Dream Walker

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Chapter 15 New Heights

I was tied to Leo’s bed with black silk ties, my mouth gagged and him staring at me as if I was a brand new toy. He was kneeling between my legs his hands slowly running up and down the inside of my thighs. ” So many pleasure to show you, where should we start... Hmm, you already enjoy a bit of pleasure with your pain how about we start with some toys?”

I tried to speak around the gag but my words were so distorted I couldn’t even guess what came out of my mouth. I started to struggle pulling at the silk ties at my wrists but they only pulled back until I couldn’t move my arms at all making it almost painful, the whimpering sound I made had Leo smirking.

" Now now, no fighting the bindings little witch, they will only fight back and they will win. I won’t hurt you... much.” He moved up and kissed the Star that bound us and the strong pulse of magic that shot through me pulled a low moan from deep within me and I heard a matching one from Leo.

I looked at him and his eyes were slightly dazed, and he was panting slightly. ” I can feel everything you feel.” His voice was breathless.

" I wonder how much you can feel.” He leaned back and wrapped his hand around his cock squeezing at the base and slowly pulled upwards while he watched me. I didn’t know what he meant until he touched himself. It was as if someone had taken my clit in their fingers and slowly pulled towards the tip, but it felt so much longer and I couldn’t stop my head from falling back and a shudder rocking my entire body.

“Oh, this is indeed going to be fun.” His voice sounded so wicked, so heavy with desire. It finally clicked in my head, every physical sensation he was feeling I could feel, everything he did to me he could feel and as far as I knew it wasn’t diluted at all.

I shuddered at the sound of his voice a small groan slipping out of me though slightly muffled by the gag, his words at all not helping me to calm down in any way. We were both so turned on. " Yes. Toys, I've always wanted to know how a woman feels when some of these are used on her, Now I get to find out."

One more tie slithered up over the edge of the bed and over my eyes. I complained against the gag in my mouth as i was blindfolded fully, only sound, smell, and my sense of touch were left to me now and Leo only leaned over me. " Shh I'll make sure you only enjoy yourself, my Sexy little witch. Trust me."

I felt Leo leave the bed and panic set in a little, sure he wouldn't hurt me, but I had no idea if he liked the feeling of pain, what his limits were, his idea's of pleasure, and I just now started to worry. Note to self, before having sex with anyone, ask this shit so you don't end up tied up, gagged, and unable to stop someone from doing anything they want with you!

I felt the lightest sensation roaming over the inside of my right forearm starting at my wrist below the binding and slowly moving down the center towards my elbow. I didn't move at first trying to figure out what he was touching me with, the object was too solid to be a feather, to thick, so I focused on our bond, on the feeling of what might be in his hand, the touch was distracting but the only feeling from Leo was something solid in his fingers.

The touch continued past my elbow towards my upper arm, then around my armpit to my chest. It almost tickled to be caressed like this, but it was so very sensual as well, drawing all my nerve endings to focus on that one feeling. As the touch moved over my chest he continued to tease me with it, tracing the line of my collar bone then back across before the touch moved up along the line of my throat to stop just below my ear.

My neck was my weakest point and I shuddered, he moved the touch up and down my throat a few times until I thought I was going to go crazy. I hadn't even noticed my entire body had started to squirm. I felt his breath against my throat before his words whispered in my ear. " You are so very responsive, even your nipples are reacting to your neck being played with."

The touch moved down along my throat once more over my collar bone and the rise of my breast until the tip of whatever was in his hand grazed over my partly hardened nipple. I felt the tightening of that nipple as he began to tease it, rolling that object over it, not just once, but over and over, every third pass he'd take the object and slowly trace my areola with it, before sending another pass over my nipple.

My body was more than happy to fully respond to what he was doing to me, soft sounds escaped me as I squirmed for him. Leo could feel everything he was doing to me, he could feel the need building inside me, yet he tortured us both. My insides clenched every time he ran that object over my hard nipple. I heard him take a breath and shuddered it out.

