Dream Walker

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Chapter 26 Betrayal

By the time Leo and I woke it was early afternoon we didn’t get the lazy day we wanted because in the distance my phone kept going off. My ring tone happened to be really loud. Leo rolled out of the bed first and walked naked out of the room towards the sound in the kitchen. I, however, ended up heading to the bathroom because hey, I was human. By the time I was brushing my teeth Leo returned his expression grim. I didn’t even get the chance to ask him what was wrong He pressed play on a voicemail.

“Sarah it’s your mother.” I winced.

“Since you and your father have abandoned me to suffer at the hands of a demon I have reported your bonding to the Coven in hopes they can save me from that monster.”

My eyes went wide. My own mother had betrayed me to the Coven. The bonding to demons had been outlawed over three hundred years ago, only in the last ten years were their ways to get permission for it. I’d assumed my father had done that. From mom’s wording, it seemed he hadn’t.

“You father had put in a request it seems for the order to be allowed, however it was done before the allowed date on the request.” I was so pissed at my mother.

“The Coven has demanded you attend a hearing, you and the demon as he is not registered with the Coven as one of the approved familiar Demons. You have until sundown to appear before they send out the Hunters.”

The recording ended. I looked at Leo and he gave a small nod. “This is considered an attempt on your life in my book Sarah, and also on your father’s, he will be summoned as well, and if they choose to not approve it’s a death sentence. I’ve already said what I’d do to her, the spell is set.”

I spit out my toothpaste and rinsed my mouth while I tried to put my thoughts together. “We are going to need a plan.”

Leo flashed a smile. “ How about we show a bit of force? If you trust me that is?”

I laughed. “Of course I trust you. What do you have in mind?”

Leo leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms. “David Sent a text saying he was on his way here, he wants to face this together and I agree. Each person Is allowed a Character witness of a sort for such trials.” I lifted a brow, Leo knew a lot about the Coven trials. “David Is bringing his Vampire friend he made the deal with. I am bringing a Fey that owes me his life, and you my little witch should bring Brent.”

I blinked as it clicked. “Bring big players from every race to defend us. A show of power that if they oppose our bonding they have to deal with all of us?”

Leo gave one nod. “That’s freeken Brilliant.”

He handed me my phone, Brent’s number had been saved in it since the last time he had called me. When it only rang twice before he answered I was a little surprised.

“Sarah? What’s wrong?” I kinda felt bad that he’d think the only reason I called him was if something was wrong.

“Hey Brent, How is Alice?” I was greeted with silence for a moment.

“She’s doing well, and Alec has started to eat again, Thank you for giving them back to us. I thought I would loose Alec soon.” I smiled a little.

“I’m glad I could. How about the list did you finish it yet? Of the other pups from that day?”

A deep sigh was my answer. “I’ve been asking around, I have about ten names so far but I know we hold over twenty pups at a time there so I won’t likely have it for another day or so.” Brent paused but the way he had trailed off it’s like he wanted to say more so I waited. “Sarah I know I messed up. When Leo vanished I could smell the burning flesh on your hands, I still don’t know enough about that, I had to get to you to help you. My wolf has been going crazy to the point it’s hard for me to hold him back from claiming you anyway, and I really don’t want to do that.”

I swallowed. “It’s that bad?”

Brent sighed deeply and I felt it tug on my heart. “David explained about your Bonding to Leo, and I’ve seen it since. You won’t ever feel as much thought or physical sharing with our bond but it’s extremely similar. Think of it like Leo being taken away from you.”

I looked at Leo and he nodded at me.”Shit, Brent, I’m sorry.”

I heard him chuckle, a rare sound from him. “It’s not your fault Sarah, You’ve only seen the more animal driven side of me because when I’m near you it’s all I can think of is to claim you. To see you happy with another male has been driving my wolf insane. Which makes him far harder to control. I need you, Sarah, at the end of the day I do. I feel lost without you as if life has no meaning. I don’t know, and it will take a long time to know you as the demon does but I’m willing to put in the time and effort to do that. I know Leo’s part of the deal, I thought about that all night. I’m not into guys, not in that way, it’s a bit creepy that he gets off when I touch you, but I see how he protects you, how he makes you happy. Leo’s not the problem my stupidity is”

I was a bit shocked at how the conversation was going. I didn’t want to stop Brent as he paused again. “I want to do this. You wouldn’t be my Mate if this wasn’t meant to be. Leo’s proven he’s not like the demon that attacked my pack. So I want to do this. I want you, and everything that comes with that…. Including Leo.”

Holy shit, I looked at Leo wide-eyed. “It’s your choice, Sarah. It’s always been your choice.”

When Brent replied I knew he could hear Leo through the phone. “I’ll honor your choice, even if it breaks my heart.”

I took a deep breath, a slow one and let it out. “Brent, what your saying sounds fantastic. You were different last night, so I know this is all sinking in. My life is a total mess and it’s about to get really bad. Part of the reason I called is that I was going to ask for your help. But I don’t want you doing it because we are Mates. Only because I still have a job to do for you. You’ve seen Leo with me, You have the testimony from one of your own wolves how he came to help me help her. How he has helped me when that other group attacked your pack.”

Brent’s tone went from apologetic to all business. “What’s wrong Sarah?”

