Dream Walker

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Chapter 27 New Friends

I was spending far to much time blacking out from awesome sex. When I woke up I was curled up in Brents lap as he held me close to him. Leo was laying on the bed next to us his eyes closed, a rather obvious stain on the blue jeans he’d I guess tossed on when he collected Brent. It was the first time I’d noticed Leo was back to hiding his horns. I guess he didn’t think Brent was ready for it and I had to agree. It was the bright red bite mark on Leo’s neck that was a mirror image to my own that had my eyes going wide. Leo’s lips lifted slightly into a smirk. “I can feel your mind going a million miles an hour. It’s from our mark, It bled through.”

Brent huffed out a breath. “David had sort of warned me but I didn’t realize what he’d meant.” My head tilted back to look up to Brent. Fuck how did he get even more attractive? ‘Because it’s the mate bond.’ Leo’s thoughts invaded my mind. He was getting good at that.

“I feel the Mate bond to Leo as much as I feel it to you.” Brent didn’t sound all that amused by it. “ The doesn’t mean I’m going to fuck you so don’t even think about Leo.”

Leo chuckled his smirk turning wicked. “Who said I’d be on the receiving end?”

Brent of course growled, which Leo and I both ended up laughing over. Brent frowned down at me. “You want him to fuck my ass?”

He sounded so off-put by the idea.”If that’s what floats your boat sure. But Leo’s way more worried about concent then you are. He won’t rape you. Tease you endlessly and tempt you sure, but he’s all about free will.”

Leo’s hand lifted to pat my bare thigh. “Exactly.” A loud ring sounded through the house. “ Damn they got here early. “

Leo rolled off the bed with a sigh snapping his fingers he went from cum soaked jeans to clean black jeans, a red button-down shirt, and black boots. “Why don’t you two grab a shower and head down to the living room when you are done. I’ll entertain the guests for a few minutes but we only have five hours before sundown so no more play time. Sadly.”

Leo winked at us both, flicking the top button of the shirt open so the mark on his neck and our share bonding mark was more visible just before he poofed.

“He’s proud of it.” Brent’s voice sounded surprised. “ Why wouldn’t he be? We are all tied together, and as far as I know, I’m honestly happy about it.”

The wolf studied me a moment before carrying me to the bathroom. “Good, because we are going to make this work.”

I smiled at Brent Hooking my arms around his neck. “ Though I have a condition.”

He laughed. “ You and your conditions.”

I nipped his jaw lightly. “I want to mark you too.” When Brent actually missed a step I laughed. “No?”

I watched the giant man lick his lips. “Now?”

I pouted a little. “Well, Leo said no more fooling around as we don’t have enough time... But would you be alright with me just biting you and doing the sex later?”

Brent shuttered. “Yes.” His words were a growl as he set me down in the shower and turned on the water. “It will be an honor to wear the mark of my mate.”

I smiled slipping back into the already warm water. Leo’s house had the best plumbing ever so it was warm already, Brent followed me in looking hungry. “Mind lifting me up?”

I was hauled up into his arms to the point I could look down at him, his arms around my torso. I licked my lips looking at all that lovely dark skin. I brushed my fingers over where I wanted the mark to go. Brent’s eyes began to shift from his human green to that wolfy gold, and I could feel him getting hard again. I wrapped my legs around his hips, he growled softly. “ Well, I don’t want you to drop me.”

I teased him lightly and he pushed me up against the shower, pressing the head of himself against me. Leo’s voice startled us both. “I said we didn’t have time for any more fucking, and I don’t want to end up on my knees in front of our guests so please behave.”

Brent had jumped at the voice and so had I. I felt like we were a couple of teenagers caught making out. I laughed first. “Yes, sir.”

Leo tisked and vanished again. Brent looked at me. “Damn it.”

I leaned in and gave Brent a quick kiss. “Later.” I grazed my lips down along his jaw until I reached the spot on his neckline where it just met his shoulder. “Here.”

His voice was a low growl. “Yes.”

I didn’t get to make this as much fun as I wanted to but I felt the need to have Brent wearing my mark on his flesh but I did want to have a little fun with it. My lips parted against his skin slowly until I reached the limits of how wide my mouth could open and slowly I closed my teeth around his flesh. I could feel his pulse beating just under his skin, the flash of tearing that flesh away and drinking all the warm copper blood just under his skin sent a thrill down my spine but I didn’t want to kill my wolf, I wanted to mark him as mine just as he had me.

