Dream Walker

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Chapter 36 Targets

I was still cursing but silently in my head as he brought his hand down hard on my ass. The sound of his hand slapping my ass registered in my brain before the pain. The sharp sting tore a soft cry from my throat, his hand pressed in against my ass rubbing the already reddened skin. I felt his lips press to my spin just above the curve of my ass. “ I love how responsive you are.”

Leo shifted so I could feel him pressing himself between my legs, he was already starting to stiffen again which of course feeling him pressed up me like that made me shiver. The shrill sound of my cell phone had both of us freezing. When it continued to ring he sighed and walked away, leaving me like that to pluck it up off his bedside table. Glancing at the caller ID he frowned before answering. “Yes?”

I heard him grumble before he flicked it over to the speaker setting. “Hey sis, Dad said it would be smarter to call then just walk in. Everyone is down in the Library, we got a strong lead on one of the targets and figured you might not want to wait.”

I cleared my throat. “Yeah…”

I glanced at Leo and had to fight off a laugh at the pout on his face. “We will be right down.”

Aki’s voice floated through the phone. “Sorry to cock block you bro.”

Leo growled and hung up as Aki’s laughter floated through the phone. The ties around me lowered me to the floor slowly and gently while Leo grumbled. “While you dress I’m taking a cold shower.”

I watched Leo walk into the bathroom sliding the door shut, I was surprised I could hold the chuckle in until he was gone. Of course, I was disappointed also but the look on his face was priceless. In the time I have been here I’d gotten to see a whole side of Leo I hadn’t expected, even the other witches were starting to warm more towards my demon and his little brother. The antics between the brothers was something you expected of teenage boys, but it made you smile until they turned them on you. I started to get dressed and thought back to the first incident that both surprised and had everyone laughing.

Bhranti, Reve, Kamm, Sai, Yeraz, Esper, Kanasu, Leo, and I were all sitting around the training field we had just woken up from our first dream training as a group. Tensions were high as it hadn’t gone well, they were still not fond of me or Leo, especially Leo. During the training, Alwold had joined us creating targets and opponents to fight, what shocked me the most is that the other Walkers were better at combat than I was at least in the dream world. The speed at which they reacted, created weapons or altered the dream realm itself was spectacular. Now, of course, I didn’t pull out the heavy spells I had built into my body except for my Hermes spell. I wasn’t ready to pull out the big guns yet, I was to busy studying the others.

We sat up and I noticed everyone was oddly still and silent except for Leo and myself. I frowned looking at the others, and every single one of the witches was looking at Leo oddly. When I turned to look at him I burst out laughing so hard I instantly was grabbing my sides. Leo’s face had been drawn all over with colored markers to give him Panda eyes, little hearts and stars across his forehead all the way across and from those black panda eyes were teardrops. Glitter and a few stuck on stickers had even been used to give him more color, on his lips were either lipstick or red marker making them look larger and puffy. His hair had been braided into cornrows with glittery beads, barrettes, and even some small feathers at the end.

When Leo had turned to me the braids had moved some of the beads clicking which had his grabbing his hair. His face for a split second was horrified, He hadn’t even seen his face yet, but I was guessing from his reaction it wasn’t the first time. “AKI!!!”

When Leo roared standing up and running in the direction of the exit the garden the rest of the walkers lost it starting with Bhranti. Bhranti or Anti for short burst out laughing, and twin sister Kanasu joined right after her. The twins both had auburn hair though Anti had a red streak painted over the right side near her face that was made into a thin braid, and Kanasu had a rich blue on the left side that mirrored her sister. Both had green eyes that were a soft mossy color, s nearly heart-shaped face, and stood only around five foot four. Esper was the next to join into laughter, his looks reminded me of Alec and Alice but his skin was darker from the amount of time he spent in the sun Pai had managed to create in this indoor room. Esper was nearly six feet tall with a medium build, his hair was an ash blond almost white and eyes a deep and vibrant blue and his face while rounded did have a well-defined jawline. Yeraz was the next to join in his laughter was far deeper than the others, he was around six two solid mass of a man with a large barrel chest. When I first met Yeraz the thought that came to my mind was always ‘it’s a wall!’ because all of him was built solid, with a low voice, a long tail of a braid in his dark brown hair that reached the small of his back, his face was very squared off with a jawline you would break your hand on even with the thick beard he covered it with. His eyes were a warm milk chocolate color and his ears were pierced multiple times, the left four times and the right three.

