Dream Walker

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Chapter 40 Delivery

Set lead me not out of the museum-like I expected but upstairs to what had once been likely an office made into a bedroom in the same old style as the Egyptian time frame as the displays bellow. He shut the door behind us, Kamm taking our a guard position at the door. Set however seemed not to have any guards, but I would not risk it just yet. I stepped away from Set walking deeper into the room to study the four-poster canopy bed that was draped with layers and layers of sheer cloth, pulled towards each post and tied with a cord. The posts were stone, and every bit of fabric on the bed was pure white. I felt Set come up behind me and run his hands down the curves of my back and hips. “I will give you the greatest of pleasures.”

I made a small sound. “And you will never forget me.”

My voice was breathless as he pressed his mouth to my neck. Set found the zipper at the back of my gown and pulled the small tab all the way down to my hips to make the fabric part of him, he pulled the collar away from my neck and upper shoulder so he had the access he wanted to nibble and suck at my throat. It was a weak spot for me and I sagged against him panting softly, I didn’t have to fake the desire I was feeling to distract him because this guy was good and something about his screamed desire. He pressed his groin against my ass so I could feel the thick hard mass of his penis against me and I rocked my hips back for him. His teeth grazed my skin, a sharp nip that sent me arching against him. “Fuck.”

I heard the soft curse against my skin before he grabbed me up into his arms, much to my surprise and carried me to the bed tossing me face-first on it. “The second time will be better.”

I turned my head to ask what he meant when he ripped his shirt off, the pants followed only to be kicked off his legs. My mind went blank and the handsome naked man closed the distance between us, He grabbed my hips yanking me towards the edge of the bed. My skirt tossed up to reveal my ass and the thin black thong I’d worn as a poor excuse for underwear. He froze seeing it and growled, the sound was so different from Leo’s but enough to snap me back a little as the thought of Leo entered my mind. Set tore the panties aside and finding me wet didn’t wait a second more. I had just enough of my sanity left to call out to Leo in my mind before I felt Set shove his thick length inside of me. I cried out, the door burst open as Kamm came into the room but Set was already falling to the ground sliding out of me as Leo pulled my skirt down. “We need to go, text Aki and the others.”

Kamm nodded and sent the text while Leo zipped up my dress saying nothing. I didn’t know how he felt about what happened, I didn’t know how I felt myself, but we had to do the rest of the job. Aki and the others came in and we all left for Leo’s home, a dungeon he’d set up under the building so us to use with the binding circle and a metal chair already set up. Kamm was the one to ask we Leo and Aki bound Set in the chair and added his blood to the binding spell so it would hold him. “How did you knock him out so fast?”

Leo made eye contact before answering. “I broke his neck.”

Kamm blinked then nodded. I think Kamm and I were the only ones who realized just how fast and strong you had to truly be to break a Vampire’s neck, an old one at that, even when he was distracted, and to do it after teleporting into a room you’d never seen before was even more impressive. We all stayed in our disguised forms while we waited for Set to wake and when he did it took only three seconds for him to go from disoriented to totally pissed.

“You stupid humans I will kill you all for this.” His eyes found mine and an evil look took over his face. “And you, you, I will chain to my bed and rape every day, draining you nearly to death until you bed for me to end you.”

Leo walked in front of Set and punched him so hard the vampire’s head snapped back. When he straightened up his mouth was bleeding he studied Leo, his own eyes narrowed. “Not human…”

Set licked the blood away and studied the bindings on his body, the chair and the spell on the floor. “You are using a very old spell. Who are you?”

I was the one to speak up and Leo backed away. “It doesn’t matter who we are. You were part of a council to destroy the chosen children of Breksta. The humans she gifted the power of dreams and made them into witches.”

He stiffened. “She sent you.”

I nodded. “She did. Answer our questions about the sixteen remaining others and we will not torture you.”

He laughed. “You think you can torture me? Pain is something I am far past.”

Leo spoke then. “It is not physical pain we would inflict, but mental and emotional.”

Set’s eyes flickered but for a moment. “Shall we force you to relive every single moment of the betrayals you faced? The moments where you loved and were loved by your family. Worshiped as a Hero only to be cast a villain when they were the ones that hurt you?”

