Dream Walker

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Chapter 19 Taste

It took the boys nearly two hours to release all the good guys, and capture all the bad they kept alive. The leader of the Bad guys they killed, and his second in command, and his third. Some that wished to submit and go willingly to Brents cells were allowed to, most of them put into chains spelled specifically to hold a shifter. Likely a gift from my dad. By the time the boys got done I was too worn out to move. Leo helped pull my hands form the Earth on the ground crossing my arms over my middle section as I dozed in and out of consciousness and explained to Brent why I wasn't moving on my own.

" Think of it like just working out for about 10 hours straight, she's alive, fine, just worn out beyond what she can handle. The Spell was a big one and one that had to be maintained for a rather extended period of time." Leo was actually polite when he explained, which surprised me a little.

Brent's voice still held a bit of worry. " You didn't know she was getting to this state?"

I felt Leo shrug as he picked me up carefully from the ground. " I could feel it, which is why I kept moving you along as fast as possible, You just had to be a slowpoke today."

Brent growled at Leo. " You should have said something to me!"

I could almost feel Leo's eye roll and smirk. " Look Pup I don't answer to you or anyone. I'm nice to you because it makes my little witch happy, and when it doesn't make her happy anymore I won't be."

My eyes were closed while Leo held me, I could feel him pushing energy into my body, not a lot but enough to keep me from fully passing out cold. Brent, however, did not respond well form the fact his growl got angrier. "She should be protected and kept from harm! I would never let her risk herself like that!"

Leo laughed. " And that's why you won't do for her. She is a warrior, a fighter, Strong enough to stand on her own and face anything she wants. I stand beside her and fight with her, help her do what she wants. I do not stand in front of her blocking her from harm or from the path she chooses to take."

The growling stopped but Leo didn't. " That's the issue with you shifters letting the animal side take over to much, you let it rule your emotions. I want her safe, happy, but I use my head to know she would never be happy sitting at home, or standing behind while I did everything for her. She has enough strength and power on her own to rule, She doesn't need me, she doesn't need you but she picked to share her life with me. Your choices will decide if she picks you or rejects you."

My head was resting against Leo's chest as he was carrying me, I didn't really care where. I had listened to all of it, not once had I thought about commenting. I was awake, aware enough to understand it all and Leo was honestly right. Brent's reaction alone was making my choice to avoid being Brent's mate at all costs the right one. I wanted to fight, to face the danger that came at me and mine head on. I shifted my arm slightly until the fingers of my arm crossed over my body closest to him reached for his chest and curled gently against him under his shirt tugging it gently. A light smile curled my lips, my eyes never opening, Leo shifted me in his arms lifting me to place a kiss on my forehead. " Sleep."

Darkness swallowed me fully.

When I woke up I was surrounded by fur blankets, it was so fuzzy I only curled deeper into it, letting the silky soft fur caress my skin. It took me a moment to register that I was naked under the fur covers. That thought startled me and had me jerked up from the bed keeping the blankets close. I could smell brent on the furs, my clothes weren't in the room and had me frowning, the door was open and low music played. Oddly enough it was classical music.

I slid from the bed taking the fur blanket with me wrapping it around me as a long gown clutched at my chest while the rest dragged behind me. I followed the sound of Music downstairs and to a living room area, Leo was sprawled out on a worn leather couch book in hand reading while Brent looked asleep in a chair near him.

It was the sight of Leo only in a pair of black jeans that caught my attention first. He was Heaven to look at and pure sin. The washboard abs and every inch of his skin pulled tight over the lean yet powerful muscle. Brent's blue jean-clad leg shifted sliding further out and I looked over his feet were bare and while he was wearing a dark green shirt it was a button up shirt that wasn't buttoned at all. His black hair was cut short close to his head on the sides in a military cut, and the rest was braided into a long tail along the top of his head, down the back of his neck, and fell over his left shoulder. His chest rose and fell with each slow breath he took while he slept, his head laying back on the chair and turned to the side exposing the long line of his neck. My teeth actually hurt from the urge to walk over there and mark that thick throat. It was Leo's soft chuckle that had my head turning back to him.

Leo was smirking at me, watching my reaction to eating up brent with my eyes. Leo jerked his head towards brent and licked his lips before wiggling his eyebrows. My face burst into a flaming blush as I frowned at him walking towards him I hit him lightly on his shoulder. He chuckled more setting the book on the floor next to him before he jerked me down on top of him. I managed to squash any sound I would have made besides the movement itself. The blanket was between us though my hold on to the top half loosened as I caught myself the fabric kept my bare breasts form his chest.

" Shh, we don't want to wake the puppy now do we?" Leo's tone was low and husky his hands sliding down my back, pushing the blanket lower so the top of my ass was exposed.

"Leo!" I hissed softly right towards his face.

