Dream Walker

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Chapter 35 Ties

It had been two months since the nightmare that turned out to be my birthday. I spent the entire time within the hidden garden of a king of hell who had become basically my father in law. Leo had refused to leave my side, even for a moment, and we hadn’t contacted anyone outside of Pai’s household though I had wanted to speak to my father Pai didn’t exactly get cell service in his home with all the dimensional gates. I’d grown close with Leo’s family oddly enough, for a king of Hell Pai was oddly normal, Richelle was a very sweet woman who cared deeply for his family and maybe that’s why Pai seemed so normal. In this bubble, he’d made where his family was safe, where only friends were allowed they could be normal, relaxed, at home in the safety it created.

The bond between Leo and I was stronger than ever, he’d been teaching me some of his demon spells, along with what the dream walkers had been teaching me. The Sigils I had learned to draw by heart, and they taught me a faster form of creation in the dream world through some of them were still far faster it was nice to have them with me. Seven warriors had been assigned to work with us for the quest. Pai, and Aki had been gathering intel on possible targets the list was still a long one however and we had only ten months to figure it all out and drag them back to the mother. We had decided to split into teams. Aki was going to work with four of the walkers, and Leo would work with me and the other three. Aki’s team was made up of Bhranti, Saifulzaman or Sai for short, Yeraz, and Nahkaam. My team was Esperance or Esper for short, Kanasu, Reve, and of course Leo and Myself.

We had decided to let Aki help because He would be able to watch over the bodies of the Dream Walkers as they slept, as Leo could do for my team though he didn’t like the idea of letting me in the dream world without him we no longer had Brent around to fill that gap so Leo agreed. Today was the last night before our hunt started, in the morning Pai planned to go over the remaining targets on the list he and Aki came up with, we’d divide the targets, and start. Leo had taken me back up to the room I had awakened on the first day back in my body and he admitted it was his room. We were curled up on the bed turned towards the large window as the sun was setting in the distance talking mind to mind instead out loud to keep the new ability we shared as well used and strong as talking normally.

‘I spy something golden.’ I could feel Leo chuckling softly behind me.

‘My eyes.’ My head turned so I could smile at him.

‘This really doesn’t work that well when you are in my head does it?’ He chuckled more kissing my forehead gently.

‘No, but being this close to you is something I’ll never regret.’ I looked back out towards the setting sun.

‘Shall we see him? Give him a chance to explain?’ I stiffened a little in Leo’s arms. I wanted to pull back from him and I knew he’d feel it. My emotions ran wild in my head, but Leo stayed with me, tied into me to wade through the mess with me until I settled enough.

’No. I can’t deal with that now, with Brent now. We have to settle this quest, this curse first, after everything is sorted, settled, then we will seek him out.’ Leo’s arms hugged me tighter as pain washed through me. I missed Brent, that fucked up bond that we never really got to explore, that knowledge of his existence, how right it felt with him to be ripped away to nothing. I still wondered if the man from my dreams all these years was Brent, or if he was Leo. I didn’t know. Or was there someone else that would fill the void both Leo and I felt?

‘You always have me.’ I hugged Leo’s arms that were around me. Leo had kept himself as closely tied me as possible since he’d gotten me back. I felt solid as long as he was tied to me, that I could handle anything but we both knew something, someone was still missing.

Leo pulled back from me the bond not closed but the shutters pulled to a point I could not read him as easily.

“Leo?” I spoke aloud turning and found him grinning at me.

“I think you need a distraction my sexy witch.” My pulse skipped a beat. The look in Leo's eyes, the tone of his voice was the one he used when he had the intention of doing something naughty to me. Leo had been pulling me deeper into the world of BDSM, a lot of people considered the kinky side of such play taboo, wrong, perverted, or just something people who were sick in the head used. Honestly, if it is perversion I never want to stop, if it’s wrong, call me a sinner, if I’m sick in the mind let me drown in it. With Leo being dominant in our bedroom fun I’d found that leaving everything in his hands I could give up complete control, I could trust someone else to take care of me fully, to give me what I wanted, or needed, and not judge me for it. It was such a freeing feeling, to have that must trust and faith in another person and the amount of pleasure I gained from it was unreal.

I didn’t have to wait long for Leo to prove me right. “Stand.”