Set grew very still and looked at me. “And here I thought I was the bad guy.”

I spoke up then. “You had a hand in the murder of children. That does make you the bad guy.”

Set’s jaw clenched. “I’m sure you know about the Elder’s of the witch clans already who were involved that still live.”

No one even breathed and he chuckled. “No? How amusing. The entire top three elemental witches of course as they didn’t like how weak they truly were, the Ceremonial Elder gave us all the names and locations of each and every Dreamer, the runic helped us with binding spells to hold them while we made sure we interrogated them all before killing them. A few of the court fey gave us weapons that would split the souls of the witches so they would never find the afterlife. Two of the first Dream Walkers I converted to vampires to help us hunt the rest and prevent them from using their powers to stop us. They still live trapped in my home, Two shifters also aided us, but I do not remember their names, much like the fey, but one. One I remember more than all the rest. Ion. A skinwalker hiding in the body of a shifter when he first came to us. He told us of the abilities of the Dream Walkers, what they had been truly hiding from everyone. How dangerous they were. None of us believed until I captured and converted the first two and they proved it. To new as vampires to deny my will over them.”

I listened to every word, keeping every detail locked in my mind. “Why just admit it all? You could be lying.”

He stared at me unblinking. “You seek vengeance for the oldest and most powerful Goddess in existence. To lie would be stupid as she would know, besides I understand the desire you have well.”

I glanced to the other’s and we all passed looks before a nod was given by all. “Thank you for your honesty.”

Set leaned back straightening his shoulders. “So now what? You behead me? Steak me in the heart?”

I shook my head. “No, we deliver you to Breksta.”

He stiffened, and when he spoke his voice dripped with sarcasm. “Great.”

His reaction surprised me a little but we went ahead with what needed doing each of us taking out a moonstone we had been keeping close to our hearts, mine Leo had kept with him while we’d gone on the mission. We all chanted the summoning song for our Dreamer mother our hands linked and only as we neared the end of the song did I place my hand on Set’s arm. Power flashed through the circle of us as the song finished and we were all standing the dream realm below a throne where Breksta sat waiting.

“You learned quickly Sarah.” Her voice was pleased. She looked over all of us and frowned for a moment but her eyes landed on Set a single dark brow lifted. “You.”

Set was no longer bound in the chair but free and standing. His head bowed slightly. “Mother.”

I froze we all did in shock. Breksta sighed and waved a hand. One moment set was still nude and the next dressed in the same clothes as the Set that had been on the walls inside the museum. “Thank you, Mother.”

His polite tone, dress, and everything that had been told to me. He really was the Egyptian God of storms. I backed away from him only to draw his attention and make him laugh. “You look far more lovely this way seductress.”

I noticed then that all of us looked like the real us, even Aki and Leo and Set were now looking at each and every one of us with a sharp eye for detail. “Why send your remaining pets Mother and some demons?”

Breksta sitting still on her throne shifted so her shimmering nightgown looked more alive and vibrant. “You did not deserve me coming to fetch you myself. Have you told them who else harmed my pets?”

Set nodded as he walked up towards the throne, finally taking a seat at her feet to look at all of us. “Of course Mother. You could have simply done so yourself.”

She waved a hand. “They need to do it themselves. She was rude.”

Set laughed and his eyes locked on mine. “But she does taste sweet.”

Leo stepped up next to me Set only flicking his gaze towards him before back to me. “You did manage to anger another God little witch.”

Breksta struck the back of Set’s head. “And you, my son, killed my pets. You will not harm the last of them that I have.”

He winced as he was hit across the back of the head. “ Of course not Mother. I was not thinking of harm.”

She looked me over. “What were you thinking my son?”

Set licked his lips. “A night alone with her to finish what she started.”

I stilled. Leo stiffened. The other Dream Walkers were seriously trying to pretend not to exist while Aki stayed silent.”And what did she start?”

Set didn’t turn to look at his mother as he answered her question but remained looking at me. “She seduced me so her demon could snap my neck and they could capture me.”

