Dream Walker

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Chapter 25 Demon Eyes

."I woke with the feeling of Leo’s fingers passing through my hair. I didn’t open my eyes, simply snuggled in closer against him. I could feel the normal morning male reaction and it curled my lips up slightly but the tender touch was something I didn’t want to miss. He continued to stroke my hair keeping me in a contented state until I realized I couldn’t feel any emotions from him. Turning my head I rested my chin on his chest, my hands were still laying against his sides.

I smiled when I noticed he hadn’t bothered to hide his horns from me. His eyes were more beautiful than when I had first seen them. His true eyes while still Amber it was alive with color, the lovely golden color actually flowed with a deeper almost orange color, and then a red that was nearly ruby in shades flowed. It could be compared to Lava but with the natural curve of the eye, it looked more like a jewel. The pupil of the eye was no longer human but slit like a feline making him look all the more like a predator.

“You didn’t hide from me.” Leo let out the tension in his body I hadn’t been aware of until I felt him relax under me. His fingers left my hair to gently trace down the side of my face.

“You accepted me, you don’t run in fear from what you see.” His voice held a hint of what I could only describe as wonder.

I turned my head to catch his fingers and brush my lips across them in a feather-light kiss. “Of course I didn’t run from you. Your mine. The good, the bad, the real you.”

Leo’s hands slid under my arms until he could grip my sides. He lifted me slightly and pulled me up until he could kiss me. I had expected him to be tender as all of his other touches had been but he kissed me as if he was a starving man and I was the only food left in the world. I felt the desire in me go from zero to one-ten in two seconds flat. I moaned into Leo’s mouth though I could not keep up with his hunger I tried.

Leo sat up his hands still on my body and only used his upper body strength to lift us both up off the couch and place me over his lap. I could feel the hard mass of his penis rubbing against me, I’d never been with anyone who I wanted so badly to just rush into being joined within the most intimate level. His hands slid across my back and up towards the neckline of my shirt until he gripped the fabric and ripped it open all the way down my back. His action pulled a gasp from me forcing me to pull back breaking the kiss and all I could do was stare into his eyes.

His eyes were nearly red the amber almost swallowed completely but for a ring around the pupil. I could feel his need through our mark mixing with my own. He yanked the torn fabric of my shirt down using it to tie my wrists together in front of me until I felt the edge of pain and it never crossed my mind to stop him. Once my hands were tied Leo pushed me back on the couch until our positions were changed, my back pressed to the couch, Leo one knee on the couch while the foot of the other leg supported his weight on the floor.

He looked wild, dangerous, and sexier than anything I had ever seen before. I knew I had a thing for bad boys but damn, I might have seriously lost my mind here. Leo removed his clothing but ripping it away from himself, the jeans didn’t stand a chance at all and I’d never witnessed someone with enough physical strength to tear through jeans as easily as they did tissue paper. I shuddered as I watched him undress, a small whimper slipping past my lips as I thought of all that strength. His eyes met mine a wicked smile curling his lips.

Leo at any time could know exactly what I felt, what reactions my feelings and emotions had to anything he did. He had an advantage no one else ever had and he was more than willing to use it. Leo’s hands moved to the bare skin along my sides just above my jeans his face lowering until he could nip at my skin.

He watched me, the muscles of my stomach twitching because of his actions. His eyes traveled down until they reached my jean covered core heart was already pounding in my chest, seeing him like this was thrilling. I had no fear that he’d hurt me, but I also had no idea what he would do. His hands moved down taking ahold of my jeans much like he had my shirt, he tore the fabric apart with his hands as easily as he had his own jeans, my panties lost along with it so all I was left with was my bra and the shirt that had been turned into a binding for my wrists.

Leo made small bites up my body until he reached my breasts his hands sliding up my now bare legs until they gripped my bra, I knew I was about to lose another perfectly good piece of clothing but I didn’t care. I arched up off the couch towards him his chuckle caused a shiver to race down my spine.“You want me that badly little witch?”

I liked my lips staring into those hungry red eyes, the crown of horns upon his forehead unmistakably prooving what he was. ” Yes, please yes.”

Something about my breathless words caused him to stop hesitating. My bra was shredded in his hands to allow his mouth to suck one of my hardened nipples deep into his mouth. I cried out under him my legs moving to wrap around him so I could rub the wet slick folds of my sex against his penis. Leo growled low in his throat, the sound was something darker, and far deeper than any sound brent had made and it caused things low in my body to clench tightly. Leo shifted and plunged himself into me in one rough hard thrust tearing a scream from my throat.

I couldn’t tell in that first moment if it had been the pain from the sudden thrust that forced my body to open wide enough for him to fit or the pure pleasure of being filled, of his pleasure from filling me that caused the first orgasm. I was lost in the bond that tied out pleasure together and Leo gave me no time at all to catch my breath. He didn’t make love to me, it wasn’t sex, at this point, it was just pure animalistic fucking as if be needed to carve the shape of himself inside me so no other man would fill me the same way.

