My Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 5

(Elena P.O.V)

I was lost in my own thoughts thinking about what has happened since I got inside the club till now when I heard the manliest voice.

“Hey, the earth too, Elle,” Oliver said, I learned that Hero’s name was Oliver while we were eating breakfast. Nick, Michael, Sky, and Recee are also sitting at the breakfast bar, they are like best friends with Oliver. But I just can’t shake the fact that I have the idea that Oliver stands above them like he’s there boss or leader. There also hangs a dangerous, animalistic air around them, it gives me the creeps.

I take in the kitchen with awe. It’s huge with two kitchen islands in it, multiple stoves and sinks. Maids are walking around preparing food, I could sense that the guys never use this kitchen. I would kill just to cook something in this kitchen, it looks like they have all the latest kitchen supplies.

While I was checking out the kitchen, I could feel his eyes on me, looking at me with a curious stare. I look towards him and raise my eyebrow questioning him without talking.

“So what am I supposed to do all day, since I’m not allowed to go away.” I had to make a plan to sneak out on time so I could still catch my plane tomorrow because Monday college began again

“Well, we can chill beside the pool, or take a swim” letting his eyes linger over my body “or we could watch a movie with some food.” He says.

“Well, I don’t have appropriate swimming clothes so that’s a no. But I would love to soak up some sun, I haven’t had the time to do that yet in NY.”

“That sounds like a plan, let’s go outside.” And he reaches his hand out towards me, which I gracefully except to get off the barstool. A small person remembers I chuckle in myself. Oliver looks at me amused.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing.” And a second later I’m off the floor and Olive sweeps me up in his arms, bridal style. I try to get out of it but to no avail. He just tightens his grip around me, I give up and snuggle in his toned chest. He reminds me off my brother, he’s also very strong and I instantly feel safe in his arms.

“You know I have legs that work perfectly, I can walk.”

“Yeah I know, but I kinda like this position,” Oliver says while walking towards the garden. He lays me down on one of the chairs beside the pool, sunrays hit my skin and I instantly feel warmer. Oliver takes a seat next to, instead of laying down he sits on the laying bed and faces me.

“Let’s play 21 Question, shall we?” he ask.

“Why?” I ask.

“What? why?” He asks narrowing his eyes.

“Why should I play 21 questions with you, “I ask.

“because I want to know you and I am sure you want to,” he said with a frown on his face.

“Okay, but I don’t know how to play it,” I said to him.

“Really?” he asks.

“Really,” I said.

“Well it’s simple I ask you a question about and you will give an answer and Vise Versa,” he said.

“Okay, hit me with your best shot,” I said.

“Favourite color?” he asks.

“Blue and red,”

“But isn’t blue boys favorite color,”

“it’s second question’s it’s my turn now, and to give you answer, it’s not that only boys can like that color and girls cannot, is it,” I ask looking at him and he only nodded his head at me.

“Okay what your fav color?” I ask.

“grey and brown”

“As in 50 shades of grey,” I ask.

“No not really, but I’m open to new experiences.” And he throws me a panty dropping smile, I just gape at him with my mouth wide open.

“Close your mouth sweetheart you’re catching flies.” And he puts his fingers under my chin and shuts my mouth.

“Fav food?” he asks.

“All the fast food,”

“But you don’t look fat if you love to eat fast food,” he said.

“I have a fast metabolism,”


“Pizza and spaghetti,”

“Fav book,”

“Who will cry when you die,”

“Robin Sharma,” he asks and I nodded my head.


“poor dad, rich dad.”

“Where y-” I’m interrupted midsentence when I feel a drop of rain, I look up to the sky and the blue it was just seconds ago is now being replaced by grey/ black clouds.

And then it starts raining like there is no tomorrow.

Before I knew it I was thrown over a shoulder and Oliver was running towards the house. When we came inside we were wet onto the bone, and my teeth were clattering together. Oliver checks me for injury while it was only raining he’s acting like we just got shot.

“Come on let’s get you into the shower,” Oliver says once again lifting me up.

“H-h-how a-a-about y-you?” I ask with difficulty because of my chattering teeth.

“I’ll take the shower in one of the guest bedrooms, come on.”

He gets me back to his bedroom and gives me a towel, he then disappears in the closet. He comes out again with a sweatshirt and some jogging pants.

“You can put your dirty clothes outside the bathroom door a maid will pick them up to clean.” He then proceeds to walk away so I can shower.

I step inside the huge bathroom. I turn on the shower head and stepped underneath it, slowly I become warm again. I shower quickly and use his shampoo and body wash until I completely smell like him.

I step inside the living room, Oliver and his friends are playing around, pushing each other around and rolling around on the floor. I silently watch them until Oliver sees me.

“Hey come here”, he says and points towards his lap. I walk over to him but sit next to him, instead of sitting on his lap. That earns me a low growl from him.

I look at him weirdly and scoot closer to Michael, who then throws his arm around me. Like literally there is steam coming out of his ears. I chuckle in myself.

“Watch out he’s going to explode soon,” Michael says in my ear.

“Movie?” Sky asks, looking up some of the tension hanging in the room.

Recee grasp the remote from the TV and turns on Netflix, scrolling through the different movies on there, I see some titles coming around before something catches my eye.

“THE CONJURING 2” Nick and I yell in unison. I immediately know I’m going to get along with Nick.

“Well, that’s settled then,” Recee says.

Suddenly I’m ripped out of Michaels embrace and put in Olive’s arms.

“MINE, and only MINE,” Oliver says in a low threatening tone. It makes me feel uneasy but also kinda safe.

We all settle in and watch the movie. After the movie ends all of Oliver’s friends leave. I think for a second I’m going to be gone tomorrow so why not live a little he knows nothing about me I can just sneak out before he wakes up.

So I look at him from the side. “What?” He asks me.

“Nothing just this.” And I close in the gap in between us, and kiss him with all the might I have.

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