Breksta burst into laughter only to lean forward and pat Set’s shoulder lightly. “She does seem to tempt many into wanting her, doesn’t she. But a smart gift for her to use against a man such as you.”

Breksta locked her gaze on me. “Step forward Sarah.”

I did, and when Leo started to come with me she flung a hand up sending him flying back. “Not you Demon. You harmed my son be glad you are not punished for it.”

I wanted to look back at Leo but I felt no pain through our bond so I gave Breksta my fill attention hoping not to anger her more. She stopped me as I reached the bottom of the steps. “What do you say, Sarah? Appease my sons anger by willingly giving him the night he asks for or leave now and hope he does not find you later and take you against your will or worse.”

I swallowed. “Is he not handsome my son? Does he not draw desire from the very depths of you?”

Her question caused me to blush slightly and she laughed. “He carries with him more of me than all my other Egyptian Children, darkness that draws in those wicked desires. So what is your choice, Sarah?”

I thought about it, but I opened the mark between Leo and myself calling his name in my mind. Leo’s side was left wide open to me. ‘I feel what you feel.’ Was his response to me and once again he left everything to me. He loved me and let me feel it, trusted me, and let me feel all of that from him. He knew even if I loved another nothing could make our bond in his eyes less that nothing or no one would ever be more important to him then I was. It shook me to feel all that, my confidence shattered for a second but he pushed all his emotions further into me and the bond we shared. ‘I’ll be here always. I’ll love you always, besides it feels damned good when someone fucks you.’

“Sarah.” The impatient tone in Breksta’s voice drew me back out of the bond to the present where Set was watching me closely, his eyebrows drawn together as if something I had done puzzled him.

“Yes, great mother. He does draw desires, does fascinate a person into wanting him, I would agree but I have conditions.”

Set laughed and Even Breksta did as well. “Conditions! You want to put conditions on a God!?”

She laughed harder after speaking her question her hand slapping hard against the arm of her chair and a single tear rolled from one eye as she laughed so hard. “Oh, this I must hear. Tell us these conditions.”

I licked my lips before speaking. “No dismemberment, or physical harm to me or my people. Once it’s over, no more seeking out us out for revenge. It’s over and we are all even. We have a safe word you can not stop me in any way from using so you don’t go past my personal limits.”

Set seemed amused. “Personal limits?”

I took a breath. “Bloodletting, forcing me to vomit, I don’t to scat or watersports either. I’m also not an exhibitionist.”

Set chuckled. “Shame on the last bit. The rest is fine and I agree. Anything else?”

Breksta was still laughing softly as she listened to our negotiations. “I want Leo there.”

Set arched a brow. “And here I thought you didn’t like being watched.”

“Leo’s an exception.” Set shifted his gaze to look at Leo who was sitting on the ground in the distance waiting.

“You plan on wanting him to join?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “If you do. It’s your night.”

Set stared at Leo. “You would share her with me that way?”

I shifted to I could glance back at Leo who smirked. “I’ve done it before.”

I shifted my gaze just fast enough to catch a shift in Set’s emotions before he covered it. “Done. Oh but I want my night now.”

Breksta chuckled. “Of course you do. Alright, children all of you run along to play but don’t forget my tasks. “She waved her hand and all of us were suddenly back in Leo’s basement, the moonstones we had been holding all vanished at some point. Aki was the one to break the silence. “Welp how about the rest of us hang back to home base?”

All the Dream walkers gladly agreed. Leo cleared the spell from the floor as Set watched us both, the others all popping out of the room moments later. “We doing this down here?”

At Set’s question, I laughed. “Do you want to?”

Set chuckled. “I’d rather a bed if I’m not allowed to cause you harm.”

“We can go upstairs.” I led the way, Set following me, and Leo behind us both. You’d think set would be worried but apparently, he didn’t care that the demon that had recently snapped his neck was behind him once again. Once inside the bedroom Set grabbed my arm spinning me around, the other grabbed my throat.

“No stopping this time, Sarah.” The way he said my name made me shudder. The violence in it. “Strip.”

He released me, stepping back as Leo closed the doors behind Set. I shivered as both sets of eyes found their way to me. Hunger was so clear in their eyes so I did exactly what they both wanted I stripped for them.

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