Saifulazaman, or Sai for short smiled and shook his head slightly. Out of the group he ended up being the most reserved and as for his looks they far differed from the others. He looked like he just came over from Japan while most folks from that area of the world looked similar his face was longer and wider than many from that area with a height around five foot six. His hair was pulled up into a super tight top knot and was kept short enough it spiked out of the tie all over like a fan. Nehkaam or Kam was another one out of place with the looks of the others, he was nearly six feet seven inches, another giant among the group but his skin was the color of brushed bronze with hazel eyes that seemed to draw your soul into the depths. His frame was slender, lanky, but his movements were always so fluid you’d think he was dancing. The last to join the laughter was Reve. Reve was one of those men that tended to have his mind far off in another world so when the site of Leo’s state sent him into a fit of laughter along with the rest of us it was even more worth it. His steel Gray eyes were closed, his head was thrown back so that the falling Quiff haircut danced behind him, his arms were wrapped around his bare torso of skin kissed skin under the dusting of dark body hair. Reve’s body was the most decorated by battle, he had a few sets of claw marks across his back nearly crisscrossing from each shoulder to his hips, his face from just above his left ear, and eye were two long scars that just skipped over his eye and went all the way down to his jaw. The line of scratches picked up on his chest as if he’d been protecting his neck form the claws and they dragged from his upper left pectoral all the way just above his belly button slowly growing smaller until they thankfully ended.

At times in the dream world when fighting monsters, they damage transfers to the real world for us Dream Walkers, that was all I had been told when I’d been caught looking at Reve to long. Now all of us were laughing at something totally silly and juvenile and it was just what we needed.

I had dressed while thinking back to the rather happy memory, it still surprised me how much at home I felt here, how fast those two months had passed. My father still had no idea I was alive but he’d be told when we left here, five months since I’d vanished, I’d hated waiting this long but Leo had told me when he found out I was alive dad hadn’t given up hope that I was alive as long as Leo had the mark on his body it meant my soul was intact and they had hope. Just a little longer and I’d see him again and make sure he knew I was alright before I went hunting to save myself and the other Dream Walkers from the wrath of our patron Goddess. Leo came out of the bathroom fully dressed to my disappointment though he grinned at me. “ If we had more time.”

When he winked at me I knew he’d been in my head and the blush swept up across my face. “Yeah yeah... Let’s go.” His arm looped around my neck to rest over my shoulders as he triggered the doorway and we left.

The doorway teleportation was still awesome in my eyes, and the fact it made them nearly limitless with possibilities for where they could lead. I blinked my eyes as we stepped into the Grand Library and the sight of everyone gathered was the first thing to register. Pai, Richelle, Aki, Bhranti, Reve, Kamm, Sai, Yeraz, Esper, and Kanasu were all waiting. The only two not dressed for a battle was Pai and Richelle who were relaxing in a chair, Richelle curled on Pai’s lap. “Finally the love birds join us.”

Leo flipped Aki off at his comment only to be given a death glare by his mother who cleared her throat. Leo dropped his hand quickly and looked at the floor sheepishly while I bit back a laugh.

“Finally. Alright. So we’ve picked a few targets for each team, the hardest to reach targets are going to be the witch coven members under watch, so I recommend starting with the vampires, we only have four names, each team will be given two, you are to get close and my sons will have to cast a spell on them to force them into the dream world where you all can handle it from there. “ As a group, we nodded as Paimon finished talking and he handed us the names.

“Your best bet to locating them would be through your father’s new Lady Sarah, I’d recommend both teams heading there first to discuss the names, Tora being the best chance at insider information.”

I licked my lips before speaking. “She may not want to give up fellow vampires to help us Pai.”

The cold chuckle that left him made my skin crawl. “A simple way to fix that.”

He patted Richelle’s hip so she’d climb off his lap so he could stand facing me. Leo dropped his arm from around my shoulder and the entire room stilled, the floating lights, even the fire stilled as if time itself stopped. “Sarah Stone, I Paimon a King of Hell claim you as my daughter.”

A burning began in my veins as if my blood was boiling and his eyes began to glow a bright red. “As my claimed child you are now a Princess of Hell within my family line. All the souls tied to my family are yours to summon as needed, and when you call I some come to your aid, simply call out ‘Father Pai’ and I will be with you to face anything you face.”

