Dream Walker

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Chapter 39 Set

We had spent nearly every single moment getting ready for the event, for the first target. We all knew there was a chance that by doing this we could enrage the vampire race, so it was important we didn’t get caught. Aki and Leo with the approval of Pai used a demon spell to change our appearance and scent making all of it seem as if we were temporary humans. By the time the spell was finished, the scent of magic on our bodies was gone, every single marking we had been born with, every single visible cell of our beings changed to look human. We had spent a few hours debating but Leo lost out on the argument and I was dressed as the bait.

I dressed in a Metallic Dark Teal 3D Organza silk gown with a layer of purple pearl Tulle Fabric with gradient colors that faded from a blue into the dark purple. The dress has no straps but was attached at the neck, a collar made of beaded golden wings and from the base of the neckline began an ankh that went from neckline to ankle. The loop of the ankh went around the beasts, and down along the side to mee at the hip line, while the side reached around the hip line as a belt would, and the base of the symbol raced the rest of the way down to the ankles.

The sleeves of the gown were of matching fabric to the sheer overlay of fabric held onto the arms by golden armbands of the same wings as the neckline with a small ankh charm that was hanging at the heart of the wings. For my human look, I’d taken on the traditional physical traits bloodline of an Egyptian woman of worth. The warm light honey caramel skin and warm brown eyes, the hair was a hip length and pitch-black caught in curls and waves that helped make the model like and perfectly symmetrical body and face truly stand out. As for makeup only a small amount of golden glitter was smeared above the eyes, and the dark lines around the eyes to make them stand out. When I looked in front of the mirror, I studied the slim eighteen-year-old form that was slightly curvier then what any current starved modeling agency liked to have.

Honestly, I thought the woman was lovely, but it wasn’t me at all. She was dark, alluring with the slight pout to her lips, sexy as hell with the curves she was rocking. I had been made into the bait someone who looked like I could be a model for any Egyptian queen, or a wax figure for the museum come to life. As for the others, Kamm had been made into a tall black man who would have made one hell of a football player as he was built like a brick house, and it had been decided he would pretend to be my bodyguard as rich humans tended to have. Sai’s traditional features had been left alone for the most part by his own insistence but his height and mass were altered as well as his eyes shifted to bright green eyes and sandy brown hair. Yeraz had also wanted to remain looking like himself but agreed to have the appearance of the beard and long hair gone with slight alterations to his face to make it more slender. Esper had requested to be made into an Albino which was rather fun to watch his transformation into that. The twins had wished to remain twins so went for barbie blond knockouts with hazel eyes. Reve was the worst of all to deal with, He was proud of his scars and did not want them hidden. We finally convinced him to only let us hide the face ones but the rest of him he wanted to be left alone. We finally agreed though not happily.

Aki went all out turning himself into an elderly man who looked like he had rich pockets and a large balding spot. It was Leo’s transformation that really got to me, however. Leo also aged himself but he made himself younger into that of a teenager matching his looks enough he could pass for Aki’s son. He was still devilishly handsome and with eyes now blue still wanted to eat me up alive. We had sent the walkers out with Aki to the mall a few times so they could pick up normal human habits and behaviors with Aki covering their markings with a light spell. We all arrived in teams, Kamm and I first, Leo and Aki second, the twins came with Reve, and Esper arrived last with Sai and Yeraz pretending to be bodyguards. All of us were treated to a full red carpet event, as apparently the billionaire Seth being here was a huge deal, and several big names were arriving.

The inside of the museum had been changed fully to look like the inside of an Egyptian palace. Every pillar encased in a new plaster version of a true Egyptian pillar carved and painted in exquisite detail. I didn’t bother looking for Seth but found myself caught up in the high details they had placed into the room. The displays were placed along the walls, the center of the room was transformed into a buffet of gold and silver goblets, food overflowing off gold and silver platters. Kamm, however, kept his job up looking around for our target. I wandered enjoying the statues made for this event, the details made into hieroglyphics the added to every inch of the main room to form a story. Even the stairs had been transformed into a work of art. Thick sheets of sheer white fabric were draped across the ceiling crisscrossing to still allow the overhead lights through but dim the brightness slightly. Men dressed in traditional servant and guard wardrobe stood around the room. For a moment I felt like a queen walking into a real Egyptian palace.

A low voice from near me stirred my mind from the story I was trying to read on one wall. “It seems Nefertiti has been reborn.”

I turned and found myself faced with a man who could give Leo a run for his money in good looks. They both had a rich dark head of hair that went to their shoulders but this man wore it with a sense of age, his mouth framed by a goatee and a thin line of beard along his jawline that only accented his fine features. I caught myself staring into his dark eyes and blinked smiling slowly. “Thank you, if you had a bit less hair I’d ask if you were the pharaoh of this palace.”

He laughed, the sound rich and full of dark desires. “Why be a pharaoh when you can be a true god over men? Would you like to know what it is like to be with a god?”

I laughed but allowed him to take my hand when he reached for it. “You wish for me to worship you?”

He smirked and drew so close I could smell the hint of blood against his breath. This had to be Seth. “For one night I would show you the joys of being a true goddess. To have a god give you every single bit of his attention.”

I tilted my head back slightly looking up into his dark eyes. “Do I look like a woman that is only worth one night?”

