Dream Walker

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Chapter 37 Daddy

Aki, Yeraz, and Reve returned after our drama Moment with snacks for everyone and no one clued them in on what they missed which was well enough. Leo was still not pleased with Kana, his body langue spoke in volumes to just how unhappy he was and everyone in the room could read it. She avoided looking at him or me, instead she and her twin simply stared at each other, small movements of the face the only clue they were having some silent or perhaps telepathic conversation. I had my own with Leo at times so who was I to cast stones at private conversations in a room full of folks. When Leo’s phone bussed everyone except Aki reacted, I think we were all far to wound up not to jump. Leo glanced at it them stole a kiss to the side of my head before vanishing. I smiled as he left and stood up waiting for his return.

Seconds later my dad was standing in front of me, Tora, of course, was next to him but All I cared about was seeing my Dad. His eyes studied me and I lost the self-control I’d been holding onto since my birthday. There was just something about feeling totally safe around a father that loved you and protected you all your life, that supported you through everything. Leo was great, I’d never say otherwise, but he wasn’t Dad.

I was grabbed up into the arms of my dad, swallowed up in the strength of them before the first tear even hit my cheek. His cheek laid on the top of my head and he didn’t say anything, just held me which is what I needed, silent tears falling down my face. I focused on the sound of his heartbeat pounding against my ear the steady beating through the sound of his slow breaths.

Kana however for some odd reason was in total bitch mode today, because she cleared her throat and spoke up. “It’s not like we have something better to do besides stand here and watch you have a family moment. Our lives sort of dep-”

I was left standing in shock as my father had dropped one arm form me turned and fired off a battle spell he rarely even used in practice against me. Battle magic was almost all physical attacks enhanced by magic, but my father could also forge his magic into weapons or blades for short periods of time. Similar to what Leo had done in the dream world during his fight. I wondered now if that’s where dad learned it as he not only made a blade of pure energy but cast it from his hand toward Kana, Anti jumped in the way of her mouthy twin to protect her drawing up her sword in an attempt to block the energy blade.

Tora was instantly behind my father and I, Aki dove for the far door, and Leo yanked up a shield. The other dream Walkers reacted, some following Aki, other’s backing away fast but the moment Dad’s blade met Anti’s The room exploded. Kana and Anti were sent flying into the far wall, the other Walker’s who’d not gotten out of the room were also thrown off their feet. Only Esper who had been next to Anti and kana was thrown as well and he hit another wall entirely.

Leo’s furniture was demolished or in the walls and it was as if a bomb had just gone off in the living room.

The room was super still as my father spoke. “ I don’t give a damn who you are, or what you can do. This is my child and taking care of her will always come first even if that means killing you.”

Aki poked his head around the door frame. “I think we did mention Sarah’s Dad was a Hunter for the covens.”

Kana and Anti’s were staring as if my dad had grown four heads, the rest of the Dream Walkers refused to move and when I glanced at Leo he was smirking. I shook my head a little because I didn’t even have to read his mind to know what he was thinking. Kana, however, recovered first “What is wrong with you! I-”

Anti pounced on her twin and covered her mouth. “Shut up Kana! People like him can kill us!”

Kana was glaring at her twin and Kaam spoke up. “Anti’s right Kana, the Elder warned us about Coven Hunters and the hundreds of witches of every coven over the years they killed. I would hate to think of the numbers now.”

My father nodded. “ We are trained to kill every faction. Even Dream Walkers.”

Every other witch in the room except myself and my father froze, Aki and Leo were both smirking. If they hadn’t looked at my dad like he was scary before they did now. Tora actually laughed softly as she curled against’ my dad’s other side. “David, you are scaring the poor children.”

The body langue in the room took on a defensive nature, all of them climbing to their feet to stand their ground. Tora waved a hand. “Don’t be foolish, I’m older than all of you, Even the Demons, I was around when the Dream Walkers came to be along with all the other witches.”

That drew reactions of surprise from everyone but my father.

“Pai didn’t mention that.” Tora Laughed, as Leo spoke and the sound was full of nothing but amusement.

“Of course not. He hides much more than he ever tells anyone, which is why he’d as talented as he is.” Most in the room agreed with that statement with a small nod.

“So then, I take it you’ve questions for me which is why you’d hoped I’d come with David?”

Kaam spoke, seeming to be a voice of reason for the rest of the walkers right now. “ Yes if you do not mind. We are seeking those that wiped out our faction as well as the seer’s and caused the downfall of the Demonic witches. We know they were not the real ones that saught out our demise.”

Tora nodded. “Very true. Well then ask away I will share what I can that might aid you.”

Everyone ended up taking a seat in the furniture that wasn’t totally destroyed but what happened before. Anti, however, removed her sister from the room to avoid any more issues. Which the rest of us were grateful for. Dad sat between Tora and me on a couch, Leo went about replacing the rest of the furniture while we got started.

