Dream Walker

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Chapter 12 Mate?

Brent’s POV

The moment I heard her voice I knew. It sounded so sweet to my ears, I hated that she was with something so evil as a demon. I had to get her away from it. When She hung up on me I lost it, she was confused, She had to be under some sort of spell. Demons were evil, everyone knew that.

I found myself running to the front gates with every ounce of speed I had and when I saw her in the car. Her hand in that evil monsters hold, my wolf took over I knew I ripped the door right off. I saw the flicker of fear in her eyes before she was gone. My heart stopped until I caught her scent. I looked up and she was in his arms nearly twenty feet away.

II dropped the door that was still in my hand, fighting my wolf back enough not to go racing across the distance between us to rip her from him. She was stunning, an angel being held captive by that monster and I had to save her. I could smell her reaction to me as she checked me out, it made both me and my wolf swell with pride, our mate wanted us. Even in that monster’s hold, she wanted us. ” Hands off my Mate Demon.”

With that demon spoke my anger only grew, my wolf wanted to rip him apart and I started walking towards them ” Take another step puppy and you’ll never see my sexy little witch again.”

I stopped my wolf roared in anger in my head, 'His sexy witch? who the hell did this monster think he was? she was mine!'

Every inch of my body froze because all I craved was to rip him to shreds. ” She is mine demon. Hands off before I rip them off your body forever.”

My sexy mate spoke. ” You have no right to threaten My Demon!” I blinked at her, shocked.” Leo is mine, You hurt him you hurt me.” That monster kissed her cheek sending me growling again.

" She’s actually right puppy. Her lifeforce is literally tied to mine, you hurt me, you hurt her. ” I fought my wolf back down, talking to him. 'If he's right we'd kill her if we kill the demon. Is it possible?' my wolf wined. 'But she's ours, she can't belong to him!'

" My Name is Brent, not puppy. I don’t care if you are tied to her, she is my mate, not yours. You will hand her over to me and keep your hands off her!” Even if it was true if I got her away from that monster we could fix it. we could break his hold on her.

" Look, Brent. I don’t care if you think I’m your Mate or whatever. But Leo is mine and I’m his, he is the only male of any race allowed to put his hands on me or anything else unless I saw otherwise!” Her anger sent pain in my heart, she was picking that monster over me, she was rejecting me? It hurt but I shut down the emotions. ” I will not let that thing enter my lands.”

When she nodded I felt a moment of relief she was going to come with me, then her arm curled over that monsters and my heart sank. ” Then I wont enter either, ever.” I watched the demon kiss her shoulder. ” Leo, let’s go home.”

" As you wish my sexy witch.” My face felt, panic racing into my mind and I ran towards them they were gone before I could take a full step. Pain ripped through me. She didn't just reject me, she left me, for some evil demon. My wolf's rage and pain swallowed me, adding to my own. My knees hitting the pavement as I howled in pain filled rage. That demon had stolen our mate, turned her against us. I was going to find him, and kill him.

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