Dream Walker

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Chapter 5 My Date

I made it to the Pizza place on 4th street seven minutes late and the parking lot was packed. I cursed under my breath as I ended up having to park along the street a little way down. By the time I was walking up to the pizza place I could see the line outside and started to fish my phone out of my pocket.

" Sarah!" I paused hearing James call out to me, he was standing in the bed of his truck in the back of the parking lot and waved at me. I changed direction to see him jumping down as I got closer.

" Hey, James I'm sorry I got sidetracked." He was smiling at me as I gave my lame excuse.

" It's totally fine Sarah, I was a bit worried you were going to stand me up after I was such a Jack ass today." He reached out and tucked a hair back from my face.

" I really am sorry and I miss you like crazy. " Before I could say anything he went on. " I know we need to talk, the place it so crowded tonight I knew we wouldn't be able to in there so I got your favorite and mine, Meat lovers with extra Bacon, some breadsticks and the apple pizza for dessert. Plus Sprite for the lovely Lady."

I relaxed. James had gotten all my favorites, apologized, and had been thoughtful enough to give us the time to talk I'd asked for. When he padded the bed of his truck where he'd laid out a blanket and put the food on top like a makeshift picnic I couldn't help but be pleased by it. " You know you really are a great boyfriend." Even as I said it I knew I was gonna have to break his heart. I liked him, I always had, but my life was about to get super crazy and I couldn't drag a human into this.

James and I both climbed up into the truck and sat down starting to eat. I wasn't a big fan of talking while eating and he knew that, so we just stayed silent watching the people around us while silently eating and sipping on our drinks. After the third slice, I felt a little woozy. " I don't feel so good." James gave me a worried look and held out my drink for me.

" Here try some sprite, is your stomach upset?" He sounded so worried I leaned over and sipped more of the drink from the straw to please him.

" No, it.." the world spun a little. " Sarah?"

I blinked up at his blurry face, I'd ended up laying down in the truck. The whole world was spinning, and my body was getting really hot. " James.. something's wrong I don't feel soo good. " I felt his hand touch my face. " Shh, it's gonna be okay Sarah." I felt him grab my hands grabbing them and forcing them together.

" James what..." I felt the zip tie go around them before he pushed the meal aside and rolled me up in the blanket like he was rolling a carpet. " James?" My head was so foggy, my body was starting to burn. The sound of the tailgate being closed, then the truck roaring to life.

Part of my brain registered what was going on. I tried to struggle but I had no strength in my arms. James had drugged me, he was kidnapping me. Panic settled in and I tried for my magic but I couldn't think straight, I couldn't summon my magic when I couldn't even remember how to move my arms. I don't know how long he had been driving but the truck stopped. It was dark, trees everywhere from what I could see out of the top of the blanket. The sound of the tailgate opening was the only warning I had before James shoved me to the side to unroll me from the blanket.

I was blinking up at his face again as he straddled me. The drug had fully worked into my body, I was burning from the inside out, panting, and unable to move much at all as all the strength had been zapped out of me. "You really thought I'd just forgive you for getting me suspended?"

I heard his question and the fake laugh that came after, the anger in his voice. " No, I'm not sorry for it. But you will be my pretty little Sarah. " His hand gripped my shirt yanking me slightly up off the bed of the truck, a knife was flicked open in his other hand and he cut my shirt and bra open so when he finished cutting them my breasts and entire upper body was exposed.

" You got a tattoo?! who said you could mark up your pretty skin?" He sounded so angry. " Now I have more to punish you for!" He yanked the button free of my jeans, the zipper pulled down before he ripped the fabric right down my legs my phone went clattering across the bed of the truck, my panties lost along with them. My shoes, socks, pants, and panties all ended up on the ground outside of the truck.

"Stop... James stop" My voice sounded weak even to myself. The cold air felt like heaven on my burning skin. My nipples were hard, my inside aching, burning, and I had no control of any of it. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I didn't want this. I felt his hands grab my breasts tightly to the point it hurt, but the drug had my body's sensitivity on overdrive.