Brent groaned low his breath coming out as pants while he struggled to keep from fucking me right there in the shower. “Sarah.”

It was sexy as hell to hear him saying my name like that. I wanted to hear it again, louder, I wanted to make him cry out my name. I put more pressure into the bite until his skin tore inside my mouth, and still, I didn’t release as the copper flavor did fill my mouth. His hand gripped my hair, but he couldn’t yank me away or risk ripping out his own flesh. “Sarah… Sarah.”

Brents’ voice was breathless I felt his fingers elongating into something inhuman, claws lightly scratching my skin. I suddenly bit down harder. “Sarah!”

He roared my name against the tiles of the shower and something inside me clicked into place. I heard voices in my head I’d never heard before. I could feel his pack through our bond and I released the bite. Licking the very clear imprint of my teeth. Brent was panting, leaning against the shower, shuddering while I licked his mating mark. “My Luna.”

I didn’t know how to close out all the happy voices welcoming to the pack. Brent seemed to sense my issues. “Just think of closing a door to the voices for now, when you need the rip it open. We can work on the details later.”

I visualized that and the voices turned off. “I did it.”

Bren smiled and set me down. “Good job. We better hurry before Leo comes back.”

Five minutes later both of us were out of the shower, I dressed in a black off the shoulder jumpsuit and two inch thick healed ankle boots. Brent put back on the simple black dress shirt and blue jeans tossed over biker boots he’d worn when he came over. I loved that the men in my life liked boots as much as I did.

When we entered the living room my dad was the first face that registered. He stood and pulled me into a tight hug before pulling me back to get a look at me. He froze however when he saw the bonding mark. I guess he hadn’t looked too closely at Leo’s. When his attention snapped to Leo my Demon sort of shrugged and looked actually bashful. David frowned at Leo, some silent conversation between the two went on with just looking at each other and finally my father nodded. I raised a brow while I had watched the exchange. Dad turned that look on Brent. “ Don’t fuck this up.”

Leo burst out laughing as Brent frowned and pointed at Leo. “Why are thinking I’m going to fuck it up? What about him?”

Dad slung an arm around me. “Leo’s got insider info.” Dad tapped his temple. “He can actually be in her head 24/7 it’s nearly impossible for him to fuck it up.”

Other chuckles sounded around the room and I finally looked at the others.

The Fey Leo had invited couldn’t have been taken for everything else. One of them was blacker than the night Sky the other as golden as the sun itself. They stood as I looked at them. The pair were simply stunning the owner of the Night sky for skin was a woman, her clothing was a fashionable business slim fit pinstripe blazer and bodycon dress suit set, and four-inch black spike heels. The only thing that kept her from looking like she was about to enter an office was the fact a sword was strapped to her hips with a wide thick belt, and two shorter swords on her back. I figured she might have more weapons hidden under her suit jacket but I wasn’t about to ask. Her pitch black hair was pulled back into several tight braids along her scalp and the rest of her ankle-length hair was drawn up ponytail braid that exposed the high pointed ears. The smaller braids along her scalp were decorated with small jewels, glitter lightly dusted along her skin between the rows of braids and the main thick braid down her back had blue colored ribbons are woven throughout it that matched her suit. Her eyes glowed as if the clouds themselves lived in her eyes, dizzying colors of white to grey passing across them making them as alive as Leo’s demon eyes.

The golden Man next to her wore a suit that looked exactly like the one worn in the movie John Wick but the tie he wore was the same color as his eyes, A sapphire blue that glowed with the same powerful light as the woman next to him. His hair was just as long as the woman’s next to him but he had only part of his hair pulled back along the top of his head and tied at the back with black ribbons to show off his own ears. The rest flowed freely down his back like pure sunshine in color with no extra adornments and over the shield and sword that was secured there with a strap over his chest. At his hips, he wore a belt with two medium sized battle axes. The man spoke first.

“I am Divavasu.” The woman next to him spoke next.

“I am Cahya.” I bowed my head a fraction to them both glancing down. Letting Leo pick up the conversation.

“They are my back up for the evening, and before you ask Sarah normally only one is allowed but I think the Coven can deal with allowing both.”

Cahya snorted. “If they think to deny us we will simply kill them all.”

I blinked and Leo laughed. “Did I mention They are the assassins of the Fey courts? Well the two larger courts, the Unseelie and Seelie.”

