Dream Walker

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Chapter 20 Mirror

Brent worked his three fingers inside of me, forcing them apart slowly every time he pulled out of me, stretching my walls open for him. The part of my brain that was still working honestly couldn't believe that this was happening, that Leo and Brent were actually sharing me, well Leo sure, Brent nope.

Leo was sitting up under me, his groin pressed against my cheek. " Take me out and taste me witchy woman."

His voice held a teasing note but a strength behind it that had me shuddering from more than just the fingers that were slowly invading and stretching my body. I lifted my head and shifting my weight so I was able to open his jeans and peel them down just enough that his rock hard penis sprang free bumping against my face as I did. I rolled my eyes up to watch Leo while my tongue slid out of my mouth and I traced just the tip of my wet flesh from the base of his penis all the way up to the tip. My lashes fluttered as I tasted the warm salty skin, feeling the soft mirror of his pleasure in my own body.

My insides clenched around Brents' fingers but Leo apparently was done with foreplay. I couldn't blame him, I felt the same way and just wanted to know what it was like to be impaled by the wolf behind me. Leo's fingers slide into my hair until he was all the way to the back of my head, twisting my hair up into his hold until I had no escape or pain would be my reward for fighting him. He pushed his cock against my lips, his voice strained. "Suck, no more teasing Sarah."

He pushed the tip harder against my lips with a thrust of his hips and I opened for him, sucking the thick head deep into my mouth until it bumped my throat. I moaned around his flesh the growl behind me distracted me from the full feeling of the man filling my mouth Brent's fingers left my body fully. I whimpered at the loss my insides aching to be filled and used, my whimper was rewarded when I felt Brent pressing his own rock hard shaft against me.

I couldn't have stopped my hips from squirming even if I had wanted to. He felt so large pressed up against my sex. Leo helped me to keep moving up and down on his penis while my brain was distracted. I'd never had two men at the same time and I was seriously not as good at multitasking as I thought I was. Brent, however, was happy to tease me, just rubbing himself up against me over and over while Leo slowly yet forcefully fucked my mouth.

I was still getting the overflow from my demon mark, so for me, it was if someone was sucking on my clit slowly, just a much larger and longer version of it. Leo's breathing became erratic. "Fuck her, please just fuck her.."

He was saying what I couldn't, he could feel my desire, how much I ached to just have Brent shove himself into me and fuck me until we all went mindless. I think it was the please or maybe my sound of agreement but Brent did what we wanted. His hands moved to my hips gripping tightly as the thick length of him slid up until the head pressed against my core. I moaned around Leo, even after three fingers inside me Brent felt huge but he didn't take it slow or let me get used to it, he waited until Leo was pushing my mouth back down to the very base of his shaft then Brent Shoved his cock into me until he hit the very end of me.

I choked a scream caught around the hard penis in my mouth, the other buried so deep, stretching me out it felt as if they would touch each other inside me. Both of them pulled back at the same time but they didn't keep the same pace, Leo pulled me off his cock long enough to catch my breath but Brent didn't stop. Brent began to pound into me tearing a cry each and every time he crashing up against my cervix, it hurt in such a way it felt like heaven.

Leo let me cry out while his penis stayed in front of my face harder than ever a pearl of precum forming on the head. His fingers twitched in my hair pulling back my head enough that he could meet my eyes. His eyes glowed so bright it was if the sun was behind them, we were both on the edge of orgasm and he had wanted me to see it. Brent never stopped, never let up, just continued to thrust all the way inside, I could hear the wet sounds of his flesh meeting mine, I could feel my own juices sliding down the inside of my thighs, the cries torn from my lips only growing louder as my body was thrown to the edge of my orgasm. Leo pushed himself inside my mouth again his head falling back as his orgasm struck.

I felt the waves of his Orgasm merge with mine, making it twice as strong. His sperm filled my mouth splashing against the back of my mouth while Brent Continued to fuck me. My vaginal walls clamped down tight around Brent pulling a growl from low in his body and he stopped the full thrusts and just kept himself buried deep trusting without pulling back faster, and faster, preventing my orgasm from ending until his own hit. Brent made a sound caught between a roar of a man and a howl as he shot his hot semen out inside of me. Leo's penis was still buried deep in my mouth muffling the scream I let out, choking on the sperm that was still in my mouth I had yet to swallow.

I must have blacked out for a few moments because the next thing I remember my head was laying on Leo's hip, his cock still semi hard was resting near my lips and Brent while still buried inside of me was laying across my back his face nestled against my hair while all three of us were learning how to breathe again.

I swallowed the last of the sperm that was still in my mouth before panting softly. Leo was the first to recover any sort of brain function because he chuckled. "Damn, now that was wild. "

I heard a light growl and felt it along my back from Brent. " Don't get used to it Demon."

I frowned a little but Leo spoke first. " You forgot the part I mentioned about every time you give her any sort of pleasure, pain, or emotions I feel it."

Brent moved his head until his chin rested on my shoulder and he could look up at Leo, I could see the frown on his lips. " You are serious about that?"

Leo laughed shaking all of us. " Yes. Ask her yourself. "

Brent shifted and looked at me, his eyes were a beautiful green, the first time I'd seen them fully green, his wolf nowhere in sight. "He said it goes both ways, that you can both feel pleasure felt by the other."

I blushed bright red, laying naked between both men, with Brent's penis still inside of me and Leo's right next to my face his question is what made me blush. " Yes..."

Brent still looked as if he didn't Beleive it, Leo apparently had a plan. " Sarah, close your eyes, Brent don't move just watch and feel her body from the inside."

