Dream Walker

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Chapter 16 Sorry?

Brent's POV

I woke in the pack Doc's office. I knew where I was before my eyes even opened because of the chemical smell, and the smell of the Doctor who was currently rather worried. When I opened my eyes and sat up, he and my Second in command were hoving in seconds.

" Alpha?! How are you feeling, can you tell me wha-" I cut off the doctor off with an angry growl and rubbed my hands over my face.

" My Mate was having sex." Was my short reply. Both of them stiffened, the pitting looks started next making me growl once more and much more angry.

" Knock off the looks." The Doctor crouched.

" Forgive me Alpha." My second however let the angry part of his opinion out.

" How dare she, after meeting her mate, what a Slu-" I was out of the bed and crushing his throat in my hand before he could even finish that word, growling low in my throat.

" Speak of her again that way and I'll rip your throat out." My wolf was so angry. She was ours, no one was allowed to insult her. " She isn't a wolf, she won't feel it like I do. She likely doesn't even know what it means."

I didn't know why I was defending her when she's just ripped my heart out, but my wolf did and I let him. " Our Mate will come to know us and will be with us once I can show her what our Mate bond can really be. So you will not speak ill of your soon to be Luna."

I felt my second nodding against my hold even as he was gasping for air. " Yes.. alpha." I dropped him. " Find me my phone, I need to talk to my Mate."

Sarah's POV

I don't know how long we laid there, I was too happily curled into Leo's arms, but at some point, I heard my phone ringing. At my soft groan, I felt Leo chuckle. The ringing got louder as I assumed Leo summoned the phone to him. How he used so much magic with no visible effort was still a surprise to me. " It's not a known number. "

I opened an eye to glance at the number frowning before I answered. " Hello?"

I could hear a deep breath being taken, something odd stirring in the back of my mind before the low voice on the phone caused my body to react as if a loving hand traced down my spine. " Sarah."

It wasn't a question, he knew by just the one word exactly who I was and I knew who he was. " Wolf."

I wasn't sure why I didn't want to use his name, I knew what it was as if I could forget. But Leo was next to me, his sperm still inside me, the ache from how he'd pleasured my body still throbbing gently throughout me. I heard Brent take a slow breath before releasing it.

" Hear me out... ..... ...please." From the long delay, I knew that please had to be hard for him. I looked up at Leo but he only gave me a smile and kissed my forehead silently, once again letting me make all the choices myself.

" Alright." I took Leo's hand in my free one, his fingers linking with mine.

" When a shifter sees his or her mate for the first time the animal side goes nearly out of control with the desire to claim the mate they have been searching for. It's not much of an excuse but I should have never scared you." I frowned.

" I wasn't scared of you, You insulted Leo, threatened him. He's mine." I heard an intake of breath, and a few seconds of silence before brent answered.

" I spoke with your father about him, So I understand a bit more about him now and your... relationship." I found myself caught off guard. He'd called my dad and asked about me? how well did Brent know my dad?

" And?" I wasn't planning to make this easy for the wolf.

" I.." he stopped for a moment. " I will allow..Leo." Oh, form his tone that had to hurt to actually use Leo's name. Damn, he was trying hard. " Onto our lands, but I still have a condition to that. He has to take a blood oath not to harm my pack while here."

Before I could even look at Leo to see what he thought he spoke up. " The bargain for that oath will have to be far more specific than just no harm to your pack, But it's something we can discuss."

I heard the shift in Brent's voice a mix of hurt, a mix of anger he was clearly trying to fight back. " I am not going to give you permission to hurt my pack D..Leo."

I smiled as he corrected himself and used Leo's name. He really was trying. Leo responded and Honestly, I was fine just listening to them talk. They both had sexy voices. " And if one of them hurts Sarah? If some random female of your pack decides she doesn't want Sarah for a Luna before you mark her as your mate before you claim her? No. I won't limit my abilities to Protect Sarah in any way. "

Before I could agree with Leo, Brent replied. " You have a point." Oooo he did not sound happy with that. " When you all return we can discuss it all in person."

Leo looked at me. "I agree."

I didn't respond right away. Leo was giving me all the choices again and I realized he always did this, he left the choice to me, gave me my free will without question and supported me fully. " If we return."

Brent didn't respond at first, I wanted to see exactly to see what he would do, I knew I was testing him. "Please.. Please return when you are ready Sarah. Alice needs your help..."

Brent trailed off. He didn't add the added weight of his needs, but even hearing his voice I knew that with how my body responded his desires was likely worse. " Please, when your ready Sarah come back. That's all I'll ask of you."

I still looked at Leo while I listened to Brent. " I'll keep the deal my father made. Tomorrow Leo and I will come back to the border of your lands where we left today. If you'll meet us there at noon we can discuss the conditions."

I heard Brent let out a long slow breath. " Thank you. Sweet dreams Sarah."

"Goodnight Alpha." I kept the distance in my voice as I hung up. Leo leaned in to Kiss me.

" I know." It was all Leo said and just left it alone. I felt tears fill my eyes. Leo was what I needed most, knew me, felt more of what was in me than anything else was. My arms curled around his body and held him tight as he held me.

"You give me more than you know my little witch. Never doubt that." He kissed the top of my head and just held me while I went to sleep.

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