Dream Walker

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Chapter 11 Shifter Trouble

By the time I was dressed and out my door, my mother was nowhere to be seen and I was fine with that. We'd have our talk at some other time. I still loved her, and we needed to work out some stuff but having fresh on my mind the image of her about to try and kill my dad. That wasn't something less than an hours worth of time was going to fix.

Outside I found Leo and Alec waiting by the car. Alec when he saw me shifted from looking half dead, looked like a puppy who's owner just came home if he'd had a tail it would have been wagging. It made me smile a little. " All set."

We all climbed in, Leo insisting we both ride in the back. After a few minutes, I gave in, I didn't mind being near him and shockingly enough he totally behaved. After the first two hours of the drive, I ended up asking him why he wanted to sit in the back with me? He picked up my hand and brushed a kiss across my knuckles. "Not to discount our driver's skills or anything but the closer I am to you, the faster my response time is to protect you."

I blinked and felt a slight blush and ended up looking out the window to hide it. Leo's effect on me was getting worse the more I was around him. I was letting my guard down more and more, trusting him, and maybe it was the whole bit about our lives being tied together, but honestly, I needed him. Leo was my rock right now, he protected me regardless of what I was up against, my ex, my parents, and he made me feel safer than I ever thought I could be. He killed to protect me without batting an eyelash and while that should freak me out, honestly it just made me feel safe.

Alec cleared his throat. "Um... We are almost there.. but I don't have permission for uh... Leo here to enter pack territory. " I glanced up and looked at Alec's eyes in the review mirror.

" Well, I'm not going in without Leo. So you'd better get it." Alec sighed.

" Figured you'd say that. " He pulled over not far from a huge gate with two guys standing behind it looking at us, and they did not look friendly. Alec pulled out his phone and made a call.

" I thought shifters had a whole telepathy thing within the pack structure?" I asked him though it was more of a statement. Alec glanced at me through the mirror.

"Our senses get distracted slightly when we do that so as cell phones are awesome we prefer then unless it's an emergency. " He gave his full attention to the phone. " Alpha, Yes I'm sorry for disturbing you. The witch is with me... yes I don't mean to make you wait... I.. Yes... But... Her demon is with her.....Yes, I know... No... I..... She won't come inside without it."

I felt my anger stir. " Leo is not an it." I snapped. Alec winced and I could just see the fear radiate off him. He nodded then offered me the phone. I took it after a moment.

" Hello?" The voice that answered me put Leo's sinful tone to shame. It was deeper, a low growl that rocked me to my very bones.

" You are here per my invitation. I do not allow demons onto my territory ever. You will leave it outside of my lands." I wanted to listen to him, the command in his voice almost had me whimpering. I looked to Leo who was frowning, apparently, he could hear the Alpha on the other end of the call. It was Leo's unhappy emotions through the bond that helped distract me from the command.

" Look Mr. Alpha. I'm only coming here per the request of my father to try and help your pack. I don't have to be here, I don't have to help you. The it as you call him is not only My Demon but my partner, my friend, and the one person I will never be parted from, He has saved my life twice in less than a week, he has protected my father, and even your wolf Alec. So No I won't leave him behind. If you don't want to let him in with me consider the deal off because he is the only person I would never send away from me without a damned good reason." I then hung up. I don't know why I did but damn it felt good.

Leo began to chuckle slightly. " You just hung up on the Dark Moon Alpha over me.." He sounded highly amused as Alec looked positively ill. " My sexy little witch defending my honor." He grabbed my hand and leaned down to kiss the back of it. " Thank you."

I shifted in my seat clearly embarrassed. " You hung up on the Alpha..." Alec spoke and had me looking fully at him, he looked paler then he'd been at my house. " Um... can you like.. get out of my car... I don't want to be near you when he.." My door was ripped off the hinges but before anything else could happen both Leo and myself were teleported a few feet from the car.

I stood there dizzy for a moment, Leo's arms around me as we both faced the car. The man that stood with the door in his hand was huge. I swear he had to be nearly seven feet tall and built like a brick wall. He looked like a model for a Native American poster. He had high cheekbones, the thick dark eyebrows that were pulled tight with the anger that radiated off him. You could see his eyes glow, they were gold but had a greenish tint to them. The muscles in his arm were bulging out of the already tree limb thick extension of his body.

He dropped the door and without him even saying a word I knew that had to be the Dark Moon Alpha. He walked towards us but it was that sort of movement that just screamed predator, that rolling motion of the hips. Leo's arms moved around me a little tighter his chin dropping to my shoulder. He could tell my reaction. Okay So wolfman was hot, like super manly hot.

The low growl that came from him had me shuddering. " Hands off my mate demon." I froze and blinked. Mate?

The Wolfman kept walking towards us and Leo spoke up. " Take another step puppy and you'll never see my sexy little witch again."

The shifter stopped and every inch of his body tensed, the growl that came from him sounded so menacing even I cringed. " She is mine demon. Hands off before I rip them off your body forever."

Now that was too far. " You have no right to threaten My Demon!" I snapped at the wolf hottie. " Leo is mine, You hurt him you hurt me." Leo kissed my cheek and I saw the Wolf visibly twitch his hands turning into fists.

" She's actually right puppy. Her lifeforce is literally tied to mine, you hurt me, you hurt her. " The growling got worse.

" My Name is Brent, not puppy. I don't care if you are tied to her, she is my mate, not yours. You will hand her over to me and keep your hands off her!" I got annoyed.

" Look, Brent. I don't care if you think I'm your Mate or whatever. But Leo is mine and I'm his, he is the only male of any race allowed to put his hands on me or anything else unless I say otherwise!" I snapped. I don't know why I was so upset. But something about being treated like some idiot with no say in my own life was just asking to much.

Brent looked a little shocked at my words, I saw hurt cross his face until he shut down all of his expressions. " I will not let that thing enter my lands."

I nodded and curled my hand over one of Leo's arms. " Then I wont enter either, ever." I felt Leo smile against my shoulder as he bent his head to kiss my shoulder. " Leo, let's go home."

" As you wish my sexy witch." I saw Brent take a step forward then I was staring at Leo's kitchen. " I considered the bedroom but figured you would be the one to make that call."

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