Whose To Claim?

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Four unusual men a vampire, a werewolf, a warlock, and a hunter fall in love with the same girl who is a witch. Who will win her heart and claim her? Stella Andrew is a which but she herself didn't know about it. Neel is a warlock is one of the friends of her adopted parent's meet her when he visits them for some reason and persuades her adopted parents to send her with him to New York for her studies so he can teach her all the thing she should know and protect her from danger. There he meets Nick Williams who is a son of Neel Willams and also a warlock like him. When she joined the school she met Alex Matthew who is the Alpha of the strongest and fearful pack which called the red moon pack and Ethan Collins who is the son of the leader of a hunters club and he is a hunter himself too. Xavier McKnight is a vampire who was watching her since the day when her real parents died in a car accident and waiting for her to come at the right age so that he can claim her come to know that she is now 18 and in New York to complete her studies he follows her to New York and joined her school to win her heart and claim her. What will happen when four of them come face to face? Who will be able to win her heart and claim her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Main led's


Name - Stella Dawson

Age - 18

origin - Califonia.

Supernatural - Witch

Real family - Deceased.


Name - Neel Willams.

Age - 42-year

son - Nick Willams.

Wife - Deceased.

Supernatural - Warlock.


Name - Nick Williams.

Age - 18

Supernatural - Warlock.

Father - Neel Willams.

School - River high school.

Mother - Deceased.


Name - Xavier Mcknight

Age - 24

Real age - 200

Supernatural - Vampire

Position - king of the vampires.


Name - Alexander Matthew.

Age - 20

Supernatural - werewolf.

Position - Soon to be Alpha of the strongest pack.

Pack - The blook moon pack.

School - River high.

Sister - Elesa Matthew.

Beta - Drake Anderson, age 19, Alex best friend and Damien twin’s brother.

Gamma - Damien Anderson, age 18, Ale friend and Drake twins brother.


Name - Ethan Collins.

Age - 18

School - River high.

Supernatural - No but a hunter.

Position - Soon to be a leader.

Father - Roy Collins

Mother - Aana Collins.

Sister - Ashlyn Collins.


Name - Roy Collins

Age - 43

Supernatural - no but a hunter.

Position - Leader.

Son - Ethan Collins

Wife - Aana Collins.

Daughter - Ashlyn Collins.

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