His tone took on a low commanding tone. I could tell him no, go to hell, ignore him, I could push the game and wait to see how he punished me for it, how I loved when he pulled me over his lap and spanked my ass red in punishment. Today I wanted to know what he had in mind, I didn’t want to fight, just enjoy and lose myself in his hands. I slid from the bed and stood up my back to him, so my action was only what he’d ordered. “A good girl today.”

The pleased tone of his voice made me shudder my lips parting on a soft sigh as my eyes closed. I could feel my body already reacting, already aching for his touch be it tender or be it rough. The sounds of him shifting on the bed behind me had be biting my lips, the anticipation was just as much part of the foreplay as him actually touching me and we both knew it. The build of wanting, needing his attention, the craving for even the slightest touch could drive a person mad just as much as actually giving into what they wanted. I focused on the sounds in the room, the movement of the air on my exposed skin, when a shadow passed over my closed eyes I kept them closed, taking a shuddering breath. “Leo.”

I felt his fingers press to my lips. “No words.”

The first two fingers of his left hand forced my lips to part further pressing down against the plump flesh of my lower lip. “Make any other sounds you wish but no words. Not tonight.”

I replied to him with a soft moan, my tongue sliding forward so I could steal a taste of his flesh. He yanked his fingers back from my mouth only to grip my chin roughly, my eyes flashing open to meet his. Leo was still in his human form, but his eyes were more of the demon color. “Not without permission. You my witch are my doll today.”

I licked my lips and nodded against his hold, he lifted one finger to tap my slick lips. “Behave.”

I made a soft mm sound for him as the best agreement I could give. Being a Doll for him meant he would do everything, I was not allowed to do anything without permission, no talking, no moving, no choices, unless he told me otherwise. “Raise your arms all the way.”

His hand dropped from my chin so both of them could grip the bottom hem of my shirt as I lifted my arms the fabric was soon lifted up and off. He left my bra and moved to my jeans, unsnapping them and slowly tugging them down. I bit down on my bottom lip keeping my arms high above my head, the blood starting to drain from them as he took his time working on other parts of my clothing. Tingling started in fingers first, working down into the palms of my hands, Leo was just pushing my jeans down past my knees when I made the first little sound of protest. My arms weren’t hurting just yet but I knew they would soon, he looked up at me, that evil little grin about his lips. “ Such a baby, can’t deal with it hmm?”

I shivered at the look on his face, that look that told you he had something wicked in store. I didn’t really have an answer for him but I didn’t need one because he had more to say. “Well if you can’t do it all on your own I guess I’ve no choice.”

My head jerked up as I felt the familiar feeling of silk ties wrapping around my wrists Each wrist was soon wrapped several times with the silky cloth then yanked together and bound above my head. I swallowed as the pressure of the ties caused the beat of my heart to increase. He knew just how much I enjoyed the feeling of being restricted, and as the ties continued to wind down along the length of my arms that feeling only grew. He pulled the jeans all the way to my ankles, the ties looping around my forearms just below my elbows, and then I was yanked up off the floor a few inches by the ties on my arms. Suspended while he removed my jeans fully. I left me hanging there in only my bra and panties, both lacy black and molded to my curves for his viewing pleasure.

My body burned where his eyes touched me, my fingers twitching slightly as I fought the urges to say something, to beg him to do more than to just look at me while I hung here for his amusement. His eyes finally met mine, the light of them turning a brighter red as he read the need I openly showed in my expression, the desire for him to do what he wanted while I was helpless to his whims. We both knew I could get out, could say no and he’d stop but neither of us wanted it, the illusion in this moment was everything. He went into the bathroom only to return with one of those old straight razor blades, I licked my lips wondering just what he had in store with that. “Stay ever so still.”

His warning was only given seconds before he traced the sharp edge of that blade over the rise of my breast. He didn’t cut me, but I could feel how close my skin was to parting under the icy cold metal. He moved it until he could slice right through the strap on my right shoulder, Part of me wanted to complain, with this man I lost so many good clothes it was unreal, but it was pretty damned sexy to have them ripped, or cut off of me when I was tied up. He took his time letting me enjoy the feeling of that blade on my skin as he moved to the other strap snapping it with a quick twist of his wrist. He trailed that blade down between the swells of my breast, cutting into the band but not enough to completely remove it. Instead, he left just enough to keep it in place, but you could hear the fabric slowly tearing apart.

The satisfied smirk on his face made me tug on the bindings at my wrists. “Shhh be still a little longer. I’d hate to draw blood without that being my intention.”