The burning began to subside, the Dream Walkers in the room were staring at me as if I had just grown five heads. Richelle and Aki looked pleased with what had just happened. As for Leo he turned my head and kissed me fully on the lips before I was left blinking at him, the truth of what just happened started to sink in.

“Wait…” I gave my attention back to Paimon. “Did you just make me a demon?”

Paimon smiled. “No, only gave you the ability to summon me without payment, and the ability to use the souls under my rule as you need.”

My eyes went wide. He’d given me access to possibly millions of collected souls with any possible sets of powers to use as I saw fit and a direct line to summon a king of hell in any situation. “Holy shit…”

I didn’t realize I’d spoken aloud until Richelle laughed softly. “When we have time we will teach you about all the souls and names, but in the meantime, Leo knows all the good ones so he can send you information through the bond.”

I nodded slightly as Leo’s arm looped around me again. “Alright grab on folks, we will stop at my house while I call David the old Fashioned way.”

Pai and Richelle were the only ones who didn’t grab hold and when the last hand linked to the group Leo teleported us all to his living room. His phone began to go off not two seconds later with notifications sounds for texts, phone calls, and missed voicemails making all of us jump.

“Sorry.” He flipped open the phone, glancing at them all, not even hiding it when I glanced over his shoulder, most of them were from my father, and a few from Brent he didn’t bother to look at. He called David without reading the messages and put it on speaker.

“Where the hell have you been Leo? Any news? Please tell me something, you’ve been gone so long I was about to Summon Pai!.”

Leo grinned and I felt my heart jump in my chest, the threat of tears dancing in my eyes as I finally got to hear my father’s worried voice. “Actually….”

Leo looked at me nodding. “Hi, Daddy.”

From the total lack of sound, I think he stopped breathing for a few moments. “Sarah?”

His voice was thick with the sound of tears, and mine matched. “Yeah daddy It’s me. I um.. I have a lot to tell you, and I managed to get into some trouble again. Leo’s family is helping me, but I need to see you, and Tora if she’ll come with you to Leo’s we’ve got some new friends you all need to meet also.”

I heard him clear his throat from the other side of the phone. “I’ll be there baby. Given me around Thirty minutes to go get Tora, explain and I’ll ring Leo so he can come to get us if that’s alright?”

I swallowed back tears, I hadn’t fallen apart, I hadn’t told Leo everything, kept most of that blocked out, but I knew with my Dad here I’d have to let it all out. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Leo was looking at me, I’d closed the blond down partly so of course, he knew something was up, and me calling my father Daddy was another rare thing for me. “I’ll be there as soon as your ready David.”

“Thank you for never giving up Leo.” My dad hung up and Leo closed the phone.

“He’s gonna be pissed when he finds out all of it.” Leo sighed and flopped into a chair, the rest of the group was already finding places to sit and get comfy.

I cleared my throat and sat in a chair by myself which caused Leo to frown. “You both will be.”

Leo frowned his brows drawn together. “You didn’t tell me everything….”

When I nodded he cursed a flash of hurt passed to me through bond before he shut down most of the bleed over. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, just take your time.”

The awkwardness in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Anti was the one to end it. “So you’ll bring David and this Vampire Tora here we question them and go hunting?”

Leo nodded. “That’s the plan.”

Kana spoke up next. “Let’s hope so I want these marks off and the sooner we get started the better.”

I pulled a moonstone from the small bag I’d been given and rubbed the stone between my hands while I nodded. “We all do.”

Aki wandered off towards the kitchen. “I’m getting snacks.”

Reve and Yeraz followed him mumbling about being hungry, not that it was anything new. Kana continued. “If we don’t get them all off in time we might be able to just Sacrifice Sarah Up to the Goddess.”

Leo looked at her as if he was about to literally peel her skin off her body while she was alive, Anti actually moved to stand in front of her twin and Sai stiffened. I was the one who spoke up before all hell breaks loose. “If I thought I could free you all from this with just my own skin on the line I’d have already asked her to remove the mark from you all. You all hid from her all this time, she thought all of your dead. She’s not gonna be happy you hid anyway, who’s to say that when you do go before her with me she doesn’t kill you all for neglecting her for so long?”

Kana had no reply for that but Sai did. “If she will it.”

Everyone looked at him but not a sound was said. We all knew if this didn’t work we were all royally fucked.

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