Dream Walker

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Chapter 41 Punishment

I reached behind my neck to the zipper of the dress and pulled it down until I could reach it from the other direction of behind my back. The eyes of both men stayed on me as I worked on getting the dress off, to say it was a little unnerving was an understatement. Leo’s emotions were mixed, he loved watching me, touching me, feeling my pleasure through our bond but right now I was a bit uneasy and he was feeling that also. Before I’d thought set only a vampire with age, something I could handle, but this was a god, and the only way to keep both him and his mom from fucking us all over was to do this. It’s not as much fun when the option to actually have sex with someone is taken away and you are forced. I did my best to put that out of my mind and focus more on Leo then Set, but he must have sensed it because he forced me to focus back on him. “This show is for me isn’t it?”

His voice was amused. “Though after all the fun today you will have to fully feed me.”

Leo stiffened and I froze as I had started to peel the top of the dress down. “What do you mean feed you?”

At Leo’s question Set smirked. “The vampire bit about me is true, after snapping my neck, yanking me to other realms you really think I wouldn’t be half-starved?”

I looked to Leo who was standing behind Set and looked pissed. “You won’t be feeding off Sarah.”

I wasn’t keen on having my blood sucked but I didn’t know why Leo didn’t want Set to sing his fangs into me when he seemed mostly okay with the sex part. “That’s her call, not yours Demon.”

Set didn’t turn around but kept looking at me. Leo, however, was glaring at his back. “Not this time.”

I blinked. Leo never took away choices from me, so I was surprised and it must have shown from Set’s reaction. “Really? You have another donner then?”

Leo stepped forward moving around to Set’s Side and offered his left-arm wrist turned up. “Mine.”

Set arched a brow and looked to Leo. “Her dark knight hmm?”

Leo was glaring at Set. “It’s the only offer you will get in this house. If you back out it’s not because we didn’t offer so you can’t call us out for not completing the deal made.”

Set laughed and I blinked and frowned. Had it all been a ploy to get us to negate the deal? Or force us to give more than agreed. I would have spoken up then but Leo’s voice floated through my head. ‘It’s alright.’

So I waited crossing my arms across my chest to keep the dress covering my breasts. Set clicked his tongue. “Shame, I wanted to taste the lady fully.”

Leo growled softly causing Set to chuckle. “Down boy, it’s fine you will do.”

Set took ahold of Leo’s wrist lifting it to his mouth. He watched me however when he bit into Leo’s wrist. Through our wide-open bond I felt those teeth pierce Leo’s skin as if it was my own that sharp tearing pain lasted only a few seconds before a wave of pleasure had my own knees weakening. I stumbled back until I could sit on the bed, panting softly. It was unreal as if liquid pleasure was being injected into my entire body, flowing up from my arm to just take over, my lashes fluttered closed, my head tilting back as a moan slipped from my lips. I felt a pull at my wrist and it was if Set had sucked on my core instead, I fell back against the bed squirming. Another strong slow pull pulled an orgasm from me that left me shocked and breathless. “Enough.”

The hoarse sound of Leo’s voice had me opening my eyes to look at them. I had no idea how Leo was still standing, how he was able to glare at Set. Set withdrew his fangs, and all I could do was shudder. “You haven’t stripped yet.”

I was looking at Set, he hadn’t spilled a single drop, no blood spilling from his lips or painted red as you always see in the movies. “Sorry.”

He chuckled and walked towards me. “Fix it.”

I sat up and let the dress spill to my hips. Under the gown was strapless pushup lace bra that clasped in the front. Set was standing within arms reach as stood up and pushed the dress to my feet. He drew in a slow breath, his eyes growing impossibly darker. “The bra.”

I licked my lips pulling a grow from him as a reaction and did what he said. His eyes were glued to my fingers as I released the clasp on the bra and let my breasts spill out. Set closed the distance and his hands cupped both of my breasts lifting them up as he dropped to a knee and took one into his mouth sucking hard on the already hardening nipple. I gasped as I felt the brush of his teeth, the memory of how his fangs sinking into skin felt. Set played with my other breast, his thumb rubbing over and over the small hard pebble of nerves. My hands slipped into his hair, the strands of black silk wrapped up in my grasp for a mere moment before he grabbed my wrists and lifted them away. “No.”

I blinked at him as his face lifted to mine. “Turn around.”

