Dream Walker

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Chapter 29 Party!

By the time we reached my house I’d gotten enough of my own energy back to walk with the mob, though at some point the mod had started to sing songs and I tell you what they were all over the board. Everything from old folktales to Queen,Opera, the Beach Boys Elvis, Adam Lambert, and Maroon Five. If folks brought cars they just left them behind more interested in walking with our mob, I was laughing and singing along with the rest of the group, Leo had joined me, and everyone was on this high of energy that was passing around the group. When we reached the house Dad brought out an old school stereo, ordered a TON of Piazza, Soda, Desert options from the nearby Pizza place. He was laughing by the time he finished. “ They told their customers in the store they had to close early because everything in stock was just bought out.”

I blinked at my dad. “ How much did you spend dad? We don’t have that sort of money!” My dad grinned at me and pointed at Leo who simply shrugged. I was glaring at both of them.

“What’s going on?” Leo sighed.

“You deserve the best Birthday.” It was sweet.

“How much are you spending?” Leo laughed.

“To me, this is less than a drop in a bucket.” I frowned harder.

“That is not the point.” He smirked at me.

“Of course it is. I want to throw you a party. The expense is my idea, my dime, and My wishes to give you the best birthday. I’ve never gotten to give you one before and I have twenty years to make up for.” I blinked at him. Speechless for a moment but when I did get my voice back I wasn’t mad, how could I be after that.

“You don’t have t…” Leo cut me off by stealing a kiss.

“ I wanted to do so, now, please enjoy my present and all these fun guests that want to party with you.” And that ended my entire fight over the subject. I mean honestly what girl can say no to that?”

Brent cleared his throat from behind me and held out a small box. I frowned a moment. “You didn’t have…”

He stopped me even before Leo did and just looked at me. “ Oh Fine!” I took the box by swiping it out of his hand grumbling only to see him grin. I opened the box and it was a stainless steel pendant with a crescent moon and a howling wolf that fit into the palm of my hand.

“It’s pretty. Thank you.”

I turned back to Leo. “And I guess thank you also for getting all the food and drinks for a proper party for everyone.”

Leo winked at me, and I put the necklace on over my neck. Brent beamed all happily, and when dad started to play ‘Play that Funky Music White Boy.’

We all burst out laughing, Leo grabbed my hand and yanked me out towards the dancing crowd. It didn’t take long for damned near everyone to end up dancing to that song, even Tora and Dad started to dance. At that moment, surrounded by a few folks I knew and many I still didn’t I honestly felt like I was part of a family. When Alice rushed up calling my name. “Sarah!”

To say the least I was surprised but hugged her. She giggled and started to dance with us Alec rushing to catch up. “ Happy Birthday!”

I couldn’t help but smile, I had a few friends in my human classes, but almost no in my witch classes because of who my father was, a former Hunter for the Coven. He was one of the people called to deal with witches when they broke the laws, and some folks held grudges. “Thank you, Alice, how are you feeling?”

I had to shout over the music but she laughed. “I feel fantastic! I feel free. Thank you so much Sarah. “

I hugged the smaller girl again. “I’m glad I could help, honestly.”

Alice grinned. “ And now you’re our Alpha! So I get to see you all the time.”

I paused and realized they expected me to move to the pack lands. I looked at Leo and his voice floated into my mind. “We will work it out.”

I gave him a smile as ‘Super Freak’ started. We all laughed a little. My dad had an interesting choice in music. We all danced for another two hours until the delivery vehicles arrived. It was literally ten cars stacked full, and many of the shifters were more than happy to help unload. I hadn’t noticed before but when the food and drinks were served Cahya and Divavasu were still actually here, and were eating. I waved to them and Cahya waved back, Div sent me a head nod, apparently, the Fey stuck around for the party part. Not a single person was every gonna believe I had Fey assassins at my 21st birthday party. If you told me a week ago I’d be at a bash with over two hundred souls having a blast, and now dancing to ’Get Down On It’ I’d have told you no way.

Near midnight my dad set ’Celebration’ My head was thrown back and I was laughing. When the song ended he cut the music, against many protests, of course, called out loudly.”We have about two minuted until my girl’s Birthday hits! For those of you that haven’t been to a Witche’s awakening, it can be one hell of a power show so we are gonna move my pretty girl away from the crowd, put up a protective circle so no one gets BBQ’d”

Some folks laughed until Div called out. “It’s no joke, I’ve watched even a powerful Fey become badly burned when an Elemental Witch hit her awakening. She lit up like the sun.”

