Dream Walker

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Chapter 28 The Coven

Dean wasn’t the witch that ended up returning but another teacher. Who also did not seem pleased at all by the change in the ruling.

“ The coven however not pleased will allow your defense.”

My father was the one who spoke up. “ Thank you, Jane.”

She made a small ‘humph’ sound but lead us inside without another word. By the time we had entered we had nearly one hundred and fifty folks standing outside waiting on all of us to come out whole and happy. I was surprised at the number of people supporting us when less than a week ago it was only me and my mom. The auditorium was like any normal university set up, huge stage, tones of seating, though I was shocked to see that every single seat was full. I’d never seen so many witched in attendance at any event. Whispers flowed over the entire crowd as our little mob was escorted in and on the stage was a large table where we were lead to that faced a raised platform where the chairs for the High Elders of the Coven sat waiting for us.

The Coven’s elders were the highest ranking member of each main type of witchcraft each one of them over three digits in age the youngest of them being only one hundred and three. However, three of the seats were empty only placed there out of respect for tradition through one chair the back of had been cut in half and stained with blood. These chairs were the same that sat in the main Coven Chamber in England where the Coven formed originally long ago.

The Coven factions were the Hedge witches, those that deal with the dead and departed. The Elemental Witches, the Green witches which while a form of Elemental focused solely on earth and healing magic with herbs. The Sea witches could have also fallen into the elemental class but with their ability to change their bodies and actually live in the sea they were not tossed into the much larger Elemental Lump. The Secular Witches or our battles witches is the clan both my father and I fell under. The next two filled chairs belonged to the Runic and Ceremonial witches, the runic could trigger runes carved into the skin or objects to power their spells, and the Ceremonial witches were far more limited than the rest of us because they insisted on sticking to the older and more original ways of having a ceremony for everything. Of the last two filled chairs were the skinwalkers, rumored to be the reason shifters came about, witches who could take on the skin of either other people or creatures, the spies of the witch factions. The last filled Chair sat slightly above the others the back taller this was the Dianic, an all-female faction of witches that served the Goddess directly, they thought her the highest of all powers, that nothing else should be worshiped for the powers we received.

Finally were the empty chairs, the Cosmic chair was left empty through a handful of those witches were still alive the Coven had not chosen any worthy enough for the chair as most of the ones that were alive were no older than my father and were closely guarded by the Coven. The Cosmic witches were the seer’s that looked to the stars for their predictions and so far not a single Prophecy of theirs ever failed to come true. The next empty chair belonged to my own main power, the Dream Walkers, which no one knew that a single one was still alive. And the last chair, the one that was broken and bathed in blood was the Demonologist chair the faction of witchcraft that had been blamed for the destruction of the Dream Walkers, and the near extinction of the Cosmic witches. The Demonologist witches were the reason that Bonding with a demon had been made forbidden for so long. The coven claimed the demons had wanted to remove two of our strongest clans, to blind us from the future and to prevent our walkers from sneaking into the minds of our enemies to see the truth as they slept.

As we lined up along the defense table Leo took the center, I on his right, Dad on his left, Brent took up the place next to me, Tora stood on the far left, and the two Fey for now stood behind Leo, my father, and I. The Coven elders did not look happy and it was the Elemental Elder that stood first.

“How dare you Break our rules, and then dare show up here only to break and snub our traditions once more!” I was kinda glad I didn’t know their names.

“Elder.” My father spoke. “My daughter was unaware of the date the contract permission was granted for. If anyone is at fault in this it is me and I swear to such information on pain of death.”

The Elder turned to him sparks flashing in her eyes. Yikes, lightning elemental.

“You! Don’t even get me started on you. Just the other day you come in here demanding a divorce from your wife, a respected member of my clan After that Demon had cursed her! Then what do you do? You Bring another woman, not even a witch but a Vampire here to stand as your Fiancee! Do you have no shame?!”

My father’s chin lifted. “ I have reported over the years every time my wife has lost control of her abilities. Every time that loss has harmed me or my child. I have asked for years for you and the leaders of the Elemental witches to help me help my wife. I have never once received the aid requested. You can ask the Green witches how many times I have brought myself and My daughter into their care to be healed after attacks from my own wife.”

Gasps had gone through the audience at my father’s admission and before the Elemental Elder could say more the Green witch elder stood. “David Stone speaks the truth in this Matter.”

The Elemental Elder spun and faced off against the Green Elder. “How dare you claim we did not do our job you know nothing!”

