if she called the police. What if she called Brandon.” I ramble off. As soon as I say the word Brandon I can see my Hero turn angry. I’m gonna call him Hero for now because I don’t know his name and he saved me.

“That has all been taken care off, now we are going to enjoy a day together. But first breakfast.” He growls. He picks me up and he sits down in a bar stool and puts me on his lap.

And that’s how it all began.

(Oliver P.O.V)

I get up in a good mood with my mate in my arms. I pull her closer to me and put my face in her neck taking in the most wonderful smell of my mate. I get up from my bed after kissing my mate on her forehead and go to the washroom to get ready for the day.

After the bath, I decided to go downstairs and order the maid to prepare breakfast or me and my mate. I take the newspaper from the table and sit in the stool near the table to read it.

I am half on my way to complete newspaper when a wonderful smell of my mate I look around to see my mate looking around the house with a baseball bat in her hand. I move towards her without making any noise and corner her with a smirk on my face. She tries to hit me with a ball but I pin her arms above her head.

I was enjoying teasing her and making her when she moved away from me and tried to leave but before she can even set two steps I stop her wrapping my arms around her and put her on top of the kitchen counter caging her.

“You aren’t going anywhere, you’re staying here,” I said in a low and threatening tone. My wolf clawing at me want to take control over me and mark her, he was not happy with the fact that his mate trying to run away from him.

“Adriana must be really freaking out, OMG what if she called the police. What if she called Brandon.” she rambles off. As soon as she said the name Brandon my wolf growl inside my head not happy that his mate takes any other males name than mine.

“That has all been taken care off, now we are going to enjoy a day together. But first breakfast.” I said with a growl. I pick her up and sits down in a bar stool and puts her on my lap.

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