Dream Walker

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Chapter 23 Waking Up.

With the Demon gone it didn't take us any time at all to find the exit to Alice's dream world. We stood on the edge of it Alice hesitating.

" Are you sure it's safe now? Is Alec really there?" I crouched down to look Alice in the eye.

" Alec is standing right next to your bed waiting on you to wake up Alice, he's been waiting for so long. Don't you want to see him?" She nodded tears running down her face.

" I do! I miss my brother!" I gave her the best smile I could give.

" Then let's go give him a big ole hug!"

I pulled her with me, Leo holding on tight, and Alice holding onto Maggie as we crossed that edge. One minute I was standing on that edge of darkness the next me and Leo stood beside Alice's bed in my own dream reality. Leo still looked like himself, the horns hidden from me and I had no intention of asking him about them just yet. I smiled at him and he stole a kiss before we moved to my body. I realized Leo's body wasn't in the room at all and frowned. "Wait.."

I turned wide-eyed to him. " You brought your entire real body into the dream world?"

He nodded. " I sort of teleported through our mark to you.. if that makes sense. "

My lips parted slightly as my jaw sorta dropped. " Holy shit.."

Leo Laughed. " Yeah... I don't really want to get stuck here so I'm going to have to do it again I think to get back. Hopefully, it works."

"Shit. It better fucking work!" He laughed and kissed me.

"It will, now wake up my little witch so we can get out of here." I let go of his hand and stepped over my body, lowering myself down until I could merge once more with myself.

As I stirred I heard crying, like full on sobbing from two different sources above my head and a loud banging as well as my name being called. " Sarah! Sarah, you have to get up! Sarah wake up damn it!"

"Sarah!" I knew that voice, I stirred blinking lifting up and wincing as Brent was pounding on the shields of the protective circle I'd drawn. Each time he struck the shield it was like he was striking the inside of my head.

"Knock it off you stupid mutt!" I yelled at him as I grabbed my skull from the massive headache I had.

Brent stopped the moment I yelled at him. " Sarah!? Take down this damned wall and let me in now!"

His voice was a harsh growl, and when I looked at him it was seething in rage. To bad for him I was pissed also. " Sod off!"

I snapped at him and apparently, Alec noticed. " Alpha... I'm not sure that's Sarah."

I turned around and looked over at Alec as he held his sister. Both of them awake, tears on their face. I didn't know how long we'd been in the dream world, time always moved differently between the two. " What the hell do you mean it's not Sarah?"

I smiled and I knew the look was cold. My head fucking hurt, If Brent had broken that circle I might have never gotten back to my body and I was royally pissed at him. Alec answered for me. " Sarah said if she woke and didn't say the password it might not be her that returned to her empty body."

I was sitting up, feeling the pull on my mark as Leo was working to get back to this reality. I opened myself up to him, letting him do anything he needed to get back. " Awww you give away all the good things pup."

I turned my eyes back on Brent and the look was not nice. " Did you know that Brent? That if anything happened it might not be me that came back? That if you broke the little circle you could have lost me forever?"

Brent took a step back and paled. "Sarah?"

Finally, he had some doubt in him. Alec spoke up. " Leo, before he vanished, confirmed it. He did tell you Alpha not to let anything in.."

I growled and eyed Brent as if he were scum. " So you almost killed me because you couldn't control yourself after you'd been warned?"

Leo had started to form behind me, once again his arms wrapped around me as the mark was burning brightly under my shirt I was still so angry at Brent and even Leo's presence wasn't calming me down. " Purple Monkey."

Alec relaxed." It's her."

Leo finished forming. " Of course it is."

Brent's face shifted to anger as he looked at Leo in the circle with me. I could clearly see the jealousy on his face and it was honestly one of the ugliest emotions. Before Brent could do anymore to damage our relationship I spoke up. " Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack, I Sarah Stone have not only met the minimum requirements of our agreement I saved a member of your pack from eternal sleep at the hands of a demon."

Everyone in the room sort of froze when I confirmed what I'd found. I, however, stood up dusting myself and Leo moved with me though shifted to keep one arm looped over my shoulder. Brent growled low. " This is even more proof that Demons are evil, including the one you allow to touch you!"

He snapped the last four words and my eyes narrowed at the man who claimed to be my mate. Before I could reply Alice spoke up from across the room. " Leo is the one that saved us!"

Her hand covered her mouth after she spoke but Leo and I both smiled at her. "What?!"

Brent's question rang out with utter shock. Alice looked at me and I nodded to her. She shifted a bit, still in her brothers hold but she sat up a little straighter. " Sarah was fighting it, but it wasn't working. She was talking to Leo through the fight, asking for his help, I could hear him talking back to her telling her to hold on giving her hope until he came to rescue us all."

Alice licked her dry lips. " Leo fought the demon, he made it bleed but he didn't defeat it alone. He was growing tired, sweating, breathing hard, and then Sarah flew up, Leo shouted really loudly 'NOW!'." She even made air quotes, it was so cute.

" Sarah hit the Monster with this huge bolt of lighting giving Leo a chance to trick the jerk and split him in half." Her tone was getting excited as she spoke of the fight.

Leo was grinning at her and even winked at the little wolf girl making her blush. I looked to Brent who stood there surprised on his face and thankfully speechless. Leo, however, spoke next. " Alice was at the daycare that day wasn't she?"

My head jerked up to look at Leo and it clicked, how she got the demon in her mind. Brent shifted his eyes to Leo and frowned." How do you know that?"

Leo sighed. " We will need to talk to every child that was there that day that survived, the ones with nightmares starting soon after the event first."

