Dream Walker

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Chapter 30 Flight

The biggest difference between the dream world and reality is that your limits are not the same as in reality. You don’t have to eat, you don’t have to drink, your speed, your strength, all depends on the limits you place on your self in your own dreams. When you enter the mind of another person, in their dream world you have to fight within the limits they set, normally unknowingly, on that world. As a Dream Walker, we can push those limits to an extent, use some of our own abilities to change the world but it’s very hard to do a whole remake on their world... Or is used to be for me. That thought made me trip, thankfully I caught myself before I fell. Did I even have limits now? What could I really do?

I wanted to test it, I really did, but the issue was while I was in the realm of dreams I was not in my own head if that made sense. I was in the open dream world, a collection of dreams that escaped the minds of those that dreamed them. Some people think when they wake the dreams are gone, but not always. A dream is powered by the imagination which is a form of energy. Which many religions also have stories of their gods creating reality within dreams. What do you think happens when many people have the same dream? Nightmares are the most common mass dreams, but if even one fragment of a dream repeats enough it can escape one mind and enter the free dream realm to move around and haunt other’s dreams as it wishes.

While this made the dream world fascinating, it also made it deadly. When they had that horrifying clown movie that gave a third of the world the same nightmare... Man, that was horrible, that thing still wanders around the dream world. Then you have the dream creatures. Most religions and countries have some sort of dream Monster, god, or demons that would haunt or protect people.

For a Dream Walker like myself the Oneiroi, Baku, and even Morpheus aren’t that bad. The sandmen, however, can go either way. I met Morpheus by mistake once as a child, when I was six and had my first full out of body walking experience, he left me in a clearing and later sent and Oneiroi to help get me home. They were nice and made sure I got home safely, made sure to stress what happened to my parents. It took four visits for my parents to realize just how serious I was. The fourth visit a Nue had found me if it had not been for the Oneiroi I had befriended I would have never made it back to my body. When woke up screaming, claw marks on my arm and told my father a Nue is what attacked me he finally believed. Neither of my parents had ever mentioned anything about such a Monster as that, there is no way I’d have gotten that knowledge. Then you have Mare’s and no not pretty horses, the Mare in the dream world is short for Nightmares and Phobetor is the Master of the mare. Of course, there are other things that go bump in the dream world but these were the most well known and the ones I wanted to avoid most.

After what seemed like forever I finally saw the edge of the woods, even in the dream world, you could see the magic lines of protection around the edges of witch territory. I paused, studying the walls. Normally such things would be in a full dome around the area, but the witches that made this originally never really considered flying over and as the newer generations had no one that could see the protections like I could in this realm they just assumed. Which explains how demons, vampires, and shifters could just walk in and out of the territory without invitation. Man, these witches were lazy.

I stood staring at the spells for a few minutes there was no way I was getting over that normally, it was over fifty feet high, and even bending the dream world, altering it, I had to have something to work with first. I looked around until I saw under some of the tree’s on this side of the spell wall were piles of leaves. I ran for them and only upon reaching them did I flop back into the pile rolling in it. I closed my eyes and formed the image in my mind of what I needed, using the leaves as I base I built myself a set of wings with the leats and fallen branches so it was if they grew out of my shoulders. I stood and grinned at my handy work, I flexed and they moved, but I wasn’t done yet. I brushed my fingers down the edge of the leaves, picturing not the texture of plant life but the texture of feathers, moving, stretching, growing until my back was covered with wings made from the colors of the earth.

I spun as the sound of clapping scared the crap out of me. When I caught sight of the person I instantly know who it was. “Granger! You scared the hell out of me!”

He had given me the name to call him, which of the greek dream gods he really was I had no idea, Later I found out that the Oneiroi were really just the two demon winged gods, but Granger had always helped and looked after me so I did not fear him, He always looked like a young boy with black wings to me, never showing me any other form. “Well well, little Sarah is all grown up and wandering the world of dreams and far from your body again.”

I huffed and shifted the wings I’d created for myself. “It is good to see you but I’m in a hurry.”

I jumped into the air, and used the wings to climb high and higher, Granger followed me. “What’s the rush Sarah?”

I huffed. “ A demon stole my body and I have only five days to get to it before I won’t have the strength to do so.”

Granger flew closer so he was just out of reach of me. “I could help you. I know the dream realm better than anyone. “

We managed to fly up over the wall and I lowered myself to the other side, I didn’t rid myself of the wings, I might fly more, but having a dream god on my side could be useful. I tilted my head looking at him. “ And what do you want in return?”

Granger grinned at me, his appearance was no older than a ten-year-old boy. “ Did you know Dream Walkers are the only mortal that can reproduce with a dream god?”

I paled. “ No. No way. I don’t do children.”

His laughed shooting up into the air and twirling when he landed He was a fully grown male with a golden mane of hair down his back the wings had turned soft and fluffy like all those photos of angels and he was nude. I blinked at him my mouth falling open slightly, even his voice had changed. “I’m not actually a child in any respect but it’s easier to look after small children in dreams If I look like them.”

My hand lifted to my neck where my mate bond was and I rubbed it gently. “Look, Granger, I’m flattered honestly but I’m mated to a shifter and Bound to a demon, I’ve got too many men on my plate as it is to have another.”

He sighed. “I can fuck millions of women in their dreams, taking on the shape of any man they want Sarah. But none of them can give me a child like you can when you physically walk back into your body the child we form inside you would grow in your physical body. I have waited a long time for you to grow up, then just as I thought you would return to me your parents kept the wards up even after you came to the age of bearing children. I was rather annoyed by such.”

