Dream Walker

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Chapter 24 Leo's Dream Fight

Leo’s Pov.

After Arriving at the wolf’s home, seeing the sleeping girl I had gone for the supplies Sarah requested of me. I was proud of my witch for the choices she had made part of me still shocked at the fact she chose me over the wolf. I knew the pull of a real mate bond to such a creature and that was a story I was not willing to tell my witch of, not yet.

When I returned with the supplies I did not miss her reaction to the bucket and could not help teasing her.” You never know.”

" Alright, let’s do this.” Her reaction lacked the reaction I had hoped for but I was still learning about my witch. Teasing her, testing her at every moment while I studied and burned every bit of information was key.

Her spell preparations were simple which I approved of. It could always backfire if you overused protections or elements into a spell making it too complicated or overpowered could backfire into something far worse. “No matter what don’t move me from this circle until I’m up, awake, and say purple monkey.”

I raised a brow at her term. I had a good clue as to why but purple Monkey? Really? I was holding back a laugh and managed to just nod when she explained.” The word is to be sure it’s actually me.”

” Understood, but let’s say you don’t use the word. What do I do then?” I asked her, waiting to see what she would recommend I do. We were tied to each other after all.

Her smirk, the confidence she gave off was sexy as hell. ” Knock my body out and keep doing it until it’s actually me.”

I could not help but chuckle at her. ” Sure... make it easy.”

Alec’s worried expression and the question was one I knew the answer to myself but I allowed her to answer.” How dangerous is this?”

“I might never return to my body if this goes badly. Don’t worry. We got this.” Sarah held confidence in her words and when she looked at me, included me the sensation I had been gaining more and more with her swelled in my heart.

" We do.” I would move the Earth itself to protect this woman.

" Keep that playing for me.” Her words were more Order that a request and again I found her confidence, her natural dominance sexy. As she began to close the circle I pushed myself into the mark, making sure the connection was stronger than before, that she was stronger and that I was tied into her circle as well. I would have nothing keep me from her.

Her sleeping form was peaceful, and i allowed myself to think back upon the past she had no idea I had with her. From the second I first saw her even as I child I had been drawn to her, her power, her soul. I had no carnal intentions until her eighteenth birthday, I had visited her home unknown to her and her family. Waiting for a glimpse of her after feeling the power of her father, Mother, and her inside. It had been nearly nightfall when she came out of the house in a rush.

I had instantly grown a hard-on at the sight of her. Black ankle boots with a high thick heal made her legs look even longer than they were, her pale skin exposed above the top of the boot all the way up to high on her thighs were cut off blue jean shorts clung tightly to her flesh. I caught a flash of her mid-drift as she turned still pulling on a blue jean jacket over a spaghetti strap black tank top, a bright sparkly teal belt across her body more for a splash of color that held no real use.

Her hair had been done up in an 80′s fashion, full thick waves combed back only one side behind an ear and held in place with a glittery clip of some sort that matched her belt. Her makeup had been done in the same 80′s fashion a bright blue eye shadow that was drawn into a wing shape at the corner of her eyes, a start stuck to her left cheek over a bright slash of pink that was almost as bright as her painted lips.

I was pulled from the memory as I felt her eyes on me. Focusing on the feeling I was able to sense her, a glimmer of her soul standing between her body and the bed. It took a bit of effort but using the bond I found track her to the point she became clear to me. “I can see you, my sexy little witch.”

“Are you talking in both?” I nodded to her question

" Yes, Alec can hear me talking to you. Should I try with just my mind?” I knew because Alec was looking at me oddly. So instead I thought my words to her, trying to push them through our bond but it wasn’t something we’d pushed to hard to connect with. ‘Let’s see if you can hear this my little witch. Your skin tastes like pure honey, your sex pure bliss as your walls wrap around my cock.’

“I can’t hear you.” When she had no outward reactions to my words I knew she honestly couldn’t hear me when she replied So I gave her a nod of confirmation. I was disappointed I had wished to make her blush.

" I don’t think we have connected enough right now for it. I can push the connection if something goes wrong and we can test it later perhaps.” She agreed without words and started on her task vanishing into the body of the girl.

I waited, watching Alice. Alec kept looking at me apparently, he figured out Sarah was already on the job by watching my actions. “Leo?”

My witches voice pulled me from the physical plane to focus on her voice, her soul inside Alice. “I hear you, Sarah.”

