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The baby

(Third person P.O.V)

It was a very dark night and it was thundering when he was returning back to his palace from the hunting when the unfamiliar sent saturate around him. It smells of rose and rain. His mouth water and he found himself confused more than anything. he looks everywhere around the forest and saw no one.

The more he smell those sent the most he go curious to find the source of that smell.

“From where this smell coming from?” he ask himself and follow the smell to get out of the forest and walk to the car to see a car a car is turned upside down in the worst condition and he doesn’t know why his non-beating heart comes to his throat and it becomes hard to breathe for him and it only added to his confusion.

With a heavy heart, he walks near the car when he heard a cry of a baby. With my strength, he turns the car and saw a lady shielding the baby with her body to save the baby from the impact of the accident in the passenger seat. When he opens the door or should I say broke the door of the passenger side she was about to fall outside but he stopped with his speed and push her to the driver side.

Then he takes a baby from her arms and as soon as he takes the baby in his arms she stopped crying and look at his eyes. When the baby girl looks at his eyes he got lost in her eyes. When she screeches her tiny hands and touch his face he feels like an electricity flow all over my body. He leans his head down near her neck and sniffs her neck and it smells like rose and rain which calms him and excited him at the same time.

*So she is the source of the source of that intoxicating smell* he thought to himself when she giggles and takes him out of his daze. he held her in one arm and check the pulse and breathing of the lady to see she is dead.

He walks to the driver side of the car and broke the door of the car with my strength while still holding the baby girl in one hand and check the pulse and breathing of the man who was driving the car to see none he is dead too.

He was thinking about what to do with the baby when he heard the howl of the werewolf and decided it was better to take her with him in my palace.

*I can’t leave her here alone there were many wild animals and werewolf roaming around the jungle can find her and kill her, so it better I take her I will think later about what to do with her* he thought and look down at her.

“It looks like I have to take you with me,” he said to her and she giggles at me. He heard the sound of howling and growling coming closer to him.

*I think I have crossed their boundaries* he thought and used his cloak to hide the baby and his smell and run to the palace to the top speed.

He reaches there in 15 minutes and enters the palace and walk towards his room. He goes to his room and calls one of the female servants through the intercom to come in his room. takes his cloak away from her to see her sleeping peacefully in his arms and he smiles at her sleeping form.

When he heard a knock from his door and look at the door to see Alana, his private maid standing outside of the door of his room.

“Your Highness, you called me,” she asks.

“Oh yes Alana please come in,” he said to her.

“Is that baby you have in your arms?” she asked looking at the baby in his arms with the smile on her face.

“Yes, and I want you to take her, give her a bath and dressed her then give her back to me, and also tell Naina to come in my room,” I said to her while giving her the baby. Naina is his nanny who had looked after him when his mother died while giving birth to him. She is like a mother figure to him.

“Yes, your highness,” she said while taking the baby from his arms.

“She is a human your highness,” she said worriedly.

“Yes, I know Alana,” he said and sighed heavily.

“Do you think it was safe for her to stay here?” she asks.

“You don’t have to worry about that, just do as,” he said sternly while slightly increasing his voice getting annoyed by her.

“Sorry your highness,” she said bowing and walk away to follow his orders.

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