I swallowed hard at the command in his voice and turned he let go of my wrists as I did what he wanted. My heart was pounding in my chest, I wanted so badly to look back at him, but there was a sense of fear that wanted to run instead. Set’s hand pressed to the center of my backsliding down slowly towards my hips only to slide all the way back up, along the back of my neck and grip tightly. “Down.”

He pushed slowly against the back of my neck, in the back of my head I knew Leo was in the room but once again the sense of danger was a serious turn on for me and the fact this God could kill me before anyone could do anything was both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. I had to admit I had issues, but at this moment I didn’t care. My panties had been torn aside before, not that a thong was much underwear anyway. My hands touched the bed, but he continued to push until my head was turned against the bed, my breasts trapped between the rest of my body and the soft fabric of the bed. He kicked my feet a little further apart and pressed himself against me. I didn’t even notice when he got rid of his clothes, then again when dealing with Demons, and gods all bets were off. Set pushed himself inside of me this time much slower than before, letting me feel like each and every thick inch of him spread open my insides. He made it tortiously yet deliciously slow, until I could finally feel him pressing up against the deepest part of me, and still he pushed deeper until it was if he would tear through me. My fingers clawed into the bed below me, my breath was stolen from the sensations of being pushed inside so deeply, so slowly.

Finally, he slid back letting me breathe, going at the same slow speed, his fingers kept me in place along the back of my neck, his other hand resting on my hip and just before he would slip out of me he began to push in again. Set repeated the slow far too deep thrusts until I wanted to scream at him to just fuck me, to beg for it, it was torture. “Set”

His hand around the back of my neck curled around to the front and silenced me as he choked me. His mouth moved next to my ear. ”No.”

I nodded slightly unable to speak as he had cut off my air supply. He released my throat and let me Breathe and continued to use my body how he wanted regardless of what my own desires were asking for. His fingers bit into the back of my neck. “I offered you worship, one night and you decided to trick me instead. You don’t get what you want tonight.”

I shuddered, wondering what he had in mind. Set suddenly began to thrust inside of me hard and fast, I was already so sensitive from his slow teasing within two thrusts I was about to burst and he stopped deep inside of me denying me release. I whimpered and heard a soft chuckle from him, feeling the vibration of it inside me causing me to squirm under him. “I told you. You don’t get what you want.”

Again he pulled out only to thrust into me three times hard and fast before stopping, slowing down the pace again to horribly slow. He teased me like this over and over until I was whimpering, squirming under him. “Please.”

He pulled out nearly out of me. “No.”

He slowly slid back inside until he was all the way inside. “No release for you.”

His hand slid around to the front of my neck and He began to choke me again. My hands went to grab his wrist but he didn’t budge, instead, he began to hammer himself inside me. If I hadn’t been struggling to find air I might have been able to find the release I wanted so badly as Set found his own and spilled himself inside of me. He let me breathe again when he got what he wanted and I was left coughing on the bed with him still inside of me. I opened my eyes when I felt the bed dip in front of me, Leo brushed my hair back from my face so our eyes could meet. “I didn’t break her…. Yet.”

Leo’s angry eyes jerked up to Set. “You had your sex, the deal is done.”

Set laughed. “The deal was for the night Demon. The sun isn’t up yet.”

Leo paled a little. “Now then, will you feed me again or will I have Sarah’s blood finally?”

Set was softer then he had been inside of me but he wasn’t limp, not by a long shot. “You won’t have her blood.”

Leo’s expression held such determination, and I wasn’t sure why. “Yet.”

Came Set’s reply from behind me. “Come feed me then Demon.”

Leo crawled closer until he was next to me but before he could offer a wrist Set grabbed that long hair I loved and sank his fangs into Leo’s throat. I watched both men struggle for a few seconds the feeling of Set’s bite ringing in my own body before the pleasure form his bite took over. I thought I would orgasm this time as it was so much stronger but Set wouldn’t have it, his free hand wrapped around my throat and both Leo and I were caught up between the mixed feeling of having no air, and the pleasure from the vampire’s bite. I began to see spots in my vision and Leo cried out. “Enough!”

Set pulled back and let my throat go at the same time. I was left coughing on the bed, my throat sore, raw, and Set laughed. “Such self-control.”

Set began to fuck me hard, fast, withing a single second of hesitation, I screamed out of the sore throat he’d left me with, finally about to hit the edge and he stopped. I felt tears slip from the corners of my eyes. “Please.”

Leo’s jaw was gripped tightly his body tense as he was still next to us but his eyes were on Set. “No.”

Set began to slowly move in and out of me once more, that hellishly slow thrusting that denied me everything my body was screaming for. “I won't let you torture her.”