I rubbed my face. “My mother reported my bonding with Leo. My father had put in a request and while it was approved the bonding happened before the approved date. It should have been today the day before my birthday not a few days ago.They have put together a Trial for the violation and I must report by sundown. They have also summoned my father.”

Leo added in. “If they choose to find us guilty of a violation they will attempt to kill us all.”

Brent growled low. “Not happening. They harm you and the shifters will wage war on the witches.”

I blinked. “War? Wait why does that sound like more than just your pack?”

Brent chuckled. “Because it will be. We don’t advertise this but we shifters have our own council. I happen to be a member, to attack the fated Mate of a council member is to summon death.”

Even Leo looked a little surprised at this. “Does my father know about this?”

Brent chuckled. “No, nor could he have known we would be Mates. We need to seal the Mate bond before this Coven trial. I can come to you, or you to me, I’ll let my pack and my allies know what’s going on.”

Leo nodded and spoke loud enough. “ I can come and get you, we have other allies meeting us here before the Event. I’m calling in a Fey favor of my own and David is bringing a vampire.”

Brent chuckled. “Very nice. When David shows up we can get more information on the location of the trial, ring in a favor or two to get a teleport from a magician that’s been living on another pack’s lands for years to bring in the armies if needed.”

Leo was smirking. “ You know wolf. I’m starting to like you. I’ll be at your house in a few moments.”

“Sure thing. See you soon Sarah.” He hung up and I looked at Leo.

“Holy shit.” Leo chuckled.

“Your father knew something like would happen Sarah. He had a gut feeling and Now we will look after you.” He vanished in the next moment and I was left standing naked in the bathroom, the taste of toothpaste still in my mouth, my phone in hand. I checked the text from my dad, and all of them were encouraging. We had this. I walked out of the bathroom heading for the closet to find something to wear. I know Brent had seen me naked but I wanted some clothes on first you know. A low wolf whistle, however, had me spinning around . Leo and Brent stood just inside the bathroom door.

“Damn it! I wasn’t ready yet!” I turned bright red as Brent looked like he wanted to eat me.

“If you got any better looking I’d never let you out of this room again.”

Automatically at being looked at like a fresh and juicy steak, I dashed to the bed intending to grab a blanket. Apparently dashing naked away from a honey shifter was not a good idea when he could smell the fact that him looking at me like that did turn me on. I heard the growl before seconds later I was screaming when Brent grabbed me up in his arms around my middle, my feet dangling in the air. His hot breath was on the back of my next as he growled low, his body trembled as he fought back his own instincts.

“Never run from me.” The low deep growl against my skin made me shudder, my insides clenching and my nipples turning into hard peaks. He drew in a deep breath through his nose my scent being pulled in from the nap of my neck before his growl became much deeper. “ I can smell how wet you are. Say you want this Sarah, that you want me, not just for a fuck, not just for a moment. But every day for the rest of our lives, to have me love you, need you for ever.”

I licked my lips. I could feel his rock hard body behind me, his cock pressed against my ass. It was a risk, doing this could fuck us all, and not in a good way adding another person to the Life Leo and I shared. But gods help me feeling him so needy against me, the tingles that flowed over my skin as he touched me were similar yet so different from how it felt when Leo touched me. The smell of brent sent me on overload. “You’ll be mine now and forever.”

Brent growled and threw me face first onto the bed startling me with a gasp. Before I could even bounce twice on the bed brent was crawling up behind me an arm snaking around my hips to yank my ass in the air. The feeling of his tongue licking across my already damp sex was so sudden I cried out shuddering for him. I felt totally exposed, and with the amount of strength he easily showed, tossing me like I was nothing more than a rag doll was hot as hell. Brent licked and teasing me for only a few moments more before his fingers sank into me. “Mine.”

His voice was more animal than human a growl, I turned my head to look back at him and saw his eyes were a bright wolfy gold the green almost completely gone he’d managed to strip in the few seconds I’d been in the air. He didn’t seem to want my eyes on him, Brent moved to tower over me pressing his velvet wrapped steel length against my core, the fingers that had been inside of me grabbed my head yanking my head back So I could no longer look at him. “ Mine.”

I shuddered at the way he said that word, whimpering at the sweet small amounts of pain from the tight hold on my hair. “Say it.”

I licked my lips swallowing. “Yours.”

Brent shifted just enough to line the head of his penis to my core. “Finally.” Brent drove himself into me crashing against my cervix to the point of delicious pain so I would scream for him. There was no sweetness, no romance, no tenderness, as Brent claimed me for his own. If my brain had been working I’d have compared it to How Leo’s demonic side had needed to claim me. Brent fucked my tight hole as if he was a wild man, no abandon no reason, just an inhuman fast thrusting of a mad man needing to pound his way all the way through my body. Each time he impaled me I screamed for him, over and over until my throat was raw, I don’t even know how many times I came as the first orgasm simply bled into the next, it was an unreal experience when the thick mass of his grew even harder, larger inside me. I felt like I was choking from the inside from his cock as if it was hitting the back of my throat from all the way in my core. When I felt as if I was about to just black out Brent Yanked me up from my hair until my back was pressed to his, thrusting himself fully up inside just as his mouth bit down on the side of my neck hard enough blood was drawn. Power, emotion, just this total overload of sensations hit me like a bolt of lighting, I’d had some awesome orgasms with Leo but this was one for the record books, as the mating bond was sealed before my whole world went dark.

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