I groaned softly but stilled, Even I could feel how sharp that blade was and I really didn’t enjoy getting cut up to do I did as he wanted. The blade dipped under the edge of my panties above my core, and he turned the blade cutting it right down the center. Leo tossed the blade away after on a nearby table and gripped the edges of my panties yanking the cloth apart the rest of the way so it ripped down the center exposing my mound to him. I gasped softly as the sound of ripping cloth and the jerking motion sent my body swinging slightly in the air. More silk ties began to wrap around my ankles and lower legs pulling them apart and then lifting my body up. Two others came and wrapped around my hips winding their way around my hips only to criss-cross up along my abdomen under the bra still covering my breasts, then above the soft mounded flesh so the bra was the only keeping them from view, no longer giving support, my entire torso was locked into a full harness. I was pulled up by the full harness my legs suspended at Leo’s sides, my arms pulled down and back behind my head until I could rest my head in my arms. Leo’s eyes ate up the image of me tied and bound fully in front of him, I could feel the weight of my body biting into the ties in certain places but my weight had been distributed almost evenly among all the bindings so they did not cause to much pain, discomfort yes, pain not really and it was exactly wanted he’d wanted.

Leo pulled the bra that extra bit aside, the torn panties were trapped on my thighs, but the only thing I cared about was the man standing between my legs looking at me like he was about to devour me whole. I wanted so badly to speak, to ask him to just take me, but his order that I wasn’t aloud danced in the back of my head. Instead, I whimpered softly. Oh, the look he gave me for that, the pleased light that danced in his eyes stole my breath. “Good girl.”

His hand pressed to the very core of me, two fingers sliding right in between the already soaking wet fold to curl against the sensitive flesh. “So wet and ready.”

I made a soft whimper for him. I wanted so badly to just beg him to take me right then and there, my insides were clenched so tightly, my body wound up, aching to have more than just the tempting touch. Leo being the devil he was didn’t give it to me, not yet. Instead, he continued the curling of those two fingers, running them back and forth over the same few inches of flesh. My nipples were so hard they hurt, needing to be touched, licked, sucked, pinched, anything at all to soothe the aching need. My toes curled as I continued to fight back from moving, my fingers hand twisted around the ties, giving me something to hold onto while he tormented me.

Finally, after what seemed like an agonizing forever his soaked fingers left my folds, tracing along the ropes towards my chest and I prayed he would give me what I wanted. Anticipation had my eyes watching his hands, those wicked fingers, but one more silk tie wound it’s way around my head blinding me. I made a sound of protest as he chuckled at me, the tie settling into place over my eyes and blinding me. “Be glad I don’t gag you as well.”

I would have made another grumpy sound of protest but Leo ripped a cry of pleasure from my throat, while I had been distracted he’d freed himself of his pants and thrust himself all the way inside of me without warning. To have his rock hard length buried all the way inside me to the point the head of him was rubbing against my cervix was the best feeling. Leo didn’t give the touches to my aching nipples I wanted so badly. Instead, he took my hips in his hands using that hold so he could thrust in and out of my body as hard and fast as he wanted. It only took a few strokes of him moving in and out of the tight walls of my body to have me shuddering for him, clenching tighter as I was fighting not to orgasm until he said I could. I pulled at the ties, shaking from the effort not to orgasm, whimpering and groaning as he continued to assault my insides in such a wonderful way, while I danced on that edge. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore I was losing myself each time he moved inside me. “ Please! Leo Please!”

I cried out the need and he stopped. Mid-thrust he stopped I squirmed, whined, and when he started to withdraw I felt tears seeping from the corner of my eyes. I’d fucked up, I’d spoken, I whined louder hoping he’d forgive me if he truly stopped I’d go mad. He slammed back into me so hard he crashed up against my cervix and I screamed for him. Leo fucked me from that point, no more teasing, more holding back, he slammed himself into me over and over until even I couldn’t have held off the orgasm if I’d wanted to. I felt him cum inside me as I was riding my own release. We stayed there, panting, catching our breath and he slid from inside me. “Now why did you have to do that.”

I stilled. “You misbehaved my naughty witch.”

Shit. he hadn’t forgotten. I was turned upside down my knees brought up to my chest leaving my ass fully exposed to Leo and I felt his hands pressing and spreading out over the mounds of my ass. “Shame I will have to punish you now after all that fun.”


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