He chuckled softly both of his hands dipped under the blanket to grab my ass lifting the full orbs up and parting them. I knew the blanket was hiding the flesh he had exposed but I wasn't exactly used to fur tickling that part of me either."Do you want him if he wakes?"

His question surprised me and it must have sown on my face clearly enough. He grinned at me and it was purely wicked."I did mention I've been around awhile, I don't mind sharing you if it's something you want, remember we feel each other's pleasure to an extent."

The blush on my face got worse, I didn't reply, honestly because I had no answer for him. Brent was hot, my body was drawn to him without any logical reason. The fact he claimed I was his mate, the attraction Leo warned me about was the only thing that made sense. But was it worth the risk? Did I want some mystical tie to another Man when I already had Leo? Was this a test form Leo? A test to see if I would pick him regardless? The thoughts flew through my head as he gently massaged my ass, the action was a distraction but not enough. I was laying on Leo's body feeling the warmth of him, feeling the mark between us that tied so much together.

"My wicked little witch. " He leaned in and kissed me softly. "If you want him, have him, but I get to be part of it."

I took his kiss without hesitation and as he spoke against my lips I was left blinking at him. "Part of it?"

Leo shifted me on him until my pelvis was pressed to his, his mouth moving to my ear while he rubbed me against the growing erection still trapped in his pants. "I could be your ropes while the big bad wolf gets his first taste of you."

He mouth fell open slightly as that image filled my head. Being held captive by Leo while Brent literally licked my skin all over, I felt a sharp pain of desire twist inside me and Leo's wicked smile was back. " You like that idea."

The hands that had been massaging my ass moved lower until the tips of his fingers pulled apart the puffy lips of my damp sex. " I can feel it, the throbbing inside you."

I rough growl came from behind us and my head turned quickly to see Brent awake, aware, his eyes more gold then green meaning his wolf was more in charge then he was. " I smell it."

Brent pushed up from the chair and my heart skipped a beat. "You want that? My tongue tasting you?" Leo pushed his knees between mine forcing my legs apart but my dripping core was still hidden by the blanket.

I licked my lips trying to think of what to say when Brent reached us his hand gripped the blanket just below my ass, not touching me at all. "Answer me."

I shuddered and gave a small nod as my hands curled against Leo's chest, my heart was hammering in my chest. I whispered out."Yes."

Brent growled and ripped the blanket away from my body so he could see where Leo's hands were. I stopped breathing when his eyes looked down at my ass, Leo's fingers had my pulled open, exposed, his knees forcing my legs open. The light in Brents' eyes grew a bright golden color until no green was left his body tensing as he was fighting his own reaction to seeing Leo touching me like that. He stayed that way for a few moments until a small amount of green was back in his eyes only then did he drop to his knees and lean into us. Brent's hand gripped my thigh just below my ass, his thumbs pressing just under Leo's fingers, spreading me wider so he could draw his tongue across my entire core.

I jerked against Leo's body and he let his hands slide up along my body to wrap around my chest and hold me still. His eyes watching mine, his own starting to glow. I couldn't see Brent anymore as he started to taste the most intimate part of me, his tongue slowly licking from my clit until it passed over the entrance of my body. He did it over and over until all I could do was shudder and squirm against the Hold Leo had on me, and the Hold of brent's hands on my thighs. Finally, his tongue was shoved inside of me when I least expected it and I orgasmed with a cry.

Brent growled against me, licking up every last drop before he moved up putting one leg against Leo's and my own, his hand stroking over my pussy while he leaned over my body until he could look at my face. I had turned my head and laid my cheek on Leo's chest while I caught my breath. " More."

I shuddered at the growled out word from Brent's lips and blinked my eyes open to look at his face bare of any hair was glistening from the juices he's been licking up from me. I licked my lips his growl growing deeper while he leaned in and licked my lips. " More."

I nodded and licked his lips back, a small flick of my tongue. " Yes, more."

I hardly finished the first word before two of his fingers plunged inside me, ripping a gasp from me that Brent swallowed into his mouth as he kissed me for the first time as if he was about to eat me. Leo was rock hard under me and let go of me so he could start to slide up and out from under me. By the time Brent pulled back from the kiss Leo was sitting under me his lap just below my face. Brent looked at Leo a moment. "Share."

Brent growled at Leo when he spoke but he did. Bent moved back behind me again and Leo took my face in his hands pulling me up to look at him. " Lick those pretty lips, my wicked witch, Now I'm the one that needs tasting."

My insides clenched. Leo wanted to be inside my mouth while Brent did whatever he wanted. I'd never imaged I'd be between two men like that but god damn it was hot. Brent's fingers twisted inside of me, pumping in and out of me slowly and he forced a third finger inside as I just nodded in Leo's grasp. "Yes."

Best night ever.

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