Dream Walker

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Chapter 38 Laugh

I as I told my father the edited version of what happened on my birthday I found myself stopping a few times as he stood up and paced. When he calmed down enough to sit back down and listen we’d continue finally as I ended it with coming here he had both his arms around me again, his head on the top of mine. I hadn’t told him about the rape, well that it had happened, only that it had been attempted, no parent wants to know their child had been violated in such a way, and there was no way I was going to tell my father a dream God had done it. I was too afraid he’d actually go after him if I told him he’d managed it and made it out that the Goddess had protected me for a price which was normal and that I was under her protection now so it wasn’t an issue. “I could kill Pai.”

I hugged my dad. “Please don’t, he’s sort of my father in law now.”

I felt my dad stiffen before he burst out laughing. “ Oh man… your mother is going to have a super fit about this one.”

I found myself laughing a little with him, still hugging him tightly. “Let’s not tell her I’m a princess of Hell.”

Dad pulled back and looked at me. “Wait…”

I nodded. “Pai named me as one of his family. I’m officially adopted and I can summon him when I need help.”

Dad whistled low. “Leo can’t even summon him at will Sarah.”

I blinked. “Why not?”

Dad kissed the top of my head. “A demon makes a bond with a human and can be summoned but even then they can ignore it if they choose, Pai gave you an open door to call him anytime, only his wife has that ability because they are soul bonded to each other and he gave it to her. Leo can ignore your summons if he wishes.”

I blinked. “Why would he give me such power?”

My dad stroked a hand down my hair. “Honestly, I think because of what happened to you. He won’t allow it to happen again. “

My dad sounded happy at the last part. “You have a king of hell as a guard dog one whistle away.”

I blinked at him. “No fucking way.”

I felt a whack across the back of my head. “Ow!”

“Sarah! Watch your mouth.” I mumbled in response as my shoulders hunched.

“Sorry, Dad.”

My dad ruffled my hair slightly and gave out a long sigh. “This whole thing is even more than I expected you to have to deal with, far worse in fact.”

I hugged my dad.”You gave me the best chance possible do handle it though Dad.”

He kissed the top of my hair. “Have you spoken to Brent?”

I stiffened. “So you do know…”

My voice was tight. “Considering my Mark is gone… yeah, they had to tell me, and no I haven’t spoken to him nor does he know I’m alive and I’ve no intention to tell him unless I have to. I don’t want to see him, Dad.” I took a deep breath and the anger over the whole thing leaked out.

“He hardly waited! Or looked for me like you and Leo, and he already has another woman expecting a child?!”

That was the part that hurt the most. Sure we didn’t know each other all that well, sure I still had Leo and he wasn’t my only guy, but he’d already knocked up another woman, already made her his wife pretty much. That’s what I couldn’t get over or forgive. My Dad kissed the top of my hair again. “I understand. I won’t be the one to tell him. When your ready you can if you ever want to. If you need ties to another shifter pack I can help.”

I shook my head. “My mate and Pack abandoned me because they assumed I was dead and refused to wait long enough to be damned sure when everyone else in my life refused to give up. I won’t be letting that happen again. I’ve got you, Leo, and Leo’s family… I mean come on, his Demon Father Pai didn’t even give up on me and he knew I was lost in the dream realm where my spirit could have been forever lost.”

My Dad nodded against my head. “Don’t remind me that he put you there.”

I hugged my Dad back. “He’s a jerk, but… He’s not exactly been human in a super long time if ever Dad, they tend to think differently.”

My dad laughed. “Oh, you’ve no idea yet. Remember I’ve known that family longer than you. One day I’ll tell you all about my adventures with Leo and his family over the years.”

I smiled. “I’d really like that.”

My Dad let me go and looked at me. “Ready to go back down?”

I grinned, wiping away the last of the dried tears and rubbing my red eyes. “Yeah, lets head down. “

Back in the living room, Leo was sitting chatting with Tora, the other walkers except for Sai had all wandered off into the house I’d assume after Leo gave them room assignments. Leo looked up at me, worry etched on his face as he studied me. We had both been very careful around each other today with just how much of the bond between us was open, well I’d been careful since I came back, hiding things from him, he knew I was, however, Leo gave me space. He didn’t push, demand, he was trusting me to make up my own mind of how much to share or not share.

“Welcome back Darling, Sarah. I hope you all had a good chat.” Tora’s voice and expression were heartfelt and it brought a smile to my face.

“Thank you for letting me steal him Tora.” She waved a hand dismissively.

“You are his daughter silly girl, of course, you come first, it is the same with all parents who truly love their children. Now then I was telling Leo about your time frame for the window to catch Seth.”

I sat down across from her to listen and give my full attention as my father sat down next to her. “You have two days to prepare and the third day the opening will start, but the event will happen as the sun sets, Seth will likely not be there until after the sunsets, but I am unsure. He may be hiding in the building beforehand and if so will likely be keeping a keen eye on it. It would be best to request Pai’s aid in getting all the information on the building itself and plan your attack.” I nodded in full agreement with her.

“We can do that.” I looked to Leo who nodded. “Aki’s already home to talk to Dad about it.”

“He will be well guarded Sarah. Never discount even if he stands alone that he is an easy mark.” She stared at me as spoke. “When I spoke of which god he took the name from he lives up to it to the point he believes it and has others who do as well. I can not say for certain he is a god but worshiped as one at one time I would not discredit. His abilities go beyond that of the normal vampire range, he will not be an easy target, I highly bout that any of your marks will be.” I licked my lips but nodded.