Thrust after thrust I felt the pleasure he felt of my walls gripping him tightly, the friction of the slick warm flesh against him mixing with my own pleasure of his cock pounding into me. I was overloaded and could not form a single clear thought each of his thrusts caused an orgasm inside of me. Leo yanked my tied hands above my head and pinned them to the arm of the couch. His mouth was still on my breast sucking, feeding, driving me wild underneath him until I felt his teeth sink into my skin. The bite was not gentle in any respect of the word, his teeth sinking into my skin until I felt my own flesh tear under his teeth his full-length thrust into me at the same moment so deeply he crashed against my cervix, the tip of him even bending slightly inside me and I shattered into oblivion. His own roar of release muffled against the flesh caught inside of his mouth.

I had blacked out for at the least a few moments. When I woke it was to the feeling of the aching bite mark being slowly licked. I shuttered moaning softly.“Leo...”

I heard a sound much like a purr as the sexy demon that was still buried inside of me rolled his hips slowly. My hands were no longer tied down and I lowered them until I could run my hands over Leo’s shoulders and back before they moved up into his hair. I looked down at the demon still buried deep inside of me, his eyes no longer the deep red but a marbled orange and amber. I pulled at him gently until he brought his bloodstained lips to my mouth, I kissed those painted lips without hesitation tasting the copper of my own blood. Leo rolled us and when I expected to be on the floor when I lifted up surprised breaking our kiss we were on his bed. I blinked down at him and he chuckled at my reaction.

“I’m magic Darling, do keep that in mind.” He was chuckling lightly and I laughed with him leaning down over him to kiss his lips tenderly, slowly, I felt some emotion building inside us that I had never felt before I wasn’t sure if it had started in him or in me but we were sharing it now. It was a dull ache but also warm that each slow tender kiss fed, the driving need was still there but it was no longer desperate. His hands found their way to my hips and as he moved under me Leo guided my body into a slow rocking motion that soon had all over my body aching with a dull throbbing need.

We took things slow this time, I let him set the pace, the slow exquisite pleasure slowly building between us each time we moved. My hands curled in his hair breaking our kiss when he shifted me just a fraction and slid perfectly inside and hit a very sensitive spot inside of me that I was normally to overwhelmed to notice and made a small sound. “There.”

My eyes were unfocused as I met his own his meaning only registering when he slid himself over that spot again. My lashes fluttered my mouth falling open against my will, breath shuttering out. “Leo...”

He kept the pace aching slow but he found his target now, pushed against that sweet button inside me over and over so he could drive me slowly insane. My hands untangled from his hair to curl around his jaw, lifting his face slightly to kiss him once more. this time I did not kiss his lips, I kissed the smooth skin between his horns feeling the bones that protruded from his flesh graze mine, I found that they were smooth and warm form his body heat. My action surprised him a sudden warmth filled me from the inside, it was almost painful. I lifted up and looked down at my demon my eyes watering to the point a tear fell on his cheek, I focused on his eyes and found they glowed with the brightest Amber color I had seen yet, so clear it was if it was polished glass. “Deva.”

Leo lifted a hand to my face pulling me down to kiss his lips. I was able to whisper his true name just before our lips met. “Leondris." The kiss held such a depth of emotion to it I felt like I was drowning, falling into some sort of abyss. Leo pressed his other hand to our mark, the hand that had brought me to kiss him found my hand and placed it against his. The power between us throbbed with each beat of our hearts, the slow and tender movements of our body began to match the pace of the throbbing. Soon both of us were racing towards that sweet edge panting, our lips brushing against each other over and over, a fever taking us both to a new high until we were both sent flying over that edge.

We lay there panting, I had collapsed on top of him, our mixed fluids has spilled out of me making his flesh stick to mine though neither of us cared. His arms found their way around me to hold me while we caught our breath and let our heartbeats return to normal. I began to feel him laugh under me before the sound escaped. It was a low chuckle and when I lifted my head to look at him he was grinning. "And what are you laughing at sir?"

Leo shifted just enough to kiss the tip of my nose. "I find it amusing with all the evil I have done, all those that cursed me throughout my life that I would never find happiness for even a moment, not real happiness, they all failed."

It took a moment for his meaning to sink in and when it did it earned him another kiss. "I'm glad."

He made a soft 'mmmm' sound in agreement. "You know.. we need to shower so this stuff doesn't dry between us and tear at our skin when we do decide to part."

I laughed. " You might be right."

He chuckled as I climbed off of him moving to the edge of the bed. When my legs gave out he caught me and carried me towards the bathroom."I'm always right, you know.. with how often I end up carrying you I will have to start calling you my clumsy witch."

I lightly punched his chest. " You had better not!"

We both ended up laughing all the way into the shower. The shower, of course, ended up with a round of water fighting before hot and steamy shower sex. I found out my demon had far more stamina then I gave him credit for. I didn't get to sleep until the sun began to spill over the horizon with Leo spooning behind me as an arm kept me trapped against him, not that I complained of course.

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