Set chuckled. “This isn’t really torture, just a little payback.”

Leo sat back on the bed and unzipped his pants. Set stilled inside me while Leo pulled himself free of his pants and began to stroke his penis. I shuddered under Set, my insides clenching around him as Leo shared the pleasure he felt. “So you’d stop me from enjoying my night with her?”

Leo glared at Set even as he continued to grow harder in his own hand, thicker, longer. “You are hurting her with denial for too long.”

Set grunted. “Fine.”

Set began to use me hard and fast once more, this time he didn’t stop even as I finally reached orgasm, my insides hugging him tightly as he fought to force himself in and out of me even during my release. He drew it out by his refusal to stop until he gained his own release inside of me once more. I was left panting on the bed, limp, my heart hammering so hard inside of me it’s all I could hear. Set finally slid out of me and I could feel the mixed fluids inside of me leak out to run down the inside of my leg, He lifted me only put me further on the bed, rolling me over.

Leo was sitting next to us, his eyes closed, as he too was breathing heavily. “You have one hell of a weakness now Demon.”

Leo’s eyes opened to glare at Set. I looked up at the Egyptian god wondering why he’d let me have release, but I didn’t ask, the sun still wasn’t up yet. He crawled onto the bed over me and surprised me by leaning in to kiss my lips. I didn’t kiss him back right away but when his tongue traced across my lips I finally opened for him. Set pushed his tongue into my mouth as he kissed me, one hand sliding down between my legs to tease my clit.

I moaned into his mouth and my tongue finally moved against his, we slid our tongues against each other, feeding at our joined mouths. His hand left my clit so both of his hands could grab my hips lifting them off the bed so he could push himself inside of me once more, my knees forced over his upper arms. I pulled my mouth away from his to draw in air, Set using the movement to kiss down along the side of my neck. I felt the tickle of the short hairs around his mouth, along his jaw teasing my skin along with each kiss. I felt his teeth graze my neck and turned my head away from him to give him better access. Set was fucking me in long deep steady strokes, I knew his teeth would drive me over that edge, I wanted it. I wanted it so badly I begged for it. “Please, bite me, please.”

I felt him smile against my skin. “As you wish.”

I stopped breathing, waiting for it, only for Leo to grab Set’s hair and pull him back. “Not Sarah.”

Set growled at Leo his mouth open in a snarl that showed his fangs. “She asked for it.”

Leo shook his head. “Not tonight.”

Set growled but grabbed Leo’s hair and yanked him in to bite into him once more. I fed on the feeling through Leo and screamed as the orgasm washed through me, bucking under the god, the vampire. He wasn’t done yet and continued to pound himself inside of me so deeply he crashed against my cervix. I could feel every draw on Leo’s body, his blood, making both of us go higher and higher until I finally blacked out.

I woke up laying against Leo’s bare body, his groin inches from my face, I was turned on my slide between his legs, Leo was propped up against the headboard. It was the feeling of Set moving inside of me that had stirred me from the blackness. “Dawn will be here soon. I won’t be robbed.”

I looked down to where Set was kneeling one of my legs was between both of his, the other pushed to the side so my knees were pushing into the bed and he was thrusting inside of me. My breath caught as he pushed all the way inside. “One more time before the sun steals the moment from us.”

I swallowed. “Yes.”

He grinned and began to pump faster. “Wake him, draw him into your mouth and let him wake with pleasure.”

I turned my head back to my sleeping Leo and did what Set asked, wrapping my fingers around the base of his penis I drew his soft cock into my mouth and licked him, sucking him deeper inside until I had my lips all the way against his body. I continued to suck and tease the soft flesh as it stirred to life in my mouth, I felt the moment Leo was back with us inside my head moments before his fingers slid into my hair. He twisted his fingers pulling at my hair, helping guide me faster up and down his quickly growing penis.

I loved the feeling of his flesh growing harder and harder in my mouth because of what I was doing, the pleasure that I was giving him. Both men grew harder inside me, the needs of our bodies making us all move faster until it was nearly frantic to the finish line. I was the first to hit the peak to go over, Leo coming along with me to flood my mouth with the taste of his sperm, and Set right behind spilling himself inside me one last time. Sunlight spilled into the bedroom through the open window and set slid himself out of me to move back and leaned against the post at the foot of the bed.

“That will do.”

Both Leo and I looked down at Set for his amused yet breathless words to see him grinning. “Now then, should we discuss the two lives you plan to take from me?”

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