“We know. Bye age alone they have had hundreds of years to gain power, intelligence, and I’m a child compared to all of them.” Tora nodded.

“But not all of us are so young.” Sai spoke then. “We do not age past thirty years in the realm we have stayed in all this time.”

Tora lifted a brow. “Pai kept you all hidden from existence.”

Leo stiffened. “How do you know that?”

Tora laughed. “I have knowledge of your father, a history of sorts, don’t worry Leo I would never dare to share things of Pai I am aware of.”

Leo nodded slowly. I didn’t doubt Tora, Pai was the hell king of Knowledge, and one of the most powerful of the Kings under Lucifer. To cross him was stupid beyond all other stupidities.

“You should all rest tonight. I shall seek out more information for you.” Tora took my father’s hand and he lifted her’s to his mouth to kiss gently the back of her hand.

“I wish you all the very best of luck with this. Take care, the utmost care.” She stressed it, a worried expression on her face.

“If it was not the Goddess herself who cursed you so I would have rather taken on the one that cursed you.” Her warning sent the hairs on the back of my neck standing.

“He really is that bad.” She nodded.

“I have not seen him in over two hundred years Sarah, and he was such then. To think what he could be now…” She shook her head. “I wish I had any other name to give you.”

I nodded blowing out a breath. “Never figured it would be easy.”

My dad looked at me, waiting until I met his gaze. “You got this.”

I flashed him a smile. “Damned right we do.”

Leo stood walking to my Dad and Tora. “I’ll take you both home.”

They flashed out of the room without any goodbye’s and Sai spoke. “I have been training my entire life for this.”

I blinked up at him a little surprised. “We all have. Pai insisted we train on other beings he brought to our elder.”

The little bit of surprise grew and I didn’t bother hiding the look on my face. Sai gave me a sad smile. “Our past is not as pure as you think, the scars are not only from Monsters in the dream world Sarah, but Monsters Pai brought to us to train against.”

I licked my lips, Kana came into the room her tone so angry. “He was having us trained up for this, to be your little pet bodyguards. “

I shifted my surprised gaze to her, Anti followed her in, then the other Dream Walkers all followed in. “I didn’t know.”

Kana laughed her voice dripped with her anger, her bitterness. “You are his new little princess. Of course, a King of Hell would protect you, I won’t die for you.”

I frowned at her. “I don’t want you to die for me. I want you to live to save your own life, your sisters, your people.”

I stood up. “I already told you if I could do this on my own, or give up my own life to take it all from you I would. Do you wanna go ask her to spare the rest of you? I won’t stop you.”

She took a step towards me but Reve and Anti grabbed her arms. “You brought this curse on us!”

I took a deep breath.”I didn’t. Your own Elder touched the curse mark and it transferred.”

Esper spoke up from the back. “Father was testing to see if it was, in fact, a Goddess mark, He knew the chances that it could be transferred to shared, but was not aware it would move to the entire clan. He had intended to help himself if he had been added to the curse.”

We all turned to look at him, I didn’t even realize he was Alword’s son. He gave me a slight nod. And kana spit out more of her venomous words. “It’s still your fault!”

I looked at her. “ I never said it wasn’t, but I didn’t make this happen on it’s own. I didn’t wipe out our line, I didn’t hide from the Goddess, I didn’t curse us, I didn’t bring this about. But I will risk my life to stop it all and save our people.”

Kana jerked in her hold. “You aren’t our Hero!”

I frowned at her feeling Leo return behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I’m not a Hero Kana.”

I raised my hand to place my hand over his. “I’m a daughter of hell now, that pretty much makes me a bad guy.”

Leo kissed the back of my head. I didn’t look at the other walkers, I just stared at kana. “I didn’t stop my father from hurting you, I won’t take a hit for you unless it means we can win. I won’t protect you I don’t expect you to protect me. I have the only person next to me I need to keep me safe. Your job is the same as mine, hunt down those that killed our people, hand them to the Goddess and save ourselves. After that, I want nothing more to do with you kana. “ I lifted my eyes to look at the rest of them.

“I want nothing more to do with any of you that feel that I’m some sort of Monster when this is over. I don’t need another family, or friends who think that way about me.” I met every pair of eyes.

“I don’t want to join your faction, live in your village, I want my own life.” Sai spoke up.

“So you don’t intend to rule over us?” I blinked at him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kana stopped fighting the hold on her arms.

Sa continued stepping forward. “It was foretold you would lead our clan, the Elder has waited all this time for you, to hand leadership to you of our faction.”

I shook my head. “I’m not going to rule over the Dream Walkers. Esper seems to be the Elder’s son if he’d the wisest when his father steps down he should lead, but that is something you all must decide. I am not a pure Dream Walker, I do not know the traditions, the histories. I am not fit to rule over the faction of Walkers nor do I want to rule. “ I smirked slightly.

“I like being on my own, following as little rules as possible. I’d be a horrible ruler.”

They all glanced at each other as if talking mind to mind and finally they looked back at me. Kana spoke. “If you lie, I’ll kill you. Esper deserves to lead, you don’t.”

Leo tensed and I gripped his hand harder and nodded to Kana. “I agree with you. He does, I don’t and I do not want to.”

Kana nodded. “ Then we understand each other.”

“Agreed. We hunt, we save ourselves and our people, and we part ways.” Kana nodded, no one else did, they all seemed to be studying me. Not sure of what to make of me fully yet.

“What’d I miss?” Aki’s question as he walked into the room had me laughing in seconds. Chuckles from some of the others soon followed. Aki looked around the room confusion all over his face. “What?”

It was one of those moments where you had to laugh before someone killed someone else.

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