" So sensitive." I felt his lips press to my throat kissing my flesh before he backed away. The touch of the object didn't leave however, he moved it to the other nipple. " Can't neglect any part of my little witch now can we?"

Leo took his time, repeating the same sensual act to the second nipple as he had the first, the folds of my vagina were soaking wet by the time that object left, both my nipples were so hard they ached for more and my body burned inside. I'd never had a man take his time to tease me in any way close to this. The object moved lower slowly creating a winding trail down my body towards my belly button.

I could feel the anticipation building in my body, wanting to know where he was planning to use that object when he reached between my legs. The hope building that soon I would feel the thick hardness of him pushing into my body to fill the aching core of my body to ease the need he was causing in me.

As the tip of the object rose over the mound of my vagina his tongue flicked over a nipple surprising me in such a way my body jerked, and a gasp was ripped from me. My own movements had pushed the object to the hood of my sex. The smooth rounded object as I could now feel rested in that curve, " Bad girl."

I wanted to see what it was, needed to see, he stroked that object along the outer lips of my sex so slowly it was almost painful. My body could not remain still, trying to desperately to feel more pressure from the toy he was using on me, the desire to see what it was, to know grew and the mark on my chest pulsed with my need.

The outline of shapes formed behind my eyelids, as if the lights in a room were slowly being lit, it took me a few seconds to realize I could see myself, my body on the bed. The black ties were such a contrast to my skin, I could see the mark on my chest glowing softly, and my sight traveled down to Leo's hand, to what he held. It was a slender metal Dildo. I watched as he pressed the tip between the folds, and felt it inside my own body. " That's it my little witch.."

His voice was so much lower than normal, I could see the thick length of his penis hard as a rock, standing fully at attention against his belly, and I felt him chuckle. " Enjoying the show? I know I am."

I realized then he knew I was seeing through his eyes. " How about we stop thinking for a bit hmm?"

As he was sliding the dildo up and down along the soaking wet folds he shifted it until he could slide the dildo inside of me with one smooth stroke until he could literally go no further, rubbing the tip of that dildo against my cervix. It worked, every thought in my head vanished, our connection broken as my body was overwhelmed by the feeling. The bed moved until I felt the weight of his body between my legs. " You undo all my control Deva."

The dildo slid out of me and the cool metal was replaced by the much thicker, hot mass of his cock. He pushed all the way inside just as he had with the dildo, not stopping until he pushed against the deepest wall inside me. I cried out against the gag in my mouth, the gag slid away from my mouth moments later. " Scream for me, my little witch."

Leo lifted my hips with his hands, the strength in them causing me to shutter. The ties moved to pull my legs up off the bed, then up until I was nearly bent in half, I felt his chest brushing against the inside of my thighs. " Don't hold back, don't resist."

His voice stirred in my mind but not soon enough to register before he pulled out to the tip and slammed back inside of me. Leo didn't stop there, he fucked me, hard, fast, so deep that every thrust crashed against my cervix but I did what he wanted, not of my own will but because it felt so damned good. I screamed for him, Hardly having air in my lungs by the time he pulled out of me only to fill me fully only a second or two later.

Each deep thrust ripped a cry from my throat, I don't know when the first orgasm ripped through me, I only know it didn't stop, it kept building, increasing, with each and every one of his thrusts until he pushed deeper than ever, the tip of him almost folding against my insides. Warmth filled me and he rolled his hips against me, his cock rubbing against my inside walls as Leo spilled himself inside of me.

The ties lowered my legs slowly before all of them slide away from my body. I lay there spent, full as both of us panted. I opened my eyes to look at Leo. His hair was a mess around his face, his body glowed with sweat while his chest rose and fell as he was catching his own breath. I had never felt closer to anyone at that moment. Not just because he was still inside me, but he looked up into my eyes and that connection was just there.

He pulled himself form me, my body shuddering as I was still so sensative and Leo chuckled softly, laying beside me to pull me in his arms. " We still have so much more to play with, but that was a good start. "

He tilted my chin up and leaned in to kiss me softly. " My Deva."

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