Dream Walker

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Chapter 10 Big Changes

It was a nightmare. This whole week that should have been awesome, should have been my week turning twenty-one where my life as a fully powered witch really started. Instead, I had been almost raped, and now my mother was going to murder my father after her own powers had been stripped by my own personal demon because she couldn't control her temper. She was now holding the knife in her hand and made a rush at my father, totally ignoring the fact that Leo was still between them.

The tattoos on her wrists from Leo's spell flared to life and the golden ring that used to be around my mother's neck appeared once more. The Knife clattered to the floor and my mother reached for her throat as she hit the floor choking. " The spell is choking her...." I didn't even realize I had spoken aloud until my dad answered me.

" Yes, it is." My dad hugged me tighter. " I'm sorry Sarah but now that you are safe I can't stay here anymore. I love you, always, and I love your mother but I've spent too many sleepless nights, too many nerve-racking mornings while you were still home. I'm going to the coven today and file everything. Leo will know where to find me. " He kissed me on top of my head then simply walked out of the room, I heard the front door shut not long after.

My mom was struggling on the floor but the only one that could stop it was either her or Leo. But honestly I didn't want to ask him to make it stop, she had just wanted to kill my father, that's the only reason the spell would be hurting her now, and she'd meant it. Leo was looking at me, not my mother, as if he was worried about what I was going to do. The clearing of a throat had both of us looking at the stranger, I had forgotten he was here, to be honest.

" I really don't think this is the best time but... I'm Alec Cornish and I'm the shifter here to ask you to see my sister. I know I'm a bit early still but she is starting to fade I don't know if we can wait until your birthday. Your father Admitted you had already formed the bond with your demon protector, which I have seen is true..... Um if you still need to wait I understand But please. You have to at least come and see her today. Look at her, the curse and if you can try now... please I need my sister back." He honestly did look like a wreck, totally desperate. Pale blond hair that was slightly curly but so short the effect was lost, and pale blue eyes that had lost all sense of life worth living, totally filled with pain but I was his only hope right now.

I looked over to Leo but his face gave me no clues, no hints to what he was thinking. He was leaving everything up to me if I said no the deal might be off the table but honestly even without it I wanted to see just how bad this girl really was. " Alright, Alec lets go have a look at your sister. Can you give me a few minutes to get changed and what not?"

"Of course! I'll be outside by my car." He was smiling as I went the long way towards the stairs to avoid my mother. My mother was finally breathing normally while laying on the floor. Leo followed me upstairs and after we reached my room he leaned against the frame and looked around. I knew what he'd see, a room decked out in royal blues, purples, and black. It was only overly girly, but some of the pillows were a bit fluffy, and one of them a dark blue with sparkles. So I liked a little sparkle.. doesn't every girl?

I looked over my shoulder after bringing some clothes and a bag out of my closet to see him still looking around an amused smirk on his lips. The clothes I'd picked out for today were in a small pile but when he noticed me putting things into the bag he spoke. " Do you want to come back?"

I blinked and looked up. " I sorta have to Leo it's where I live. Dad didn't invite me to go live with him."

Leo tisked. " You are welcome to live with me, my little witch." That totally surprised me.

" I hardly know you, you just like met me and you already want to me to move in with you? You seriously don't know relationships take time." I tried to laugh it off but honestly, I felt safer with him than anywhere else.

He pushed up off the wall and moved towards me. I didn't realize I took a step back until his smile got wider. " No need to run I'd never harm you. " It made me stop moving on the spot and hold my ground. I licked my lips and he actually growled softly at me. " Such a tempting little witch... but on a safer topic."

He stopped inched from me and touched my face. " I've limited your mother's abilities but that doesn't stop everything she might be able to do. If you don't want to come back here tonight or any other night you don't have to. I have plenty of space in my home and where ever I am you are more than welcome little witch, you are my other half."

I felt tingles in my skin everywhere he touched my skin, and every time they seemed to get stronger. " I.." Leo leaned down and kissed the corner of my mouth. "Just say yes Sarah. We both want you too."

I shuddered as he kissed so close to my mouth. I didn't think about what I did next, I sure as hell didn't want to. I turned my head and kissed him. His hand on my cheek slipped to the back of my neck holding me closer so he could deepen the kiss. I managed to surprise him when I opened my mouth for him my own hands lifting up to finally slide into those soft might waves.

Heaven help me but his kiss was better than anything I'd ever tasted, the power that mixed with his taste, his every touch sending electricity through me. His free hand slipped under the back my shirt and his touch on my bare skin pulled a moan from deep within me that I poured into his mouth. Leo tore his mouth from mine, both of us stood there panting a moment staring into each other's eyes.

"Yes." I saw something flash in his eyes before he was kissing me again. He pulled my body flush against him and I could feel his penis hard and erect straining against his pants and me on the other side. I gasped against his mouth feeling just how large he was and felt him chuckle slightly. His lips moved down over my jaw towards my throat.

" Not right this moment, but soon I hope you can feel more my sexy little witch." His teeth grazed my throat on the opposite side of where the bruise was, he pushed my hair back from my neck and next thing I knew he was gently biting into my throat. My Heart skipped a beat my spine bowing so my breasts pressed harder into his chest, my fingers twitching before curling tighter in his hair. My reaction must have pleased him because his teeth sank deeper, it felt so wonderful I couldn't have stopped the low moan even if I had wanted to.

The hand that had been at my neck slid down over my chest to cup my left breast, lifting and pinching the nipple that was already hard. I had no bra because I was still in the clothes he had lent me so only the thin fabric of the shirt was keeping his fingers from my sensitive flesh, even then he had me so close to the edge of orgasm already. I squirmed in his hold, his teeth only sinking deeper to the point he was just short of breaking the skin. It hurt but in such a way it felt wonderful, he left my breast going lower, I didn't want to breathe when his hand slipped under the band of the shorts I was wearing until he cupped the mound of my sex in his hand and gently squeezed as he broke my skin.

I screamed out his name bucking against his hold, my fingers must have been pulling his hair to the point of pain but the orgasm tore my control apart. He removed his hand from my sex to hold my hip helping me to stay standing, his tongue was licking at the small bit of blood leaking from the bite he had left. I blinked looking up at the ceiling.

" Wow..." I felt him chuckle even before I heard it. His amused face appeared in front of mine a moment later.

" And just think, all your clothes are still on." I shuddered. " You should dress, I'm sure the wolf outside heard that as well as your mother."

I winced, my mood totally no longer on sex. " Right." I moved back from him and turned to get the clothes only to find they were the only thing left, the rest of my room was gone. "Umm.."

He chuckled and when I looked back at him he was licking the tips of his fingers. My face turned bright red, it was the hand that had just been touching my most private parts. " It's already at my home. I'll see you when you are done Sarah." He drew his middle finger into his mouth to suck it clean as he turned to head out the door. When he'd shut the door fully all i could say was.

" DAMN that man is more than just sin.... he's just... damn.." I knew I was still wet and pulling on my own clothes I sorta wished he'd just slam the door open and throw me to the now empty floor. I knew that living with him I was going to end up having sex with him, hell I wanted to now, even with everything else going on, but first things first. Alice.

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