A lot of the vampires moved back at that, and some of the shifters as well. My Dad set up the first circle, Leo set up the second, and two of my father’s former teammates who was introduced to me as Zeek, and Jack set two more outside of that. The four of them took up around me and the circles, linking hands to make up the fifth circle. Hopefully, that would be enough, I was getting a little nervous when the crowd began the count down causing me to laugh.







No one finished the one as my power hit and took the shape of an actual bolt of lighting dad’s circle faltered. “Open the Mark fully Sarah!”

I heard Leo shouting as it felt like I was burning alive with power, I threw the gates wide open on our mark, begging him to take part of all that power. Leo took what he could, his managed to keep his horns hidden but his eyes flared the demonic molten lava color as he fought to hold on to the second circle. Then the second bloodline within me awakened I hadn’t realized that had only been my mothers until that moment. I screamed as every nerve ending inside of my body burned alive. The same energy swords my father used to fight with appeared around me, much like the magic Leo had used when fighting that Demon. Leo’s voice rang out. “ It won’t hold RUN!”

The crowd ran for it, heading towards the tree line, Leo’s shield shattered, He then teleported my father, his two friends and Leo himself as the energy hit the next circle, it only took seconds for it to fall, then the last was hit. It held but barely. Thankfully the crowd was all supernatural and got well away from me before the third hit and my dream walker blood fully awakened.

I felt Leo shut the mark off, walling me off from him, and I know he’d hit a limit of what he could take, or what he was afraid to bleed over from me next.

I didn’t scream as the last bloodline hit, it was like someone tossed Ice over my burning body and I blacked out hitting the ground, the last circle shattering as my body hit the ground. I, however, was standing next to my body. I could see glowing forms in the distance of all the people that had come to my party, I could see Leo’s color, and my father’s mixed into the distance, Brent was already rushing back to me. I couldn’t hear any words, my bond to Leo and even the bond to Brent had been shut down, likely the men feared what any further bleed over would do to them.

My dream world was even more vivid, more detailed than ever before. I turned to look around, it looked almost like the real world but the colors were brighter, more alive than reality as if I could also see the energy that gave it life. “You can.”

I spun around, my eyes wide as I stared at a Demon who radiated more power than Leo. I reached for my body and with a flick of the demon’s wrist, my body was moved to his feet.

Around his head was a full crown of horns nearly a foot in length, the width of each horn was larger than his fingers and a total of thirteen in Number. His skin was nearly black, mixed with red veins, and eyes that looked like blood. And he wore a black robe like the ones you picture when someone says dark ritual ceremony. He waved his hand and a chair appeared behind him and next to me. “Sit child. Let us Talk for a time.”

I licked my lips looking to the chair as the Demon sat in his own, at my hesitation he sighed.” I could simply force the issue by either tossing you in it and binding you, or by causing harm to your body.”

I sat down. That last one was a threat I was not willing to test out. “Good girl.”

I had to grit my teeth at the demeaning sound of those two words.

“Now... where were we? Ah Yes, You can.”

I blinked at him. “I can what?”

He chuckled. “ You can see the life energy in any and all Objects now in the Dreamworld.”

I blinked. Not sure what to say, saying wow seemed so lame. He chuckled. “ Perhaps it is lame, but it won’t matter if you say it aloud or in your mind.”

My eyes went wide, I had no clue how he was doing that. Reading my mind in my dream state? Hell being in the dream realm was rare enough for demons. He just watched me, his expression amused. “So you do know a little bit even with being blocked from your abilities for most of your life. Good. Now we need to give you a little bit of a crash course. You know you can enter the mind of another person’s dreams, meddle if needed. But what you fail to know is you can take total control of a sleeping body, use it and it’s abilities in any way you wish.”

“Seriously?” My tone held all the shock I was feeling, that was a hell of an ability.

“Yes, and that’s why Dream Walkers were so feared…” He smirked and the look reminded me of Leo. Must be a demon thing. “Here is a question for you. Demon packs so long ago between witches were common yes?”

“Yes, witches from every faction spoke with demons off and on, bonding when it benefited them.” He clapped.