Leo used my hair to move my head out of the way, and I did close my eyes for him. I felt the mark on my chest tingle slightly, my lips parting as I drew in a soft sigh. A feather-light touch moved slowly from the markdown along my chest and over the swell of my breast. I knew my body was pressed tightly against Leo's leg, that no one was actually touching me. This was Leo's feeling, I began to squirm slightly as the feeling of that feather ran around the areola of my left nipple. My pulse and my breathing picking up once more from the attention so soon after my body had just been on fire.

The next action was pure evil, Leo pinched his own nipple hard as he twisted it sending a mirrored jolt through my own body ripping a gasp from my lips. Brent growled softly pressing a kiss to my shoulder, I could feel him growing harder inside of me again. " It's true.."

I was about to open my eyes when Leo must have grabbed his own Penis firmly from the base and began to stroke himself. I moaned out in pleasure even as I shuttered. " Yes, she feels the mirror of what I feel, or as close to it as possible as we have differed bodies."

Brent shifted his weight up off of my back onto his forearms which caged me and Leo between them. " So if you fucked another woman?"

Leo's stroking didn't stop, I don't know why I was content to just let them talk, maybe because the magic between Leo and I had me speechless or because I just didn't have a brain left. Brent kept growing harder inside of me as my body reacted to what Leo was doing to himself. " She'd feel it, she'd know what it was like to push a penis inside a woman, though for her it's as if her clit has grown and that's what she would use."

Leo's voice was no longer steady, Brent slowly pulled himself out of me, I whimpered from the loss of the full feeling. He didn't leave me feeling that way long but shoved himself all the way inside of me to the very end and this time Leo cried out with me. I opened my eyes to find Leo had closed his own. "And you feel me fucking her as if I was fucking you?"

Leo licked his lips, forcing his eyes open. "Yes."

Brent stilled, he was still buried inside of me fully, still hard as he processed that bit of information. Leo didn't let him stew on it too much. " Why do you think you weren't in pain when I was touching her before? Why you only felt us have sex the one time? After the mark was made between us it's as if we are the same person."

I looked over to Brent over my shoulder, trying to see his reaction. He'd pulled his emotions in tightly under a Mask, not letting anything out. His eyes shifted to look down at me and he watched me as he pressed his penis further inside of me, rubbing it against my cervix causing both myself and Leo to shudder. I realized Leo wasn't holding back anymore with the bleed over he got from me, he was allowing Brent to see the full extent of what the mark Leo and I shared meant.

Both Leo and were waiting on Brent, letting him choose. When Brent slid out of me a pang of loss ripped through me. " I need to think."

He stood up and walked away from us stuffing himself back into the clothes he'd never fully taken off. I heard the sound of a door slamming a few minutes later, Leo's hand stroked my hair as silent tears streamed down my cheeks. " I know."

Leo pulled me up until he could hold me properly, curled up in his lap. Our desires were quickly forgotten as the loss of Brent actually caused me Physical pain and sadness and that bled over into Leo. "You are all I really need."

I felt Leo smile against my hair as he kissed it. " Maybe, but I'm not all you want, and you deserve everything."

His words brought on fresh tears. Why the hell did I have to have some mystical mate bond with someone? Why couldn't I have just been happy with Leo? Asshole gods and goddesses playing games with us mortals. A thought hit me and I looked up at Leo. " Wait are you mortal?"

Leo laughed at the sudden topic change. " Where did you mind go?"

I frowned a little. " Are you?"

I wasn't exactly keen on the idea of explaining it all to him. He sighed a little. " Not exactly. Demons can be banished or killed even, but it's really really really hard."

I blinked at him. " Sooo....?"

He laughed and kissed the tip of my nose. " You will live for as long as I do."

My eyes went wide and I blinked. "Wh..."

Leo laughed at the expression on my face, I could feel his joy over the moment pushing the sadness out of us both, and even pushing my confusion to a smaller level. "The bond can be broken if you decide you want to die someday but I'd rather just die with you at that point."

His fingers traced along the side of my face. " In the short time, you've been mine I've felt more alive than all of my life. You are the most precious gift I could have ever been given."

Leo stole my heart on a silver platter at that moment. I could feel that he meant it, he had left the bond between us wide open so I felt everything he did. I wrapped my arms around him tightly. "Nothing and no one is ever allowed to come between us. No mates. No fate. Not death. Nothing."

Leo kissed me softly. " Damn right."

I loved my Demon. He might kill bad people, but he loved me and wasn't going to hurt me. Oddly enough I didn't have a problem with him killing people. As long as they weren't innocent we were good to go.

"You up for checking out a sleeping wolf?" His words brought me out of my own thoughts.

" Yeah, I think I am. "

He nodded and snapped his fingers my clothes appearing on the table next to a set of clothes for himself including fresh jeans since his own had saliva all over them. " Then go grab a shower and dress, less you want all the big bad wolves to smell what we did."

I blushed. " No way I want that... but I do want you in the shower with me."

Leo laughed. " We will never get out if I do."

I smiled at him. " And?"

Leo gave me that wicked smirk before picking me up as he got up off the couch. " Whatever my little witch wants."

He shifted me from the princess carry to tossing me over his shoulder so he could play with my ass as he carried me off towards a shower and started off with a loud smack that made me squeal. " Hey!"

He did it again harder. " You like it."

What could I say he was right. As I hung upside down I had a view of his own ass so I smacked it. " Mmm you do too."

Both of us laughed as he stepped into the bathroom closing the door. Don't get me wrong I still felt something was missing without Brent with us. But with Leo in my life, I felt pretty much whole, it was like the other half of my soul was with me and that's what I needed most.

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