Dream Walker

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Chapter 18 A Little Earth Magic

We walked into Brent's Territory, we didn't rush or run, most people would think it was odd likely with the way we strolled. Leo looked even more comfortable than I was as if it was a stroll through the park. I was a bit more aware, more worried, but then again, Leo was old as dirt and I was a kid not used to walking into fights.

After the first mile, it was if nothing lived nearby. So quite it was creepy. Leo was just smiling to himself, part of wondered if he was going to break out whistling with the grin on his face making it seem as if he was just happy. We didn't talk however and when the second mile was coming to an end I started to hear it. Growling, fighting, roars of pain, and even I could smell the coppery scent of blood.

Leo took up pace closer beside me, but he was still smiling, I had gotten over the creepy feeling that gave me a while ago. Sort of made logical sense in my head that a Demon older than dirt probably thought a fight would be fun. Two wolves broke out of the tree's to the left of us, One chasing the other. " Don't kill anyone, we don't know who's good or bad."

I shouted out the warning to Leo even as I was about to throw up a shield, Leo flicked his wrist and both wolves hit the ground as vines burst from the earth and tied them down from muzzle to tail. I lifted a brow and looked over towards him. " You don't even need me do you?"

Leo chuckled. "You can cheer me on."

I punched him lightly on the shoulder, and I know the only reason it connected was because he allowed it."I'm joking my little witch. I can only handle up to two spells at a time, though that one will stay in place awhile, I am your guard, and the second set of eyes, if I happen to take them down harmlessly first no big loss right?"

I nodded. " You've got a point. And the vines were a good call, I'll have to steal your idea."

We left those wolves and followed the signs of fighting. Every wolf that could move we started to tie down with more vines, I unlike Leo, however, had to state my spell. Leo took the right side, and I took the left until we walked right into the middle of a full-fledged battle. I stared wide-eyed a moment at all of the wolves that were fighting and one or two people in human form with swords. I looked to Leo who gave a low whistle. " How about you take this one?"

I glanced at him shocked only to see him smirk. " Tap into the mark, draw more magic from me and I'll recite with you, but the magic will all flow through you."

I nodded and knelt towards the ground, this time with this many targets I needed close contact with the earth. I dug my hands down into the grass, further until the cool dirt wrapped around my fingertips. The spell flowed off my lips, as I focused on the mark on my chest it pulsed along with my magic. Mother earth granted our request and vines shot out all over the field trapping everything that moved and then it went even beyond, I could feel the vines growing up from the Earth through all of the shifter territory and anything outside was instantly captured.

When the spell finished I sat on the ground because I was seriously light headed and dizzy from the amount of power that had rushed through me. I had no idea I could pull that much from Leo if I needed it. Leo stood next to me just smiling. " Well done. "

I gave him a thumbs up as I continued to just sit there, Leo called out loudly. " We are looking for the Alpha Brent! If you are he or know where he is please make a sound and we will head over. "

For some reason, I actually ended up snickering softly. I really shouldn't find it funny, but I did. I had likely over thirty shifters tied to the ground using earth elemental magic, and Leo was asking them to make sounds. One of the wolves managed to get his muzzle free and barked in a really angry tone. Leo tapped into my Magic, I could feel the pull through the mark and he released the vines on that wolf.

The wolf stood there a moment watching us both and started to shift. I watched as an animal turned into a man, turned into Brent.

" Ah! Good just the shifter we were looking for!" Leo called out in a really to cheery voice.

Brent was bleeding from a few wounds on his body, bites on his legs, shoulder, and chest, one far too high on his neck for my comfort. He looked pissed, like really pissed however when he came closer, but Damn, even bleeding the man was just WOW to look at. He was built like a brick house, and it was all of him. If he was a grower, he still was putting on a damned good show while not turned on.

For a moment I forgot how many wolves were around that had superhuman senses, or that Leo could feel that I was actually being affected by seeing Brent naked. Brent paused midstep when the breeze passed over me and headed his direction, and his posture changed slightly, his shoulders squaring even more, and the anger on his face had an almost hungry look to it when he continued to approach us. By the time he reached us I had a dull ache between my legs, the urge to kiss him, the urge to run my hands all over him, and the urge to clean him up and tend to him. I did none of that, instead, I said, " You were late."

Apparently, that's not what he expected me to say because he ended up blinking at me a moment before bursting out with a laugh. Just one as he shook his head.

"She is right you know." Leo added. " Then when I told her something was off she wanted to come help."

Brent studied me while Leo spoke. " I don't know if I should be mad at you, a witch for interfering in pack business, or glad because my Mate came to save my pack."

It was as if the whole group of wolves stilled behind him, some had been tugging or fighting at the vines, but now, no one moved. It annoyed me a little. " I'd say don't look a gift horse in the mouth and be grateful. Leo Can release your wolves if you show him which ones are yours. Then you can do what you want with the others."

I laid back on the grass closing my eyes, shifting as to keep my fingers deep in the ground." I'll wait here until you get done."

I wasn't going to tell anyone that maintaining the spell was a bit harder than casting it, some of the wolves were back to fighting the vines, and though I was still tapped into Leo maintaining all of them took concentration.

" I'd be happy to help." Leo's voice piped up, still a bit too cheerful. Brent growled softly.

" We still need to talk about ground rules." Leo chuckled.

" Of course Alpha." Oh yeah, the last word held a world of sarcasm.

" Leo be nice please, Brent, don't try to hurt him. Please." I let the boys wander off as I fought to keep the spell in place. Praying they didn't take to long, I wasn't going to be able to hold this forever.

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