The Green witch Elder stared at the Elemental Elder as the Skinwalker Elder stood. “The Green Elder is correct. After the first two years and you prevented Aid to David he came to us asking for help in gaining proof enough that your people would finally step in and help his wife who was losing control and risked the life of her own child.”

This was way more drama then I had expected. “We have proof, and even submitted it to you ourselves unless you wish to call both our factions liars as well as we present the proof to every person here.” The skinwalker Elder smiled.

“If I recall the last report which was before the bonding of the child and demon even came to pass I presented on your desk myself.” It took everything in me not to cheer, and fight back the smile that so badly wanted to escape. The skinwalker was not done, however.

“I call now that the vote for the divorce of Amy and David Stone.” The Skinwalker held up his hand first, the second was the Green Witch. The only elder that did not was the Elemental Elder then to my surprise almost every single hand of the witches in attendance raised. I felt my eyes tear a little at the solid show of support. My hand moved to link with my fathers.

The Green Witch Elder spoke, her voice calling out loudly. “The call has been heard and Answered. The marriage of Amy and David Stone is no more, the documentation will be written now on such to make it legal before sunrise. The Ceremonial Elder stood up next as the Elemental Elder angrily flopped down in her chair. The Ceremonial Elder looked as if he was the eldest of all.

“ The tradition of waiting until the assigned time has been broken. From the symbol, you two seem to wear proudly on your chest.” His voice seemed almost disgusted. “You have made the bond so it can not be broken. If it had been just the first stage it could have been easily broken and reset. We can not allow a demon to break the rules set done upon a contract.”

“You speak of tradition being kept. If this is so what gave you the right to set rules against a witch and a Demon bonding? From your own History texts the first witches, aside from the Dianic, were given their knowledge, their power from Demons.” Leo’s words caused several witches began to get upset even in the crowd as Leo Questioned the Elders so.

“You know nothing of our history Demon! You are not even listed as an approved demon to be bonded to a witch as your legacy is not listed or registered with us. The only reason it was allowed is that you have served the stone family before and calamity befell them but that bond was nothing like this!” Even the old Ceremonial Elder was riled by Leo.

Leo smirked. “You claim you have never used the knowledge given to you by demons? I would consider your words with care.”

The Elder’s back straightened.”How dare you Demon.”

Leo spoke. “He does not deny it because this Elder has Summoned at least one demon every year since his eighteenth Birthday. Making deals by trading small amounts of Magic and power. Now I ask you is that not what the Bond between Sarah and I is?”

The Elder was speechless for a moment then cried out as the whispers ran across the crowd. “We all know Demons lie!”

The Fey that stood behind Leo then spoke as one. “ But we Fey do not. You may not remember as clearly as we but on the fourth full moon seventy winters past you stood against a Fey named Arianna who had come to kill you for a crime against the Fey having stolen the blood of a Fey.”

The Elder’s face contorted in Rage. “Silence!”

The Fey, however, did not and still, they spoke together as if they were the same person and not two separate. “To survive an Assasian of they Fey you summoned a Demon called Akando, an ambush demon grating both power and wealth to the summoner of conditions are met.”

When the Elder pulled a white orb from under his robe, bitting his other thumb to smear it across the orb as he began to chant. Everyone in the room began to Panic but the other Elders. Finally, they came to action standing as if to stop him but the Elder had cast his spell jumping from the platform as a Demon was summoned at his side.

“You damned Fey! I will kill you all for this! Akando I beg for the power to end them all and Leave this place alive and well! I will give you all of the souls of my faction!.”

Witches began to run for the doors, the remaining Elders made a semi-circle around the Ceremonial Elder and his demon. The funniest part about this was, No one at our table even thought of running. With the confidence, Leo gave off, the two Fey behind him itching for a fight. Dad shifting to stand slightly in front of Tora, and Brent’s hands extending into claws. Without a word passed between us, we were all about to fight.

The Dianic Elder spoke. “You are unfit to be an Elder.” The other Elders nodded in agreement with her.

“Akando.” At Leo’s voice, the demon turned and the dark-skinned demon that had only a monstrous and twisted form seemed to pale.

Akando took to a knee the orb in the ceremonial Elder’s hand shattered. “Our Deals are off witch. May the Darkness keep you Lord.” Was Akando’s final words as the summoning spell was shattered.

The Elder screamed. “ NO! You can not run! I need you!”

The Elder’s prepared to take out the traitor. Leo, however, put a hand on my shoulder and in my head spoke to me.

‘Let's have some fun. You remember the spell I put on your mother?’ Of course, I answered him back in the same fashion.

‘You said it was a type of Medusa spell.’ I saw his lips twitch.

