Dream Walker

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Chapter 14 Consequences

Brent's POV

Alec was driving his broken car back to his home and I'd ridden along with him. He looked even more broken than when he'd left that morning. I honestly couldn't blame him at this point, I'd just run off his sister's last hope of waking up. He said nothing, I was Alpha, he even knew why I was so against the demon entering the land.

My mother had been killed by a Demon and witch that had broken into pack lands trying to steal a pup for some spell. Our pack was not the first to be struck by such a thing, something about shifter blood helped power some of the darker spells. The fact my mate was tied to one was unthinkable, how cruel fate was to put another of those Monsters in the way.

David, my mates Father had been visiting talking to my own Father about an alliance later on for his own daughter's sake. Something about her witch trials being risky and him worrying a normal father reaction though it was odd for witches to seek alliances with anyone it wasn't unheard of when the demon showed up. My mother worked at the nursery with the newborn pups while the parents trained or worked and the demon had gone right for her.

She had been able to protect almost all of the children, two had gotten hurt during the fighting but all had survived and none taken. Tree of the other workers died, only two had been left nearly dead when David, the pack, and my Father arrived. It had been David to not only stop the demon but seal it. How none of us knew, from the stories my father told of that day David had blasted the demon with a spell, distracting it and shouted for my father and everyone else to get the children and go.

As the wolves got the pups out, David had continued to fight the demon the fight escalating until the point the building exploded, and still, they fought until somehow David got the better hand. No one had ever seen how, but when the dust settled and my father went into the chaos of what was left of what he could only describe as a war zone. David had been sitting next to a bloody mass of what was left of the demon, still smoking and smelling of burnt sulfur.

Alec stopped the car pulling me from my memories and looking over the simple single story home made me sad, the flower beds were ignored, the lawn was only mowed because the rest of the pack took turns helping to tend it for Alec. " We'll get her back and have her save Alice. Don't give up Alec."

My childhood friend gave me a weak smile and climbed from the car. I followed soon after and pulled my phone from my pocket, watching as Alec walked into the house. When he was out of sight and hearing distance I called David walking down the street towards my own home. After the second ring, his tone was cheerful.

" Hey Brent, so did Sarah find out anything yet?" I growled low.

" You didn't tell me your daughter belonged to a demon or is this news to you too?" I heard a little surprise in his voice.

" She brought him with her?" My temper snapped.

" You knew she was with some evil monster and you are okay with it!? What the hell kind of father are you? You've fought demons before why would you give your own child to one!?"

I heard a long sigh. " Leo's not like the demon that attacked your pack Brent He-" I cut him off.

" She's My Mate! How dare you give her to some evil demon, they are all the same! There is no difference, they are evil you above all should know that!" Silence answered me until I thought he had hung up.

" David!? Say something" I heard a long deep breath taken.

"The only reason I was able to stop that demon that tried to steal your pack's children was because of Leo. Leo has been training my family for years on how to kill demons."

I stopped walking, shock on my face. " What the hell do you mean he's been teaching you how to kill Demons?"

David's voice sounded mildly amused. " Leo has been teaching and protecting my family for the past four hundred or so years on how to combat demons and any other bad thing that crosses our path. He is one of the most powerful demons you will ever meet and as he was raised with nearly Human values and as human an upbringing as possible he is literally the best man I've ever met."

To say I was shocked was putting it mildly, to say I believed him, that was harder. " You have to be under some sort of spell, demons are evil."

David laughed. " Not all of them. At least one of them has a good heart. He's not a full-blooded demon anyway so perhaps that's why he actually turned out to be a good person. But as for Sarah being your mate... I want to say congratulations... But I've already seen Leo with Sarah and they have already formed a bond between them."

My heart sank. " That doesn't mean you don't have a shot, Brent. I never would have pictured you and Sarah together though, she's a lot tougher then most give her credit for, though she'd make one hell of a Luna I honestly don't know if you could get her to love you."

That didn't make me feel any better. " Why the hell not?" Hearing David laugh had me growling.

" Look Brent she's so strong-willed, totally dominant in her own way that having any man tell her what to do will only piss her off. She's already an Alpha witch, who now has the power of a demon and she's not even fully awakened yet. She can take me down in mock battle and I haven't held back in years, She will literally be the most powerful witch walking this Earth after her awakening. You can't treat her like you would some wolf girl, she will not only reject you she will kick your nuts so far up into your body you will choke on them."

As I listened to David I felt pride swell inside for my mate, my desire for her only growing, She would be the best mate. " But you've got Leo now in the mix. The agreement for them was for three years, minimum they may decide to make it life long, with Leo's reaction to her I know he would."

I was growling again. " The thing is right now the bond isn't full, it's a partial bond, they haven't had sex, not from what I saw if they do that and finish the binding they will literally be like one soul in two bodies."

A burning started around my mouth, I knew what that was, even without the mate bond finishing once you found your mate if either of them touched someone other then their mate the other party felt it. Sarah was kissing someone, seeing how Leo had been around her it had to be him. As the burning moved to other parts of my body pain ripped my heart apart. " So it's stronger than a Mate bond?"

I heard David sigh, the burning growing worse until my skin was on fire. My wolf was howling in pain in my head. "Yes, it's stronger." I felt like my heart died. " But you aren't the first shifter to deal with this. The last wolf ended up mated to both his witch partner and her Demon. The witch didn't meet her mate until she'd fully bonded to her demon, the shifter found with their souls linked he was tied to both."

The thought of being mated to a demon made me feel even worse until it was if I had been sliced in two. The phone crashed into the ground moments before I did. She was having sex with him, my Mate was having sex with that demon and she was enjoying it. I heard members of my pack running to me before thank the Goddess I blacked out.

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