Dream Walker

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Chapter 31 Tears

Breksta stood before us, a true Goddess of night, of sleep. She herself had many names, one of them and the most commonly known was Nyx if we wanted to keep to the Greek names anyway. Phobetor didn’t move as she came before us, he did not fear her outright though she was far older, for she was the goddesses we prayed to as Dream Walkers and the only Goddess I sought out guidance and help from. Breksta’s silent steps made the darkness grow, her hair a waterfall of Midnight waves so deep and rich in color shimmers of blue reflected from the jeweled stars that decorated her hair some of the constellations easily noticeable. Upon her head was a crown of the phases of the moon in a silverish metal so pure it was nearly white. Her skin was paler than the moon itself and flawless not a single shadow or blemish, stories spoke that she was far more lovely than even the Greek Goddess of love. Now I’d never beheld any Goddess before but I was horribly Ugly compared to the vision of perfection before me. Her gown looked as if it was sewn from the living cosmos itself, Nebulas shifted and moved through the folds of fabric, stars winking in the distance, and meteors racing across the train of her gown. The gown left the pure bare skin of her neck, shoulders, and top swells of her large breasts to be seen by all who would dare look upon her, then flowed down the full length of her arms and body to hide the rest of her. The bodice, however, did hug her so tight it left nothing to the imagination, her body in the perfect hourglass shape with a hip scarf of such pure black it swallowed any light, hung across her hip to accent just how wide they were.

“Mother.” Phobetor rammed himself into my ass hard making me scream, as pain ripped through my body.

“She is mine. I caught her, she is mine by right to do with as I wish!” Phobetor spoke to the Grand Goddess and he continued to thrust into my ass as if he thought that would prove his right to claim me as if I was property. I fought back the urge to keep screaming, to vomit before the Goddess and seem weak to her.

I did my best to only focus on her, tears still rolling down my face, her graceful form blurred before me. “Please mother of the night, of the world in which I walk. Help me.”

Her right hand flung up from her side, fingers flicking at us and suddenly Phobetor was gone, as well as my ties. I sat up slowly, wincing, bleeding still from where he had raped my ass. “I can send you back to him if you do not answer correctly child, I shall let him keep you for as long as he wishes. I do not enjoy taking toys from my grandchildren.”

I swallowed fear clear in my expression and nodded. “Yes, Great Mother I understand.”

We stood in the chaotic swirls of the darkness she created, shapes, images of unknown things swirling in the altered area of the dream world. Her voice held a flicker of annoyance. “You call me mother, but I did not birth you child. Explain why you think you have the right to call me such.”

I licked my dry lips, wanting to throw up the vile taste of the dream god. “I am a Dream Walker, you are the Great Goddess, the Mother of all Dream Walkers.” I sat up a little more. “ You are the Goddess of Veils, the ruler over Dreams, Dreamers, prophecy in dreams. You protect all of your dreamers from dusk until dawn the only Goddess to keep watch so from sunset to sunrise, in your stillness your presence is known in grand dreams, your voice echoes in the souls of every Dream Walk as our souls wander the night. Our Goddess who keeps us safe from all harm if we pray to you and honor you in ritual. You are the Night itself, living, breathing, born before even the Earth all my kind live upon. You came before all other Goddesses, and all others fear your power for you hold more than any. You used pure chaos to mold and make what you wished.”

She studied me openly. “ I have not heard that spoken of a Walker since long before your birth child. How did you even know of me as the Mother of Walkers? Who teaches my ways still?”

I relaxed only a fraction taking a slow breath. “ The day my father knew I was a Walker he spared no expense to find any and all information he could about Walkers though most was destroyed.”

She nodded sending the stars within her hair dancing as if she shook the sky itself. “Yes, they killed my children in the day, when I could not watch over them. I felt the loss of the children I had blessed. But you have forgotten something child, the Ritual in which I gave my Walkers to speak to me, to gain my favor, to keep my anger at bay.”

I paled, stilling completely as she told me this She watched me. “That was not listed was it?”

I shook my head and she sighed the darkness around her growing, crawling up my legs. “You must be taught before we may speak again in more detail for no information is free.” She tapped a finger to her lips and I noticed she had small stars painted on nails that matched the lovely gown she wore. “But what should we do about such a dishonor in the way you called for me. It is important I make an example of you.”

Finally, she smiled and it was a slow smile which scared the shit out of me. You don’t just call upon gods or Goddesses and if I’d felt I had any other choice I’d have taken it. “You shall complete a quest for me child. Only when you complete the task, only when you have learned the proper ritual may you return to claim your reward and be called a child of mine. You have one cycle of the seasons to complete my task.”

Shit, now I had a task from a demon and a quest from a Goddess, and I had just been violated by another God. My birthday was not going well. “Of course Great Mother, what may I do to please you?”

She seemed pleased at my wording. “You will find those responsible for the death of my children, the others like you who carried my gifts of walking in my Realm. If any survive you will bring them to me so I may punish them for killing my children, but I want the truth found and told to all. Do you understand?”

I considered it. She meant yank them into the open dream world and summon her again.

“ Yes Great Goddess, hunt down those that killed my kind and bring them here into the realm to you so you may do as you wish to them as punishment.” I bowed to her the best I could as my legs were not strong enough to stand. She stepped to me pulling a strand of her hair free from the root. “Give me your hand.”

I did so without hesitation, raising my left hand, better to never offer your dominant hand to anyone who could break you with a snap of their fingers, and she tied her hair around my wrist four times before knotting it. “ Very good you have manners child, this pleases me. I have hidden you from the eyes of my grandchildren, and the other beasts of my realm until you wish to be seen. You best be off child for by sunrise my power will leave you.”

