Whose To Claim?

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Chosen Family

(Xavier P.O.V)

After a few days, he informed me that, they have found their car and find her father's driving license and their National card. They have look for their information only to find that both of them were orphans and that her mother is a doctor and the father is a lawyer, that's all so I told them to carry forward their search for the family that's is suitable for her.

I can hand her to the foster care and get her adopted but I don't want her to get in the wrong hands, or live as an orphan just in case no one adopts her, but I highly doubt that it's going to happen since she was soo cute and adorable for not going to be adopted. And if I know everything about the family who has adopted her I will be in peace knowing that she is in safe hands.

Neil and Reynold return from their searching for the perfect family for our princess after a month with the list of the families and their background information. I let them meet my princess after that I told them to send some people we trust the most to keep a watch on the family I chose from the list for my adoption for some time.

After some days they come and give me all the information they need. And I finally come to decide the family who will have my princess as a daughter. They are Mr. Arwind Dawson and Mrs. Jia Dawson. Mr. Dawson was a very famous businessman while Mrs. Dasown was a very famous interior designer who was seeking to adopt a daughter because she cannot carry a child due to her miscarriage. They are a very kind and generous person and rich to provide my other half with all her needs.

*I can't believe it's finally time to say goodbye to my little beloved* with that thought I walked to my room with a heavy heart but I know it's is best for her, she will be safe there and have a normal life until she turns 18 and ready to be claimed by me.

I enter my room to see Naina cooing at my beloved. I walk towards them and take her in my arms and rub my nose in her stomach making her giggle which sounds like music to my ears. I sigh, I am going to miss her, and it's going to be a hell of a long wait.

"I am going to miss you, my love," I said and kissed heck check making her sneeze and I chuckle at her cuteness.

"You already found a family for her?" Naina asks me and I nodded my head at her still looking at my beloved.

"So soon," I heard Naina whisper to her and I know she is sad that my beloved is going to leave us after all she had already attached to her.

"It's only for 18 years, then we are going to have her back forever and this time forever," I said to her or it more like to myself.

"So when are you going to drop her there?" Naina asks me.

"Tomorrow night," I said to her.

"That soon," she said with a sad face.

"The sooner she goes from here, the better it will be for us, because if she stays there for more time, then the people will start to get curious and it will get even more dangerous for her, " I explain to her and she nodded her head in understanding.

The next day, in the night at 4: am, I hold her in my arms and get out of my castle, I make myself invisible with my powers and walks towards the house of the family I have chosen for her. I reach there to see Reynold was already there waiting for me. I make myself visible and approach him.

"Is every arrangement are done?" I ask him.

"Yes, all the arrangements are done," he said smiling at me.

"Why don't I see any of my guards here," I ask him.

"They have made themself invisible so that no one can see them and hide their scent that no creature can smell them and suspicious of them, open your six sense and you will feel them," he said to me and I did the same and as soon as I did that I feel them near me.

I remove my cloack from her, and look at her sleeping peacefully in my arms and smiled at her. I kissed her forehead and put her in the basket Reyond was holding in front of me and put it in the porch of the house. I knock the door few times and heighten my senses so that I can hear what was going in the house, when I don't hear anything from there I ring the bell and that's when I hear the footstep coming towards us from inside the house and I hide in the bushes with Reyond and watch a blonde woman who I guess is Jia Dawson open the door of the house.

She peeks outside the house, she looks at her right and then left but see nothing, as she was about to close the door she looks down to see my bride in a basket and hold her in her arms.

"Whose is there, love?" Mr. Dawson asks while walking towards his wife.

"Someone has dropped the baby outside our door," Mrs. Dawson said looking at her husband and stretch her arms to show the baby to her husband.

"How can someone be so cruel to live a small baby, outside someone's door like that, here some people are having trouble convincing the baby and someone there just dropping the baby at someone doors step like that," Mrs. Dawson said with a scowl on her face.

"Maybe someone has put it here to save her from, rain when they go outside to buys something so that she did not get wet and get sick," Mr. Dawson said caressing her arm to calm her down.

"But without someone to look after her, she is a small child Arwind," she argued her.

"I know love, I know," he said to him.

"Can we adopt her, Arwind? please," she pleaded to him.

"Okay, we will if someone did not come to our door until the day after tomorrow claiming her, then I will have my lawyer get the papers ready for her adoption, " Arwind said and walk inside his house with his wife and my bride. Their reaction to finding her in their doorstep satisfied me, and I goes back to my castle knowing that my bride is safe with them.

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