Whose To Claim?

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My bride

(Xavier P.O.V)

After she was gone it was silent. My hands folded in front of my face, the only thing I could hear was the clock ticking. That was all I could allow myself to hear.

If I listened closely to everything around me, my ears would be flooded with the realities. All I wanted was to be alone and not get reminded of this whole situation. I started pacing around my room while running my hand around my face and hair getting frustrated with the different type of feelings which are overwhelming for me.

I laid back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. My thoughts were racing. I couldn’t quite think about each one as they went by so quickly. The white button-up shirt I wore was sticking to my chest as the old bum’s blood started to dry. I didn’t mind it though. The thought of it went quickly away just like the rest as more important thoughts replaced it.

I couldn’t close my eyes. The impossibility of it made my head hurt. There was no way I could ever sleep. No way I could shut off my thoughts either. It’s like my whole body was alive and buzzing inside me. Yet, I was still. Silent. Hell, everything was silent, but that didn’t count the thoughts. They were too loud.

Everything seemed to fly by. What felt like minutes later, the sun was shining in my face. I was too lost in my thoughts to even realize how much time had passed.

A hard knock came on my door and my head snapped towards it. I got up slowly and walked to the door. Opening it, I saw my nanny looked me up and down with a worried face.

“What’s wrong with you Xavier? Why are you pacing around the room?” she asked getting worried about me.

“I don’t know Naina I was just so confused with so overwhelming feeling I am feeling now I can’t able to understand anything,” I said to her.

“Relax and explain me everything in detail,” she said putting her hand on my shoulder and I explained her everything. When I was over with, explaining everything to her a huge smile on her face.

“Why are you smiling Naina?” I ask her.

“Xavier what if I tell you that you found your bride?” she asks with a smile on her face.

*My bride* I thought dumbfounded.

“My bride?” I ask her.

“Yes, your bride, Fidgety behavior, blood pressure in peaked, obvious stress... etc are the side effect of finding your bride, your lucky mate or bride is very rare to find for us vampires just like pearls in the sea but you have one and not only that you have found her too” she said and a huge smile comes to my face.

“Yeah, right? And that baby girl is my bride right?” I asked her with a goofy smile on my face.

“Right, so what are you going to do with her she is still a baby and not to forgot a baby?” she asked.

“I will give her for adoption to the family who wants to adopt a daughter so that she can enjoy her life before I come and claim her as soon as she becomes 18 years old I will go to her and claim her as mine,” I said to her with a smile on my face.

“But until I find a suitable family for adoption I want you to take care of her as you have taken care of me, will you do it for me?” I ask her.

“Of, course Xavier it will be an honor to take care of our queen, taking about her where is she anyway?” she asked. And as on clue the servant come with my little bride in her arms wrap in a soft light pink towel.

I walk toward her and dismissed the servant then give her to Naina.

“Oh, she is beautiful X but she had red hair which means she will be hot-headed like you,” she said to me while looking and smiling at her. And I just laugh at her antics.

"Reynold," I shouted to call my second on command.

"You should take her to your room Naina, after giving orders to Reynold I will come to your room to talk with you," I tell her and she left after Nodding her head.

"You call your highness," Reynold said coming inside my room.

"Reynold how many times did I tell you that you don't call me that and you can call me by my name," I said annoyed.

"Yeah yeah what is it?" he asks. I snap my finger and the door gets closed. I can't tell him everything in open because there are many people here who want the throne for themselves and I can't risk my mate life for that. After making sure that no one can listen to our conversation I tell him everything and his jaw drop open to the ground.

"Congratulations, dude, and that suck having a baby as your mate so what do you want me to do and when I will meet my queen?" He asks.

"I want you to find a family or families who want to adopt a baby girl and their full information regarding there background and you can meet her as soon as you follow my orders, I also want you to find any information, about my mates and her friend background's, especially try to find that did she have any relatives that can take care of her if you go to the west side of the forest you will find the car where I saw her, go and check the car, to find their documents or their phone that can help us," I said to him.

"Okay, I will just do that, but why don't you keep her here?" he asks.

"This place is full of vampires, it is a dangerous place for her my enemies are looking for my weakness to take me out of my throne so that they can take over my kingdom to rule that will only put and besides I want her to enjoy her life as a normal human being until the times come for her to be claimed," I said to him.

"Okay, I will do as you wish but how will you give the baby to the suitable family," he asks.

"I will just drop her to their house and make sure they accept her in their family and also I want you to appoint two strongest warriors to keep an eye on her and protect her just in case and don't tell them anything about her as my mate just about their duty because I don't trust anyone other than you, Neil and Naina, and Reynold," I said.

"Yes, Your Highness," he asks.

"Keep this between us," I said in a stern voice while glaring at him.

"Of course," he said.

"I want you and Neil to do it personally. After you were over with it go and visit your queen okay," I said and he nodded then leave to follow my orders. I go to Naina's room to visit my little one.

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