" It’s going to be okay Alice but I need his help. Leo Try to lower the volume if you can. ” I could tell she was speaking to us both, glad that she had found Alice’s spirit. Alec, however, was looking at me, a worried expression on his face.

“Leo ask Alec again, make sure your specific Alic had no lasting damage to her brain? No dark spots on the scans? Nothing at all anywhere? No bruising? Nothing at all a totally normal scan after the event?”

Shifting my attention to Alec. ” Every scan was clear? Every check into her brain? A full MRI was done and was there even a single mark or shadow out of place?”

” No! No nothing at all, we check every other month, Her last one was a week ago to be sure there is no deterioration. What’s wrong with my sister!?” Alec had paled while he answered me, his tone seriously starting to freak out.

"Nothing Sarah. They did a full scan every other month, her last one was just this week. The doctor is here now and confirmed it. What’s wrong?” she didn't reply right away which worried me.

"Alice wasn’t alone in here Leo and this guy ain’t friendly.” Moved to Sarah's sleeping form, stepping through the circle without disturbing it. I crouched next to her sleeping form and pressed my hand to the mark on her chest, tucking my hand just under the shirt so it was skin to skin contact. “Then do what you have to Sarah.”

"Keep this open so I can talk to you maybe you can help me figure out what this guy is.”

“I would never shut you out. Take whatever you need, just get yourself back to me.” She left the conversation with me but I stayed focused on her. I heard running steps then Brent burst into the room. When he saw Sarah on the floor asleep and me in the circle he growled picking me as his target.

"Why the hell didn't you wait?" Ah, the puppy was pissed and once again made the Mistake that I ruled over Sarah.

"Sarah is her own Master. She doesn't answer to me nor is it my job to tell her how to live her life. I will, however, support and help her with anything she feels she has to do. Now if you don't mind pup shut up." I snapped the last word as I caught part of Sarah's words.

" Come on ugly! We are right here and we are gonna leave!”

Her yelling at whatever was in there with them amused me. "Trust my witch to pick a fight with an unknown monster.”

Brent paled."What the hell do you mean unknown monster?"

Alec spoke up. "Something seems to be in Alice's mind, or someone."

” Damned straight.” Sarah's words made me smile.

"She's fine. So far, both of them. It's a bit off having two conversations, however." And harder still to keep this one bleeding over but I refused to distract Sarah.

” Fuck it’s huge.” I frowned as the information bled over. I had no knowledge of dream monsters, something I'd blissfully avoided all contact with.

I felt Sarah pull hard on her magic and fed her more. ” Move!” and a moment later." Leo, it’s got a humanoid form!”

I cursed. Brent and Alec both looking at me. "She's found it, and is fighting it." Brent began to pace.

“Hermes!” At Sarah's shouted words that bled over into my mind I felt the spells pulling more and more magic. I wanted badly to see what they were. at the second, however, I felt a massive draw. “Rudra!”

"Leo! It’s a demon!” Her words sent a chill down my spine.

"Hold on Sarah!” Both of the other men were fully focused on me from the worry in my tone.

"Brent no matter what don't interfere or you could kill her. I have to help her." Brent looked as if he would argue with me but I turned to form him, pushing my magic into the bond mark on Sarah's body. While I forced my Magic into her more I began to mumble in the old langue of demons the origin of the teleport spell I could do with minimal effort now. With the original context of the spell, it meant I could move between realms instead of just anywhere on the surface of this one.

"Leo!” At her call I pushed myself as hard and fast as possible through the spell to my witch, focusing on the feel of her body, her soul as my guide until I felt her” Hello, my little witch.”

" Holy shit.” I could not stop myself from kissing her velvet cheek. Having her in my arms even for a moment reassured me she was safe. I dropped from her letting her stay afloat while I went after the Demon that dared to fight my witch. ” Leo!”

” Show off!” Her words called down to me at my landing skills. Of course, I chuckled as I was indeed about to show off for her.

“It’s your’s brother?” I studied the demon for a few moments, letting my magic settle as I lightly tested the environment to my magic. Keeping him distracted from my action with a nod and conversation.

“That is my bonded witch and I won’t have you getting in her way.”The initial reaction was expected, and enough of a time consumer I had been able to get a good read on the demon before me. He was older than I by far but much weaker, well weaker than my normal levels.

” The wolf is mine! Nothing will take my food from me! Not even your witch, would you dare deny me my rights?!” I smiled as he gave me an opening.