"Why?" He asked frowning, damn this wolf was dense.

"Because Brent if he managed to imprint part of himself in Alice he could have done it to other children that he was close to just before the fight." I was the one who finished Leo's thought and he kissed the top of my head.

"Smart girl." I shook my head.

" You figured it out first."Leo shrugged.

" Of course I did. I'm a half demon."The room shifted slightly, but Alice spoke up.

" A half Demon?"Leo turned his head to answer her.

"Yep, only half. It's why I like to rescue pretty girls instead of gobbling them up."Alice actually giggled and I knew he'd have winked at her again. My Demon was such a flirt.

Brent apparently worked out of his surprised state. "I'll find the records and get all the names."

His tone was no longer hostile and when I looked back at him he was rubbing his face with both hands. "Alpha."

I had used his title again, putting distance between us. "We will look at all of them because we don't want that monster feeding on people but will you indeed keep the deal made or will you be called a Liar."

It was if everyone in the room stopped breathing. Brent stared at me as if I'd grown a second head, searching my eyes for what I could only guess was the woman he thought I was. Not the ball busting bitch I was being to him now.

"I will not break my word." I nodded in response.

"I have one condition. I am only an honorary member of your pack. I will help you and the pack when I can and when it's right for me, but that doesn't mean I will ever be at your beck and call. I am in no way someone who will just answer to your every whim. I am a power unto myself, Leo is my partner for as long as we live and until I say otherwise that is all I will be within this pack."

Hurt flashed across Brents' face, it was clear as day. Part of me hated that I was hurting him, but he could have killed any chance I had to return to my body because of his stupidity, he had a total blind rage when it came to demons and wouldn't trust Leo unless it was to get into my pants and that was so damned insulting. Brent searched my face, harder, looking for something he couldn't find. I had cut him off, rejected him as my Mate without saying it fully. Finally, he nodded. " I agree."

His voice while strong, held a small note of pain to it that he was doing his best to mask. I smiled. " Thank you, Alpha."

I shifted away from Leo and bent down one hand pressing to the floor only to wince, I turned it over and looked at the burned palms of my hands." Shit, I forgot." Leo glanced at them.

"The spell?" I sighed and pressed it back to the chalk marks on the floor removing the power from it and pulling down the shield.

"Yeah." Leo lifted my other hand kissing it gently.

"It didn't transfer." I tugged my hand free and blew out the candles, using the pillow to clean the chalk off the floor.

"Your dream or astral form should show the marks, but it's technically self-inflicted so that might be why." Leo's head tilted.

"We can test it later with a small pin to see which it is, we will need to know." I nodded then looked around the room at the people still in it.

"Well, we will let you all get some rest." I looked over to Alice.

"Don't rush getting up and running around, take your time, let your brother, the doc, and your pack help okay?"

Alice nodded. " I will, but only if you promise to come back and visit. Both of you."

I smiled at her. " Of course we will."

Brent turned and left the room without another world. Leo and I shared a look but nothing was said otherwise he helped me finish the cleanup. I thought of something. "Hey, Alec? Where's the doctor?"

He laughed. " You were only laying down for ten minutes, she's not here yet. Thankfully Brent knew how to remove the tube."

I nodded, not too surprised." Ahh, I was wondering why there weren't more folks in here."

Just then a rather older man with a lot of gray hair rushed in huffing and puffing. " I got here as..."

He stopped talking and was staring at Alice. Leo was holding the last of my supplies. " Goddess be praised."

I laughed a little without meaning to, but oddly enough Alice joined me. " She's not a goddess silly just a kick-ass witch!"

Alice pointed to me Leo was smiling proudly and kissed my forehead. " Damned straight."

Everyone left in the room laughed except the doctor and Brent who was looking at us like we had lost our minds. Alec was the first to calm down enough to speak. " I'll explain what I can Doctor but Alice saw the best part."

"I sure did!" She added in them coughed a little wincing.

" Now you stop talking young lady, you've had that tube in there for a while and I bet your throat is still sore, let's get you checked out and all sorted." The doctor, however, looked to me and Leo.

" Thank you for giving Alice back to us." Leo was the one who answered.

"We are both glad we were able to. Blessed be." His arm looped around me and when I blinked we were back in his living room. Leo stepped away from me and fell back onto the couch into a sitting position that was quickly sliding sideways.

"Fuck me I couldn't hold it anymore." I watched as Leo literally passed out.

"Leo!?" I rushed over to him and pressed my hand to his neck, he was out cold. I stood there shocked.

"You pretended you were fine that whole time so they didn't see you as weak..." My hand brushed some of the hair back from his face.

"But you let me see the real you." I watched as horns slowly appeared on his forehead that I had seen in the dream world.

I ran my fingers over them and they were certainly real. They were the color of aged bones clearly he simply let them grow out for some reason without taking the extra care to polish them or sand the horns to a lighter color. "Well, now you let me see it. Were you afraid I'd see you as a monster?"

My voice was soft. I knew he likely couldn't hear me but I fully intended to make sure he knew he didn't have to hide from me when he woke up. For the moment though I had a Sleepy demon to look after. I put everything away that we had used, went and collected a blanket from the room he'd put all my things in. It was my favorite blanket one of those fake fur blankets in king size. I wrapped it around myself as I walked back to him and ended up laying down on top of him. I left my Cell in the other room so both of us could rest and made his warm chest into my pillow, my arms running along his sides.

"I'm never going to let you feel alone again." My words were spoken softly against his shirt before I kissed what part of him was in easy reach. A yawn kept me from doing more. The blanket had been tossed over us both and my own tiredness overtook me seconds later.

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