Dream Walker

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chapter 17 Morning After

I woke up curled against Leo. Today we had to go back and see the wolf shifters. I lay there thinking about the situation, what Leo had told me about shifters. I hated the fact that some Goddess had decided we were a perfect fit, that I was destined to belong to this other person I didn't even know.

Fate is awesome and all that but what about free will? Why was this desire for a random person we didn't know forced on us? What about with Leo? Was that some other trick of the gods? Some twist of Fate? Did I have no choices at all?

I must have been thinking too hard because Leo had woken up and I missed it. I felt his lips pressed to my forehead and I looked up at him. " Tell me little witch?"

I sighed and curled in tighter." Do Demons have such thing as fated mates also? Is this all controlled by some god or goddess?"

Leo chuckled. " No little witch, though you witches have a Goddess normally if not God you pray to depends on your powers, I've never heard of them playing matchmaker, however."

I nodded. "They tend to stay out of things until they are prayed too, and even then it's rare to be given a perfect match... what about how our magic mixes?"

His hand smoothed over my spine. " Witches and demons have powers and energy that can feed off each other and compliment each other. If they have the right..." He trailed off a moment. "Chemistry it can be fantastic."

His touch was sending little sparks of energy up and down my spine and I could not help but smile." I can understand the last part..."

He must have understood or guessed what was going on in my head so he stopped touching me even moved away for a moment so we were not touching. I felt utterly alone when he did.

" I'd met you as a child, watched you now and again from a distance, but not over the last ten years. When I asked your father for a photo to find you on campus I was instantly attracted by your beauty. Your power is a draw to me, I can't and won't deny it, but you are one hell of a sexy woman. Then there is that strong will, the independent streak, and then when you are here alone with me you give me so much trust. "

I was blushing bright red by the time he was done. "I thought you were hot before you touched me..." Yep, my ears were super red.

Leo's hand caressed my cheek lightly. " Do you doubt this still? Us?"

I didn't answer right away, I actually thought about it. "No I don't doubt this, us, or you. I trust you more than I've trusted anyone. I just.."

I blew out a breath. " Trying to figure out what all this is. Us."

Leo laughed at me, a loud rumble of a chuckle that rocked his whole body. I punched his stomach lightly which only made his laughter worse. When I turned to get out of bed he snaked an arm around my middle section and dragged me back up against him. " Now now, None of that yet. I'm laughing because you have no need to even bother to classify us. You are mine, I am yours, no rules, just the fact we belong to each other."

I turned over and looked at me. " No Rules?"

Leo smirked at me. " None, well... don't bring strays home and fuck them in our bed. This is our home, we only bring back people we both want to be here. You agree?"

I nodded. " I like that. Umm where is my stuff anyway?" Leo chuckled.

" Just down the hall on the other side. Set up the very same way it was in your home.. well with more space. We can change or replace anything you like. When do you want to leave anyway to see the puppy?"

I groaned. " never?"

He laughed." How about in two hours? I'll even be nice enough to call the pup?"

I nodded. "That sounds good...." I climbed out of bed this time he let me.

" Leo... " I paused and turned around."Thank you for everything."

" You never have to thank me Deva."

I smiled at him and headed out to my room.

Two hours later Leo and I were outside of the pack lines waiting on Brent. He was late, by ten minutes now. Leo was relaxed, while I was getting rather cranky.

" What the hell. You did say we'd be here right?" My tone was clearly pissed. I didn't like the anticipation of it all. The odder part is no one seemed to be at the gate to even speak to us. Hell it had a freeken sign saying out to lunch.

We sat there another ten minutes and Leo sighed. " You know no shifter pack leaves the front gates unattended of their teritory, not for this long. They would have atleast one scout pass by, and there is nothing within two miles of this gate."

I turned around and looked at him. " And When the wind shifted a few moments ago I smelled blood."

My eyes went wide. " You think they are under attack?"

Leo nodded. " Is or were. Something is wrong." He was still lounging on the grass, however.

I looked over to the boarder. " You think if they need help they will still be pissed if we crash the party?"

Leo smirked. " Maybe." He got up from the ground dusting off his black jeans.

" Lets have some fun shall we?"

" Yeah." I rolled up my sleeves. " Lets go."

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