" No, I won't stop. You belong to me Sarah. No more leaving me. I'm going to have you now and every time I want you. I'm going to remind you what it feels like to have me inside you. I'm going to fill you up with so much of my cum until you are pregnant. Then you are gonna marry me and be with me forever." He leaned down and took one of my nipples into my mouth to lick and suck on. It was too much, the over-stimulation made what should have felt good feel like pain and made me cry out.

" That's it. God Sarah if I knew this would make you feel this good I'd have used it ever time." He licked across my nipple making me cringe, one hand moving down over my abdomen until he reached my pussy. " So wet already." he cupped me in his palm and rubbed my flesh.

Tears slipped from my eyes and I refused to look at him. I was still wet from what Leo and I had done, not because of this. " Stop James, please stop."

James shoved two fingers inside me hard. " No Sarah!" He sounded mad. " You can beg all you want. I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you until you beg me not to stop until all you want is me. I don't care how long I have to keep you just like this until you realize I'm the only one who will ever love you."

He was insane. I couldn't stop him. I could hardly move, my magic was fried as long as this drug had my brain fucked up. Why did I ever agree to meet him, why didn't I bring someone with me? Why did I think I could do everything alone. Alone, I wasn't alone, LEO! The thought flashed through my mind.

My Hands were still tied but I pulled my arms down towards my chest James growled thinking I was trying to block him from my breasts. " You don't want me touching them?! Fine!" He sat up between my legs where he'd been kneeling moving to one side he rolled me over and jerked my hips up before moving back between them. My arms were pinned under my upper body, but they were close enough I worked them down until my hand touched the star.

" No more foreplay for you Sarah." I heard him unbuckle his pants and I prayed this would work. " Leo, Leondris, LEO!" I managed to shout the last one. just as I felt James slap my ass hard.

" Stop Calling someone else's name! Who the fuck is Leo!?" He was so mad. He hit me again harder. I knew my ass would be red and all I could do is sob still pressing my hand to the star. " Leo.."

" I heard you my pretty Sarah." I couldn't see him. But I could feel his energy come out of nowhere, I knew he was standing in front of me.

" Who the fuck are you!? " I heard James ask." She's not your Sarah she's m-" I heard a sickening Snap sound and then a loud thud.

I shifted to slide out of that horribly embarrassing position only to have Leo crouch down near my head pushing my hair gently back from my face. " My Poor little witch. I've got you now, it will all be alright." The zip tie vanished from my hands and Leo's arms lifted me up into them in a princess style carry. He walked off the back of the truck and down to the ground as if walking on air. He turned to let me see James' dead body on the ground. " He won't hurt you or anyone ever again. His soul is mine now."

I shivered, Leo's eyes were glowing, the amber color was so bright and the whites of his eyes looked black now. The sound of twisting Metal had me turning my head, in seconds the truck was twisted and crunched into a small block before everything including James' body took to flame, even my clothes, the food, every sign of what had happened. The fire changed to blue, then it began to get brighter, hotter. I closed my eyes and turned my head until the brightness went away when I looked back. There was nothing left but a black scorch mark on the ground.

Leo's hold on me got a little tighter his head lowering to sniff my skin. " Strong drug mixture. I'm taking you with me until it passes out of your body." I gripped his shirt.

" My car... it's still at the pizza place." Leo had just murdered James. If this got traced back to me in any way the covens could come after me. Leo simply nodded.

" I'll take care of it." The world spun again but this time for real and we were no longer in the woods. Leo was standing in some sort of house and he set me gently on a bed with silk sheets, the moonlight falling softly into the room from a huge window that took up nearly half the wall to the right of the bed. " I'll be back as soon as I can. Stay here, don't try to move. "

He gently touched my face, my skin still burned from what the drugs were doing to me. " Be strong my little witch." He was gone in the next second.

"Thank you Leo.." I knew I'd say it again when he got back.

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