” My bond is of more worth than your meal. She has entered into an agreement with the family of this wolf, any agreement she makes as we are bonded I am to honor.”I paused for a moment before continuing. ” The family of the girl also has more claim to her soul than you do as they share blood... You are merely a leach, she has formed no bond with you, You’ve had years to bond with her and failed. So you trapped her here while you continued to simply feed off her.”

Brushing off the shoulder of my shirt as if lint was on it, a dismissive gesture the other Demon would catch and be angered by I gave my terms. ” So here is the only offer I will give. You will submit to my will, rest within a container of my choosing until you can be properly sent home to heal.”

The demon roared his outrage at such an offer ” I shall not return! This wolf is mine!”

Perfect. Now I would be able to now only show off for my little witch but gain a new pet and power source. ” Lovely.”

I had learned long ago when fighting with Demons head-on was best. Spells could be tricky, but melee combat tended to throw most of them off and with this demon locked away in here so long he likely would be rusty. It was a gamble but my best bet.

I charge the demon using raw magic power forged into the shape of a sword to attack him. I was not shocked to see the demon push power into his limbs to force a defensive and offensive measure against me within the seconds before I struck him.

I was able to draw blood several times from the demon making him weaker. I, however, was more drained than I had realized from crossing the realm lines. I could likely win, but I would not risk failing, I would not risk putting Sarah in harm. Being in the same realm gave me the ability to tap a telepathic spell to push into Sarah's mind a few words while I continued the fight.

“Sarah, When I give you the chance to hit him again with your spell.”

I could see her flying back up into the sky and moved to give her the opening needed. “Now!”

I wasn't sure what the spell was but when I felt the electricity in the air I turned my head away focusing my powers to form a second sword behind my back it would be now or never.

My opponent was blinded by the flash I had guessed was coming just long enough for me to jump into the strike zone once more. He blocked the first attack as I knew he would. I used it as I diversion as the second I drove straight into his gut. I released the first sword letting it vanish so with both hands I could split the weaker being in half. The gurgling sound was music to my ears. Victory was mine. ” You should have just submitted.”

It took even more power after summoning a sealing bottle into another realm to actually seal my new toy in a bottle. He was weakened yes but to shrink and seal any demon was taxing. The magic far older than even I was.

“Damn Leo.” I smiled. Her curse was taken as the praise it was. I was winded, actually having worked up a bit of sweat over the taxing use of power and abilities.

" You both defeated the Monster!” I watched Sarah's hand drop to the head of the girl and for a moment I wished Alice was our child. The thought shocked the hell out of me.

“Yeah, but he did most of the work.” Sarah's words pulled me back from stunned silence I had lapsed into for a few seconds and I covered my feeling with a chuckle.

" Not true my little witch, without you, I’d never have been able to be here nor been able to fight in this realm.” Taking a deep death I calmed myself. I would analyze myself later, now when we were so tightly connected to each other was not a good time for self-exploration.

“I think I will have to leave with you, however. I don’t know how to move around here.“ Taking her offered hand both calmed me and filled me with more emotions I wasn't so sure I wanted to explore.

” Okay everyone stay touching and let's get the hell outta here." We linked up hands to leave.

" Are you sure it’s safe now? Is Alec really there?” Alice caused us to wait at the exit, but Sarah handled it like a pro.

" Alec is standing right next to your bed waiting on you to wake up Alice, he’s been waiting for so long. Don’t you want to see him?”

" I do! I miss my brother!” The smile Sarah gave the girl warmed even my own heart.

" Then let’s go give him a big ole hug!”

Walking out of Alice's dream world was very disorienting. If it had not been for Sarah's hand in mine I honestly did not know if I could have made it out of that small body, a frightening thought. “Wait..”

Sarah turned to me wide-eyed. ” You brought your entire real body into the dream world?”

I nodded at her, rather confused by the question. ” I sort of teleported through our mark to you.. if that makes sense. ”

My lips parted slightly as my jaw sorta dropped. ” Holy shit..”

I laughed to hide the fact that it was a concern to me. At the time I didn't care, Sarah needed me and I would have gone no matter what. Now however I seriously wanted out of here. ” Yeah... I don’t really want to get stuck here so I’m going to have to do it again I think to get back. Hopefully, it works.”

“Shit. It better fucking work!” I laughed and kissed her to distract her.

“It will, now wake up my little witch so we can get out of here.” I watched as my Witch went into her body when her hand left mine the world around me dimmed. The loss of her contact seemed to have released a buffer her presence created. She was made to be able to be in this world while I was rejected.

Cold began to seep into my bones the edge of the room becoming darker. "Well, this is not good."

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