Before I could pull my hand back Breksta gripped my wrist tightly and pain racked down my arm forearm ripping a cry from my lips. She dropped my arm and I stared at where she had gripped me. Along the inside of my left forearm were twelve full moons in great detail that showed even the shadows of the moon and how they would look that night from wrist to the inside of my elbow. Near the wrist were thirty moons representing the phases of the moon.” Do you understand?” “Yes, Thank you, Great Mother.” She laughed softly her eyes dancing with a dark light.

“Oh? Do tell me then.” I knew she was testing me, thankfully this one I understood.

“It looks like a countdown, of how much time I have to finish your task, and the last moons closer to my wrist are the final days.” She clapped softly.

“Very good child there is hope for you yet. Give me your hand once more and I shall give you one last gift as a reward for being so quick of mind.” I swallowed but there was no way I’d tell her no and gave her back the same hand, she ran her fingers down the length of my arm from wrist to elbow the pain returned but less than before as seventeen smaller stars appeared on my arm randomly around the moons. I clenched my teeth and bit back all but a groan of pain. “Lovely. Now this gift shows you how many there are, I already know who, and sent others to bring them to me but I shall give you the great Honor of becoming my Hunter. When you near one of them a Star will activate. You must figure out who the mark sings for, then bring them to me. Once a star is active it continues to hurt worse and worse before eventually… well, let's just say do not let it pain you for long.” Her laughter was not nice.

“Of course Great Mother. Thank for the great Honor, the gifts you have given me, and the chance to prove worthy of a single moment of your time.”

She laughed once more the darkness that had been growing up along the length of my legs was almost to my belly. I was doing my best not to panic over that fact that I was slowly being swallowed by her darkness. “Oh I do hope you live, I speak better than many of my pets in the past.” Her hand touched my face lightly gripping my chin.“ I understand why my grandson wished to keep you.”

Her voice went a little distant as if she wasn’t focused on me anymore. “The children you will make, so very delicious, perhaps you would make a good mother for a descendant of mine.”

I must not have hidden the look on my face for she laughed loudly. “Oh you do not like that at all do you, little Walker.”

Her expression took on a hard glint.”Do not fail me or I shall give you back to my grandson. If you thought running from him running from me would be impossible. You will finish my task for you within the time given or you will wish you had let him keep raping you for eternity.”

I swallowed hard. “Yes Great Mother, I will not fail you.”

She gave a small nod. “I almost wish you would now, but either way I shall enjoy the results.”

She tapped my cheek lightly with her finger her cold darkness moving up until it rested just below her fingers. I was panicking inside as she studied me. “Enjoy my gifts child, return soon with the first tribute, I am getting hungry.”

She turned away from me and walked back in the same direction she came from the darkness following after her. I collapsed on the ground shaking as she left finally giving in to the fear, panic, and pure terror she’d given me. The shock of what just happened both before her arrival and after. I pulled my body in close forming a small ball, only when I hugged my knees to my chest while I lay on my side did I let myself fully break down. I cried openly, sobbing, as I just let the emotions run their course, let out all the fear, and pain until I was spent. When I finally finished, my eyes burning, my body and mind worn out did I finally notice the solid black cloths the Goddess had gifted me, They were nearly as dark as the scarf around her hips, a black shirt with a crescent moon upon the chest. Black ankle length pants with white little stars down the outside seem, plain black running shoes, and she’d even given me underwear. I blinked at the gift until I realized I felt no more physical pain. My hand moved to my face first, I touched where he had hit me and nothing. I pressed my hands to my ass, and nothing. I felt more tears fall. “Thank you, Mother.”

I don’t know why she gave me these added gifts, I don’t know exactly what she had in mind for me. It was scary as hell but with yet another time clock ticking on my life, my sanity, I got up, dusted off the clothes she had given me and with a new set of determination grabbed a strong stick. Armed with a new idea I took the stick and drew out a detailed horse in the ground under my feet, taking a few stones for eyes as I’d turned the face to look at me slightly. I used my fingers to brush in the outline of the main muscles of the horse. It took a good hour to draw the lifesize animal but when I was done I added wings to her, using the leaves and a few more sticks similar to before, finally the pegasus was finished. Using the abilities to alter the world around me slightly I was able to use that base image and draw the mythical beast. She was black as night, lovely, her wings huge. I climbed onto her bare back with a little help from her and we set off heading North, my fingers curled into the dark mane of hair.

“Leo, I know you can’t hear me, but I’m going to get home to you soon, back to Brent, dad, and the rest of our family. We won’t lose, not now, not ever.”

When we burst through the edge of the treeline and found ourselves at a cliff the beautiful creation I was riding jumped into the air, spreading the wings I’d made for her. I called upon the elements with a soft song of words, stirring the air around us until a strong updraft Sent both of us high into the air. When we reached the peak height I wished for the song shifted as did the wind to carry us towards my destination, which wasn’t nearly as far as I had feared originally. When I thought about the time frame it became clear the King had known I would have trouble, that I might need extra time to escape if I had been caught.

I knew nothing about the Kings of hell, that hadn’t exactly been on the need to know basics of school and flying up here gave me time to think. He knew things I would never know, knew the chances of me being caught, of bad things getting in my way, yet given me extra time to try and deal with them. He had also given the consideration that time here moved differently than in the real world. For all I knew I could have been here much longer, every time I visited it always differed. Not to mention I’d been in yet another realm with a Goddess, who knew what that did to the timeline. I paled a little thinking I might have even missed the five days.

As the castle came into view I slowed, taking my time to look around before finally landing in the front courtyard. I was surprised to find no one around, for such a large dwelling normally you would see more beings filling it’s walls. I left the winged steed behind heading for the great carved doors, as my hand lifted to knock the door opened swinging inside, and the familiar voice of Paimon called out. “So the Dream Walker Finally Arrives.”

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