Dream Walker

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Chapter 4 Meeting My Demon

After the Talk with my dad, the book safely tucked into my bag I went to my last class. It was one of the ‘Gifted’ classes. This one was potions, the teacher simply handed out a prep test for the final and we had all class to finish it. I had no issues with any of the questions and after handing it in early got to skip out at about four sixteen.

I knew my mom would be cleaning up the mess, or still fuming at home so that wasn’t exactly on my high list of places to go. So I took up a nice little place under a tree on Campus and started to go over Chapter 8 in the book.

‘Bonding with a Demon. Witchs: You must combine your body fluids, life force, and magic with your demon. This process can be done in a few ways. The first would be to allow the demon to drink your blood from your body and you drink the demons to share both fluids and life force while casting the bonding spell together to mix your magic. The second is to speak the contract spell then share a kiss with your demon allowing you both to share the fluids of your body and merge your life force through your kiss. The third and strongest of the binding processes is to have sex with your demon, to mix your fluids, life force, magic, and desire all at the same time as the contract is fulfilled. We recommend the last for the strongest of bonds. The Bond between a witch and her demon can be renewed or strengthened at any time with the bonding ritual being moved up to the next level of connection. ’

I blinked a little. I’d never even met a demon, heard stories yeah, seen some photos, yeah, but never met one and this was talking about fucking one. I really didn’t think I was ready for that. The whole blood drinking I wasn’t ready for either, the kiss one didn’t sound bad. At the bottom, it listed the binding words, and the items needed. It seemed pretty simple. I was looking over some of the symbols and muttered softly. ” I wonder what my demon is like...”

I heard a chuckle as a shadow was cast over me. ” Calling me yours already little witch?”

My head jerked up only to have my mouth fall open slightly. I was staring at a man who literally was sin itself. His eyes were a blazing amber color, his skin pale but not like freakish vampire pale and his hair was this waterfall of midnight black curls that stopped at his shoulders. I couldn’t tell how tall he was but his build was about a medium with what I could see from my angle. He wore black jeans, biker boots, and a leather jacket that was open to flash a blood red v neck shirt.

The hottie crouched down next to me and offered a hand. ” I would be Leo, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Sarah.” His voice was velvet with an Irish lit to it. I could literally feel my panties getting damp when he spoke my name.

“Uhh..” My brain had died as I stared at him. I watched him grin and it was wicked, I blinked and snapped out of it for a moment taking the offered hand. ” H-” My greeting got cut off as power surged between us so strong my spine bowed as it caused an orgasm instantly wreck my body. I fell back against the tree panting softly with his hand gripping mine still, his grip had tightened at some point but I didn’t mind in the least.

" Mmm, now that was delicious. I’m really going to enjoy being all bound to you.” His eyes were open looking at me, studying me to the point I felt naked under his gaze. ” Did you decide yet Sarah?”

I had no idea what he was asking and my expression must have given him a clue. He moved to his knees, bringing his body closer, his hand still holding mine while the other which was still free lifted to touch my cheek. My skin warmed under his touches, tiny bits of his energy danced across my skin.” Did you decide which bonding method to use my pretty Sarah?”

Every time he said my name it made my insides clench. I could smell him now after he’d moved closer to me, the sent of cedar and smoke, turns out it was sexy as hell to me. ” I-” I was cut off as his thumb traced over my lips, my lashes fluttering as I soaked in the feeling. I parted my lips for him when he pressed gently against them.

I forced my eyes open when he pulled my mouth open gently so I could see him. When he began to push his thumb across my upper teeth I lifted and pushed my tongue up to meet his thumb. Something inside me was seriously responding to him, to his energy and magic, and I had to know what he tasted like.

I wasn’t disappointed, the skin was rough, but the taste was almost like honey had mixed with the cedar and smoke. At that moment I wanted to know so badly if every part of his body tasted like this. ” Sarah? Did you decide?” His voice was amused but held heat to it. I closed my lips around his thumb and sucked on it curling my tongue around his flesh. Leo growled low in his throat releasing my hand so it could wrap around my throat tilting my head back as he leaned in.