His free hand moved to my neck circling it, I knew he’d be able to feel the pulse racing under my skin, perhaps even smell the hint of fear as a weakness was placed in his hands. When his eyes grew impossibly darker I knew he could smell it, and that he liked it. “To give you an eternity would be a mistake.”

I licked my lips and shifted under his hold. “Why?”

His face lowered until his nose lightly brushed my neck, my breath hitched, would he bite me here and now? The idea caused me to shiver and not in a bad way. I loved the feeling of having teeth sinking into my skin, it was one thing that just did it for me. Another seemed to be bad boys, and this man was a seriously bad boy. “You could become an addiction.”

His lips pressed to my neck right over my main vein and my eyes fluttered closed. A throat clearing had Seth growling and looking at Kamm. “Ma’am, Sir… We are still in the main lobby.”

We both blinked at him and I was the first to laugh as I noticed a few people staring at us. Seth chuckled soon after and took a step back, his hand trailing down my arm to take my hand, lifting it for a kiss. “I do hope to see more of you this evening.”

I smiled. “Would I be given the honor of knowing the name of the God that wishes to possess me?”

My tone was low yet teasing. His eyes flickered in response to my flirting. “Set.” His fingers gripped my hand tighter. “I only want to hear Set from your luscious lips, Nefertiti.”

I gave a slow nod. “As you wish Set. Don’t leave me alone for too long, another god or Pharaoh may steal me away.”

His eyes flashed red for a moment, most would claim it was a trick of the light but I knew better. “There are no other gods here, nor would any lower Pharaoh give you what I would. You will wait.”

I wanted so badly to throw some sort of liquid in his face but instead, I smiled slowly licking my lips with a slow-motion that drew my bottom lip into my mouth so I could bite the flesh gently before releasing it. His eyes were locked on my mouth as I made the motion. “Perhaps.”

His nostrils flared as I challenged him. Before he could say more another man approached. “Mr. Seth I hate to interrupt but it’s time for the unveiling.”

I could tell he didn’t want to let me go but he did. “Later.”

He turned and followed the man and Leo’s voice drifted into my mind. ‘Sarah?’

It was as if someone had thrown cold water on me. Leo had been able to feel everything I’d just experienced, and been able to watch it from across the room. I swallowed hard. ‘I’m fine.’

I closed our link down a bit more catching a glimpse of his hurt before I did. Things had changed between us after my birthday, we both knew it, but Leo didn’t know why and I wasn’t ready to tell him. He likely thought I had reservations about him or trust issues because of what his father had done to me so easily but had no choice in all this. He didn’t know how wrong he was. I needed Leo now more than ever, someone who wanted me for me, who even as another man was seducing me wasn’t up in a rage over it, but worried about my feelings. I needed to tell him everything and after we dealt with Set I would.

“Ladies and Gentlemen May I have your attention please!”

At the foot of the stairs, the same older man who had stopped Set and I stood there with Set next to him. “May I preset Mr. Seth Chike the benefactor for tonight’s grand event and the wonderful collection he’s shared with us to stay on display for the next three months.”

The microphone was offered to Set but he ignored it. Instead, he spoke out and it carried clearly to every inch of the room. “Welcome all of you, I hope you enjoy your visit into a time of true beauty and take home some of its wonders.”

He stepped away and down the steps. Claps filled the room and he was soon swallowed by a crowd of people wanting his attention. The side doors were opened as the exhibits were opened. I didn’t remain in the main room but moved into the first one. Inside the first room the story of how the world and the first Egyptian gods came to be with hieroglyphs and artifacts of old-time scattered throughout the room. It showed Set as he battled the Chaos creature to protect his father and brother for he was the only one able to withstand the power it held. Further, it showed the pairings of Osirus and Isis, Set and his wife Nephthys. It showed the Crowning of Osiris, the rule of the grand kingdom he created. I moved along to the next room as the story ended here and in the next found The story of how Nephthys betrayed Set to sleep with Osiris who she truly loved.

I felt pity for Set, his wife betraying him so and part of me could understand him blaming his brother more than his own wife for he could not hurt her because he had loved her so. The family ruined because of greed and lust as a tragic battle began over a stupid woman’s actions. I felt a shift in the air around me before I heard Set Speak. “What do you see?”

I didn’t look away from the drawing as Set threw his brother into a coffin and into the river. “A man betrayed by those he loved and the anger that overtook his broken heart.”

A cool hand brushed my arm as he took ahold of my flesh to turn me to look at him. He searched my face. “He is a monster.”

I shook my head. “He is only more human than he ever thought possible.”

Something flowed across Set’s face but he shut it down and covered it with a smile. “Would you be like Nephthys?”

I shook my head. “I have always been rather honest about not being tied down to just one man. It’s too limiting when life is so short.”

He laughed. “So you admit you would have other lovers if I took you to my bed?”

I smiled at him. “Wouldn’t you?”

He laughed again and shook his head. “Perhaps. Or perhaps I would find you to be enough and want only you until your last breath.”

I shook my head starting to pull back from him. “Then I am not the woman for you.”

His grip tightened just short of painful. “You would reject me?”

I stared at him. “I would not lie to you about who I am or what I want. I do not want to belong more to one person than I do myself. I will not be owned as an object.”

He loosened his hold. “Spend the night with me. One night to satisfy what we both want.”

I smiled, I had him, we could do this. “And if one night leaves you still wanting?”

He smirked. “It won’t be just me.”

I shifted closer so my body pressed to the front of his. “We will see.”

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