He didn’t move closer but studied me like I was as steak which creeped me out. “ It has been so long since an untrained woman dream walker entered the dream world… so very long.”

Granger lunged at me, I just jumped into the sky and took flight in time. He laughed and followed me, his skills in the dream world far stronger than my own. “ Don’t worry Sarah, once I fill you with my seed and I feel the life growing in you I’ll make sure to return you to your body.”

“Shit..” I hissed under my breath, using my new wings as best as I could trying to outrun him but staying on course. Why the hell was everyone so interested all of a damned sudden! I heard his laughter behind me felt his hands grazing my ankle, or the side of my foot every time I took a turn a dive yet still he laughed. He was playing with me and it made me angry. I pushed power into my legs, and this time into the wings I have given myself. “Hermes.”

I didn’t have to shout it this time, Simply said it and my battle magic flared into my limbs. The next time he grabbed for my foot I twisted and kicked his hand away before forcing my wings flap once hard. I was shocked when I shot up four times as far as before. Granger was slightly below me where I’d left him holding his hand when he looked up at me his expression was animalistic. “ So you do know a little bit... This will make the game more fun.”

“Fuck..” I cursed under my breath and made a full-on run for it, well flight for it.” I used the wings I’d created as fast and hard as I possibly could, pushing my limits, adding my own power to them. Diving down into the tree’s to try and use them as cover, making it more difficult to be found. Granger was relentless, taunting me, calling out my name, hunting me through the trees. I felt more alone now that both Brent and Leo were cut off from me, Perhaps I’d grown to lean on Leo too much to fast. I had to think, had to figure out what to do, how to get away from a fucking dream god! I missed running into a tree by inches, In in the distance, I could finally see a castle, the edge of it and hope filled my heart. Maybe, maybe I could reach the castle, Granger grabbed my ankle and yanked me back, his other hand grabbing a wing he ripped it from my back. I screamed as part of the magic I’d made had been torn from me and he released me letting me fall.

With only the one wing I spiraled down to the ground catching limbs along the way I slowed my fall so when I hit the wind was knocked out of me but I was alive, whole.

Granger landed above my head. “I missed a good hunt. You aren’t bad. Will you run from me every time Sarah?”

His voice was slightly breathy but When he grabbed my hair yanking me up so hard by my hair tears filled my eyes and I cried out from pain just so he could force me to look at him he was grinning and rock hard. “You will make a fine mother for my children. Every night I’ll haunt your dreams, filling you with my seed so you birth hundreds of my children and I can finally overthrow my brother and every being will suffer from my nightmares.”

My eyes went wide Granger was Phobetor god of nightmares. “Now you understand.”

He ripped the other wing from my back and the golden male appearance he’d put on vanished. He changed to James and fear snaked through me. “I can see your fears just below the surface, when I grabbed you, you thought of him When he had drugged you When he had you tied and defeated.”

He laughed and I had thought Paimon’s laugh was evil, no, this being was a living nightmare, something worse than just a demon. He wanted to break me, mind spirt, and body. His hand fisted in my hair yanking me higher. “But I don’t need to drug you, you are in my world Sarah, did you really think you’d get away from me? That I would let you escape me now that I finally have you? And helpless at that, your marks sealed.”

He laughed again, using his abilities to alter dreams he shoved a ring gag into my mouth. Zip ties around my hands forcing them behind my back and more around my ankles so I couldn’t move. “First Sarah I’ll have that pretty mouth, then that tight little ass, and then, then I will spend all night and the next three days fucking your cunt and every other hole until there is no chance you won’t be carrying my child when I allow you to go home. And when I send you home, it will only be once I’ve put a mark on you myself, so I can enter your dream any time I wish.”

I screamed for Leo around the gag, tears rolling down my cheeks while the god of nightmares in his true grotesque form shoved his penis into my restrained mouth. His fingers were twisted into my hair so hard he was pulling it out of my scalp, and I gagged every time he shoved himself down into my throat. It was disgusting, vile, horrible to have the control, the choices ripped away from me, to have this monster using my body against my will. I prayed it would be over soon, I prayed that somehow Leo would save me, that anything would save me. Finally, I felt him releasing down my throat with a pleased grunt. He threw me to the ground, pumping more of his semen out onto my body while I cried, staring at him with hate. “Good, still a bit of fire left in you. Let’s see how you fight when I rape that tiny tight little ass hole of yours.”

Phobetor ripped my clothes away, all of them until I lay there tried to fight him off. He slapped me hard four times before I was dazed enough to stop fighting him. “ Good girl, You’ll learn.”

He rolled me onto my side, shoved my legs up. When I tried to squirm away he grabbed my hair again, yanking back hard. I screamed around the ring. “ Hmm, Shame that muffles those screams a bit. Let’s hear all of your screams when I tear your ass apart.”

The ring gag was gone only second before he forced himself inside my ass. I screamed in pain, feeling my ass tearing around him. He growled in satisfaction, I screamed again but this time it wasn’t because of him. “Breksta! Mother! Help me! Please, Breksta!! Help a daughter of Dreams!! Mother!!”

Phobetor stopped and Punched me hard against my face. “ Shut up! How do you even know that name! How dare you..”

The dream world around us shifted, chaos blurring all the images but the two of us until it was pure darkness but for the form of a woman walking out of that darkness. “ Who thinks to summon me?”

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