" Tell me Sarah.” He placed kiss along my jawline. ” Tell me how we will bond.” I shuddered under his next kiss that was moving up to my ear. ” Tell me how you want to us to start.” His lips press just next to my ear his words spoken softer but with more impatience. His fingers tightened around my throat as I sucked harder on his finger. ” Tell me how you want to belong to me.”

I shuddered under his hold, my air flow slightly restricted now. Leo removed his thumb to paint my lips with the saliva from my own mouth his head lifting to look at me. ” Kiss.” I heard him chuckle as he moved in close once more. This time his lips a breath from mine.

" Is a kiss all you want my Sarah?” I stared into his eyes as he asked me. I couldn’t lie, not with my body aching from this alone. But if I gave up everything now he’d rule me forever.

" For now.” I pushed against his hold and stole the kiss he was taunting me with. His fingers tightened around my throat for a second then loosened so I could breathe freely. Leo kissed me back with more passion then James ever had, I was drowning within seconds our mouths feeding at each other until I felt his tongue plunge into my mouth and I met it with my own.

I remembered I had hands, the left one diving into those midnight curls to find they were softer then the looked, the other went to just below his well-defined collar bone just above the V of his shirt. His right hand slid down from my neck to mirror where my hand was his finger curling slightly against my skin to hold it. His Lips pulled back form mine. ” Tell me your name Sarah, your real name.”

His lips pressed to my jaw as I fought to think. “Deva.” I had picked something simple that held meaning for me he groaned softly. ” My Deva. Leondris, I am Leondris. Say it Deva." He nipped at my throat gently.

I moaned softly as he nipped at my skin. " Leondris." As I said it power flared between us and his lips found mine again, he poured his power down my throat until I could hold no more my body bucking against him forcing the power out of my hand that was against his chest.

" The contract." He pulled his lips away and the words flashed in my mind. Apparently, I didn't actually have to say them aloud because the next moment our hands on each other's chest flared with power and I felt the mark burn into my skin. Leo's lips crashed down against mine once more to swallow the cry I let out.

I had to have passed out because I found myself waking up on Leo's lap curled up in his arms sitting sideways and my head against his shoulder just to the side of the mark on his chest. I shifted to sit up and he grinned down at me. " Good morning sleeping beauty. "

I ended up punching him lightly in the stomach even as I was studying the star mark on his chest. " You are bad." He chuckled and leaned in to steal a kiss to my cheek.

" Demon. Now then, you my little witch belong to me, and I belong to you for the next three years. You won't ever be alone unless you want to be. If you ever decide to up the bonding level I will be more then happy to go for it. If we shared this much from a kiss I can't wait to see how wonderful the sounds you'd make from more would be." I started to blush and he took the chance to tease me more, his voice dropping low as he whispered into my ear.

" I can smell your desire, the soaking wet folds of your sex under those jeans." He shifted under me so I would feel the thick rock hard cock he had tucked into his own pants. " I want more of you my pretty Sarah, but I'll wait until you want more of me." I shuddered and I could hear the grin in his voice. " Anytime you want more, for as long as you can stay awake I'd give you such pleasures you haven't even dreamed of."

I knew my face was about as red as his shirt my heart beat once again racing in my chest. " um... not right now but thank you." God, I sounded lame.

I felt Leo chuckle under me. " Well my Sarah What shall we do then?" I cleared my throat.

"Um... I have a date...." I turned my head to look at him. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I realized I was disappointed when all he did was a sigh.

" Such a shame. I wanted more time with you tonight. " He lifted me off his lap like I weighed Nothing and stood up dusting off his clothes. " When you want me, touch the mark and call me I'll come. Goodnight my little witch."

Leo winked at me and in the next moment, he was gone. I blinked at the empty air then glanced at my watch. " Fuck!" It was six thirty. I scrambled up from the grass and made a run for my car. I was gonna be late.

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