My mouth dropped open slightly, Brent was right there with me but held his mouth shut his eyes gave himself away. “How the hell do you get back up like that?”

Leo smirked at my question. “I’m old darling, and have many stories I could tell you.”

The Last woman in the room stood. Her hair was deep dark auburn that almost looked like blood in the lighting of the lowering sun.

“ Sarah this is Lady Tora Ashamanai Varuni, a well-respected vampire elder.” She took a step forward and offered her hand, She had been sitting near my father and I took her hand shaking it. Her soft smile was painted with blood red lipstick and her eyes were bright green, a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks, she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Lovely to meet you, Sarah, your father has always spoken so highly of you.” My father cleared his throat, a habit he had when about to drop some news that might be awkward.

“Tora is my fiancee, when the divorce to your mother is finalized we will be getting married.”

I stood there a bit shocked. “A bit fast dad. Please don’t take offense Lady Tora.”

She didn’t seem offended as she laughed and moved to sit down in a chair waving her hand gracefully as if dismissing the notion of being insulted. My father however frowned.

“This coming from my daughter who is now bonded for life to two men.”

I blushed bright red. “I have known Tora since I was a teenager Sarah, far longer than your mother. When she found out I was ending my marriage she made it clear she wanted the rest of my life to be spent with her.”

I blinked and looked at the woman who just smiled politely at me. It took a moment for it all to sink in. But I knew while my father had loved my mother dearly all of my life that I could remember for the last year even more than before she had become totally unstable. ”Congratulations. Please take care of my dad, he’s had a lot to deal with.”

Her head bowed slightly, gracefully. “Of course Sarah. I care deeply for your father and I welcome you both into my family even though we haven’t finished the marriage yet I have already adopted you both into my bloodline as far as the vampire race is concerned.”

“Where will this trial be held David?” Brent asked.

“They have decided to hold it at the academy auditorium so we would have time to reach the location.” Brent nodded and pulled out a cell phone, firing off a few fast texts.

“Alright… so we are all set then?” At the nods around the room, Leo grinned.

“Let’s have some fun shall we?” We all ended up holding onto a hand or arm of another person before Leo teleported all of us to the school grounds within 30 feet of the auditorium doors. What surprised me when we got there was the fact that another 10 feet behind us stood about sixty vampires. Tora stepped form us.

“Thank you for attending my friends. I will keep you posted as to what is going on. Please don’t snack in the meantime on any wandering students.” She addressed the vampires that she had called. I could see guards outside of the Auditorium doors and they did not seem pleased with the gathering.

Brent spoke up as his phone binged a few times. “ETA on my group is five minutes though some should be arriving at any moment.” He called out. “ Lady Tora would you be kind enough to request they don’t pick fights with the shifters coming to attend? We’ve got other plans in mind tonight.”

Her musical laughter echoed in the air. “Of course Brent you are family after all.”

The vampire group shifted slightly as this was news to them.

“Thank you. All of then attend shifters have been told you are here and friendly.” Brent was taking the news of being adopted as well into the vampire family rather well.

The doors to the Auditorium opened and the witch Academy principal stepped out. “What is the meaning of all this David?”

Dad gave his boss a smile. “Well, Dean. My friends wanted to be here to support me.”

The man clearly frowned. “They cannot all come in. Only one representative each.”

The two Fey linked hands speaking as one which was only slightly creepy. “We are the light and darkness of our court, to reject either of us to stand as a witness is to insult the courts of the Fey.”

Dean backed up a fraction. “ Fine, then one of the other two has to stay behind.”

Tora stepped forward. “ If you deny me the right to defend my Fiance in his time of need you disrespect the Vampire claim to their chosen Mates”

Dean’s face darkened. “Then the shifter stays behind!”

Oh yeah, he was getting mad. Brent moved to stand not only before me but before Leo. “You have no right to stop me from standing up for the Mate the Goddess herself has chosen for me.”

Shifters began to wander up behind us and I could hear the soft growling.

Dean’s temper. “ What the hell have you done David!?”

My father shrugged. “I’m just really lovable Dean.”

All of us besides the witches and dean guarding the door laughed, including the shifters and vampires behind us. Dean was literally livid. “ You mock our traditions!”

Dad’s face hardened. “ No. Now go tell the Coven about the change in numbers because we are here and willing to get this over with.”

Dean gave another disgusted look to us all before he spat on the ground before turning to do as my dad said. And we waited for the show to start.

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