“Good you know a bit of your history. So why would we send our Faction to Kill Dream Walkers?” I frowned.

“ I don’t know how about you tell me.” He smirked again.

“Tell me something about Demons. Are we required to sleep?” I shook my head and it dawned on me.

“Demons never has to sleep, you all could simply stay awake and there is nothing we can do… wait what about your witches maybe you wanted us to stay away from them.” He chuckled.

“Very good, but no. Being bonded to a demon means you’ve tied another soul into your body possession is hard to start with, but having two souls able to share the same space means twice the person allied to fight if they figure out you are possessing them. Dream walkers have never been and never will be a threat to the Demonology Faction or to demons.” I stared at him.

“The Dream Walkers were not wiped out by you all.” The Demon clapped his hands.

“Very good Sarah, very good. No, they were not, and when we were blamed, cut off, and our witch partners killed it limited the Demon’s power greatly. It’s why your family has been protected for generations, though Leo was never told why.” This was a whole lot of new information.

“What do you mean?” He chuckled.

“Leo has been tasked with protecting your father’s bloodline until your birth. Though he was only told to protect your family regardless of anything else. None of you were allowed to die before your time. You, dear girl, have been destined for a long time. But then again you were aware of the prophecy, to an extent.” I licked my lips. This Demon knew way too much.

“Who are you?” He laughed, the sound of his laughter was so creepy I wanted to move further away.

“Good, you have finally asked. I child am Paimon, a king of Hell. “ I could feel all the would be blood draining from my face. I was fucked, royally fucked.

I saw a glint take to his eye before his chuckled low in his throat. “Perhaps you are... I have a task for you. This is not one of those petty trials the witches thought up for you. That reminds me did you come to realize what they spoke of? The two other trials?” I realized I had been so distracted I didn’t think about it.

Once again his chuckle made my skin crawl. “Think hard child, think very hard. What two Trials have you faced?”

I stared at him a moment then sat back in the chair thinking it over. I racked my brain but the only things that kept coming to mind, the only issues I’d had in months besides normal tests at school was the dream, James, and my mother. He smiled and nodded.

“You have it, though not this dream... However, if you wish to go over that in detail I’ll gladly listen in.” I turned bright red, then it sank in.

“James and my mother?” My wide eyes looked to the demon.

“Of course child. Why would a boy that cared for you so, treated you right turn so suddenly into a beast worthy of kidnapping, rape, and more if he’d not been stopped?” He didn’t stop there. “And you mother has been your oldest trial. Over the years her own faction poisoned her emotions, making her more and more unstable to see if you would survive or gain an instability from the emotional distress.”

I stared at him wide-eyed. “They...”

He nodded. “Yes. Without question. Think about it, it is the only answer that makes sense.”

To say I was shell shocked was putting it mildly. He allowed me to let it all sink in a few minutes until I began to get angry. He smiled then. “Wonderful. So now you are aware. Now then about my task.”

I frowned at him. “ What do you want? And why should I do it?”

He threw back his head laughing. “ Oh, I like you child! Very amusing. You will..” His hand lifted pointed North. “ Head into the deep Northern Forest even the witches Dare not cross at the edge of the Coven’s land in this area. You have five days to reach the castle hidden in it’s center and meet the witch that resides there. Why you ask, well to regain your body of course. If you fail, you know what being away from your body so long can mean.”

‘Oh shit.’ Was all I could think.

“Do not think of bothering to try and gain aid from Leo. Your bond was blocked by him when your third power took place, Your wolf Mate has done so as well to protect the pack.’ Paimon seemed overly pleased by that fact. “Until you return to your body and the bonds are reopened both of them are stuck locked away from you.”

I licked my lips. This was bad.

“Yes, yes it is for you. You have five days Sarah, get moving.” Paimon grabbed the arm of my unconscious body and vanished with it. “ No, wait! Fuck….”

The chairs vanished and I landed with a soft thud on the ground. Flashed of light rushed past me as people came rushing back in to find my body, apparently, he’d held them off, or suspended time I don’t know. I looked at Leo’s, Brents, and my father’s worried energy as they moved around where my dream state stood. I could stay here until my father slept, or someone. But none of them would sleep anytime soon. I knew that. I was out of options. I stood up, dusting myself off and took off heading North at a full out run. My body had been taken by a King of Hell and I had to play his game to get my body back.

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