‘Exactly, but older. I want you to do the spell this time, I will tell you every word to mumble, and feed you any extra power you need. I know you can do this.’ I gave a small nod something Brent picked up. He shifted into a more defensive position when he realized we were up to something. They Fey, my father, and Tora all picked up on the same.

Leo fed me the words for the spell and I did mumble them exactly as he said them. I felt power run through me at the old runic language lifting my right hand finally as the first of the spell was in place and catching the Elder off guard. When the other Elders noticed he was frozen they looked around until they caught me holding up my hand and holding the Elder in place. Mixed emotions passed between them but I had a pissed off Insane Ceremonial Elder to deal with first.

“Very good Sarah.” Leo spoke aloud. “ Now for the second part of the spell.”

Leo went back to feeding me the information for the second part of the spell. The issue was I could feel the Elder now fighting back. “He’s fighting it.”

I’d spoken aloud and Leo touched his hand to our bonding mark on my chest pushing power into me. “Hold on my little witch and just go back to working the spell, focus only on that. We will keep you safe.”

I nodded and went back to muttering the second part of the spell. I lifted my other hand the ring forming around the Elder’s neck first just as it had with my mother however the color was not golden like Leo’s it was the same hazel color of my eyes, an almost purple blue mixed with a deep green and blue-gray swirls, sweat broke out across my forehead and down my back at the strain this spell was causing with the Elder fighting like hell to get out of it. Two other rings split from the first moving to wrap the same wrist points as they had on my mother, the symbols I recognized from before flashing. I was doing it. I could do this just as the bands began to sink into the skin of the Elder the Runic Elder shouted.

“We can not allow her to seal and elder! What if she steals his magic as they did Amy!?”

The other Elders all froze as what the Runic Elder proposed but none of them joined the runic Elder as he moved to attack us.

Two runic stones were thrown at us, my father had set up a shield spell long before and they smashed against it. Both of the Fey charged from the safety of the shield bubble weapons drawn and went After the runic Elder. The Fey cut every small Rune stone thrown at them, smashing the spells to dust before they could do harm until Divavasu was able to get ahold of the Elder with one hand yanking him close enough to bash his forehead into the old witch. The elemental Elder was quick then to join the fight with the full intention of going after my father. Tora, however, met the Elemental Elder with a flash of speed faster than I had ever seen Leo move. She was ruthless in her attack sending the Elder witch crashing across the stage against the base of the Elder platform. The Fey left the Runic Elder out cold on the floor and returned behind the table

The other Elder’s, however, did not enter the fight. Not yet. As I finished the seal I collapsed Brent and Leo both catching me. Leo handed me off to Brent, however. Tora returned to stand by my father and except for me resting in Brent’s arms, we were all back where we started.

“There you are, one insane elder sealed for you to do with as you please. When you examine the spell you will find we can not, in fact, steal his abilities or drain power from him as the other elder suggested.”

The crowd of witches that had been unable to escape as the doors had been sealed began to calm down and some even sat back down. The remaining Elders studied us and it was the Sea Elder that spoke first. “You taught her the spell demon?”

Leo nodded. “Yes. She does not have the magic yet to handle it on her own.” he smiled and it was cold, however. “ But she will never be alone.”

The other members of our little group moved closer as if to back up Leo’s statement. The Sea Elder nodded. “The mark was still given to soon, but it seems even our own Elders have been breaking our rules.”

The Sea Elder looked to the others. “I say we study the spell they have sealed the former Ceremonial witch with, if their claims are true we.. forgive this oversite on the father’s behalf as they have saved us the trouble of fighting another Elder?”

The entire room went silent as the remaining Elders considered, one by one they nodded and as one said.”Agreed.”

I let out the breath I had been holding, then the Dianic Elder spoke. “You have passed your third trial. Congratulations Sarah, After your powers come into their full life you will still face four more before being accepted as a full witch. You will not know where, when, or what these trials will be. Good luck, I know I look forward to the show. Trial dismissed.”

I lay there blinking in Brents’ arms stunned. This had all been an elaborate test? Part of my trials. What the fuck!?

“Thank you, Coven.” My father spoke before leading out little band out of the building. When we got outside our group had grown to so many people I couldn’t even count. Upon seeing us and Tora calling out. “ WE WON!”

Everyone, vampire, shifter, and a few witches that joined our little group roared out the loudest cheer I’d ever heard. My father then shouted out. “ PARTY AT THE SONE HOUSE!!”

The cheers got louder! And our huge mob started to walk down the road like a freaking parade.

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