Dream Walker

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Chapter 42 Conditions

Fuck was the right way to put it. We weren’t done with the god and we all knew it. Leo helped me Crawl up until I sat next to him leaning against his side, one of his arms wrapped around me. Oddly enough, I felt like I wanted to get dressed. Leo spoke for us. “So what do you want?”

Set chuckled softly. “Simple. I want at least the chance for life to replace the one you take from me.”

I stiffened, but Leo asked. “How?”

Set smirked leaning in the shadows against the post the sun inches from his bare leg but not worry yet for him. “I want to attempt at producing a child with Sarah for every life she takes from me to spare her from my mother’s curse. A simple trade.”

I could feel myself paling, Leo wrapped his arm around me tighter and I could hear the anger in his voice. “You want to knock her up and take the children?”

Set held up a hand, shaking his head. “Not at all. If I raised a child I would ruin it. Trust me I’ve been there, done that. No, I’d let you and Sarah raise the child or children if any came about and I would simply visit often to get to know them and be apart of their lives.”

I snuggled closer to Leo, my arms around his abdomen as I pulled the comfort of him around me. My thoughts were racing a million miles a second, not sure what to think. “Before you get too outraged remember without them she is taken by my mother, and you will never be able to fight off the oldest Goddess in existence. My terms are reasonable. I want a year for each life of trying to have a child with Sarah, no protection, no drugs, no magic to prevent it. A normal human chance, I won’t use any enhancement, human or inhuman. Once the two lives are made then I am satisfied, if not within the time frame you all go on about your lives without worry for my vengeance for stolen lives.”

I swallowed hard. Leo’s fingers ran up and down my back. Set combed his hair back from his face as he added a little more information. “There is another perk. We won’t start until the curse is off of your arm, so before then I shall be helping to protect my investment, and after how could I not aid the possible mother of my children? And if we have a child, of course, I’d help keep her safe. Think about it. Not just the aid and protection of demons, but a god and the grandchildren of the eldest Goddess.”

I blinked, even Leo had gone still beside me. “I’ll leave you both to think it over, hang out in your kitchen a while.”

Set climbed off the bed and using a bit of magic I didn’t know he could use suddenly had clothing. I had to wonder just how powerful he was and if we’d gotten lucky with catching him, or if it had all been his plan. We said nothing as he left the room, clothing the door behind him. Leo continued to stroke my back, he’d leave it all up to me, I knew he would.

“Why didn’t you want him to bite me?” I changed the topic slightly while I thought over the offer.

Leo took a long slow breath and released it before answering me. “ A vampire bite is addictive. You felt the backwash of what I felt, each bite stronger than the last. Imagine how much stronger you would have felt it first hand. Once the venom of a vampire gets into your blood you never want it to stop, you’d feed them as often and as much as they want.”

I swallowed hard. “Are you alright?”

Leo kissed the top of my head. “I’m a demon, I have a bit more resistance than you. Yes it felt fantastic, yes I’d do it again but I don’t crave it like a drug.”

I kissed his chest and as snuggled in the sunlight falling through the window. “Good. What is your honest view of what he said?”

Leo took another slow breath, taking a moment to choose his words. “Honestly if we don’t take it we have to fight him. Your Goddess doesn’t want him harmed and could hurt us for it, she didn’t even punish him for nearly wiping out your entire bloodline but what would she do if you hurt him?”

I sighed. “Right.”

He stroked his fingers along my spine. “If we do what he wants he will also protect you, help us against your curse.”

I nodded. “But it’s your body. Your choice. Having a child with him, sex often enough to possibly have a child, you’d be bringing him into your life for as long as you live.”

I nodded and we both ended up laying down and stretching out when I went silent. I curled myself against Leo’s side, one leg curled over him as he let me cuddle. “He knew he had backed us into a corner.”

Leo nodded. “Yes. But if you want to fight him, if you want to go that route we will.”

I swallowed hard and buried my face against his chest. “I would rather the child I have to be yours.”

I felt Leo still a moment then he rolled us suddenly and I felt his mouth pressed to mine in a deep kiss. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt the emotion pouring from him, a warmth that spread from the chest through his entire body. He pulled back and met my eyes, both of us slightly breathless. “You stole my heart my little witch, with your hands, body, heart, and the soul that brings light to my world.”

I felt my heart-melting and a smile curl my lips. “I love you too.”

He smiled, wide, happy, almost boyish and we kissed again, taking our time and just soaking in the moment. It wasn’t long before Leo slide his penis inside of me and we made love slowly and sweetly. I’d never had anyone treat me as if I was glass, but need me so much they could not help but be with me. We made love in the sunlight, and when we both found our release in each other’s arms I knew we’d be okay no matter what.

I ran my fingers through the dark waves of his hair. “As long as you are with me we can do this. “

He kissed the side of my breast. “Yes.”

I smiled. “We do need to find out more about him first.”

His mouth trailed little kisses towards my nipple making me laugh until I tugged his mouth away by grabbing his hair to keep him from it. “You do that we will end up having sex again.”

He looked up at me, the same boyish grin on his lips. “ I know.”

I found myself laughing again. “I need to shower, would you bring him back so we can talk more?”

Leo crawled up my body and kissed my lips, drawing it out until I was moaning into his mouth and only then did he pull back. “Yes.”

He stole one more quick kiss and practically bounced off the bed. I laughed as he left, his clothes just appearing on that fine ass of his. I climbed from the bed myself, making my wobbly way to the bathroom as my legs were not at all steady after the night and morning I’d had. The hot water felt fantastic on my skin as I stood under the shower, I took my time soaking, waking up as the reality was sinking in. I pressed my hands to the shower to put my head under the spray. I noticed my curse mark, one star was now gone.

I was a witch cursed by one of the oldest Goddesses in existence, whose soul was tied to a demon, the mate of a wolf shifter who’d abandoned me, and now I would be making a deal with the Egyptian God of Chaos and discord to have his children just to try and save myself, and what was left of my bloodline and the demon I’d come to love. My story was just starting and all I could say was. “Damn Sarah, you really stepped in it.”

Note from the Author: Thank you all for reading the first Book of my Demon’s Artifice series. Sarah's story is long from over and of course, some of our other guys have to have their stories told. Aki's book and Paimon's book have been started, and soon I'll be starting up Sarah's second book. I have lots of plans for my characters and hope you all will stick around for the rest!
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