“So.” I held out my cursed arm. “Our Goddess has tasked us to find the seventeen remaining people involved with the death of her faction. Once they are found we must bring them before our Goddess for her justice. “

Reve stiffed as I spoke of the Goddess clearly not happy I’d admitted that part. Tora tapped her lips. “You wish to know who all would have been in power around the time of such? Who might have been in on it. “

She smirked. “Clever. Demon.”

Before anyone could ask what she meant she waved a hand. “Pai.” To answer the question none of us asked.

“If you are not already aware the Dream Walkers were once the main Hunters for the Coven. But they were useful against all races for they could take over a sleeping form, even those of a vampire.”

I blinked, having not known we could take over what I’d thought were dead bodies. Several of the Dream Walkers stiffened at this, though if they had known it wasn’t clear. “ There was talk among all the races that they were too powerful, and we had not the ability to stop them without the aid of the Coven itself, they had far too much of power advantage. Now you add the skinwalkers to the mix and the witches now organized into one body working together was a scary thing for all the rest of us.”

I swallowed having to agree with Tora. It was a scary thought indeed. “ The only ones exempt from this were the demons who had no need to sleep and when they did they did so in the safety of the demonic realm. I was not part of the council of races at the time that was convened to discuss such, I was not into war and battle strategies much back in those times, but I can give you the name of one vampire who was interested in such. “

I licked my lips sitting forward. “He is simply known as Seth, or Set after the Egyptian god of Chaos, violence, and disorder. If he actually played the role in the Egyptian histories I do not know, but you will have trouble with him but he is the only name I can give you I’m sure was on that council.” She leaned her body against my father.

“But keep in mind, it was not just the vampire race, but the other races that met about such. Set made it clear the Shifters, Fey, and even some of the other witches were with him in his dislike or fear if you prefer for the power the Coven had. “

I swallowed and leaned back. “We knew witches had to be in on it... But the only ones still alive that could be part of it are..”

I trailed off but my father finished my thought. “Part of the reigning council.”

I nodded and no one in the room looked happy. Sai spoke up. “Where can we find Seth?”

Tora smiled. “ We will be at the opening of the new Egyptian display at the local museum as part of his own collection will be on display. He is living under the name of Seth Chike.”

My dad wrapped an arm around Tora. “She can not be linked to giving you his name.”

Tora kissed dad’s cheek lightly. “I can take care of myself David.”

My dad, however, glared at everyone else in the room. “If her name is found out you all die.”

A few of the Walkers stiffened as if they might say something but Sai spoke first. “It will never be found out, and we shall not fail.”

My father nodded then looked at me. “If I can help let me know.”

I smiled at him. “I will.” I looked past him to Tora.

“Thank you.” She leaned over and patted my knee. “You are family dear one. My daughter in law and I know what a time limit curse looks like and how horrible the outcome can be if they are not met. I will discreetly see about finding out who else might have been apart of that council but it may take time. Your hands will be full with Seth in the meantime. “

She looked to Leo. “You will have to help them cage him while you seek out more information.” Leo nodded and Tora looked back to me. “I would recommend it before handing him over to the Goddess. Because she may not help you gain more information from him.”

I nodded but Yeraz spoke. “She would help us.”

I looked at him. “You one hundred percent sure?”

He nodded. “She wants us to find them all right?”

I sighed. “But she already knew how many were left alive. What if she knows who all they are and all this is some test.”

He blinked and Reve spoke. “Sarah’s right. We don’t know what all she would know, or what her limits are if she wanted too why wait this long?”

We all nodded in agreement and Esper spoke first. “We torture him first, find out all we can, but we do not keep him long. We do all we can then take him directly to her, I won’t lose a target we have to just hope for more information.”

“Agreed.” Came from everyone in the room.

“Now then. You all make your plans, I want some time with Sarah.” My dad took Tora’s hand. “Mind chatting with the kids for a bit?” She gave him a smile.

“Of course not. I’d like to catch up with Leo a bit anyway, I need some idea’s for your birthday.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “I need nothing more, I have you.”

She laughed full and rich, and you could see the happiness between them, much more than I had ever seen between my parents. “Nice try. Now go on you two.”

Leo took our spot on the couch while we went upstairs. I wasn’t too worried about talking to my dad about it all, worries about what he’d do after, maybe, but not telling him. I honestly needed to tell someone, and while I wasn’t sure I could tell him everything, I could tell him most of it. Eventually, I’d have to tell someone all of it, I needed to talk about it, but I didn’t know who I could trust with the details of all of it. It was eating away at me inside, being raped, helpless, but telling my dad would cause him pain, would make him want revenge, just like Leo. I needed someone I could talk to that would support me, listen to me, help me, not avenge me. That I would find a way to do myself.

We locked ourselves in Leo’s room and sat down. “So.. about my birthday…”

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