Dream Walker

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Chapter 7 Drugs Are Bad

Leo was gone for so long it felt like forever. I tried to cover my body with the sheet but the moment it touched me I yanked it off. It was as if my skin was gaining more sensitivity, even the air moving in the room seemed to hurt my skin, yet still drive me wild with desire.

My body was still so hard to control, my limbs weak as if they were tied down with weights. It took me forever to move my hand to the aching core of my body between my legs when I finally reached the soaking wet folds of my sex I hardly had the strength to move my fingers. Each tiny movement however was enough to send me into heaven. I pushed the tips of my fingers up and down along the outer lips of my pussy, up and down, over and over, driving myself mad with the light touches. “more..” My voice was soft but held desperation, I needed release so badly it hurt. I kept moving them, over an over until finally one finger slipped between the folds and passed over my clit. Pleasure shot through me like lightning tearing a gasp from my lips. My body didn’t have the strength to react more than a shudder that snaked down my spine while the orgasm rolled through me.

" My poor little witch.” Leo’s voice had my eyes jerking to where he stood watching me. I didn’t know how long he’d been there what’d he’d seen me do. I felt embarrassed but my body still burned with need.

" Leo.. pl-” He stepped up to the bed the moment I started to speak and cut me off by placing a finger to my lips.

" Don’t ask me that my little witch. Not right now. ” He moved his finger away from my mouth. ” I’ll make it stop, I’ll make it all go away.” His mouth pressed to mine, kissing me with the same full passion he had this afternoon. I moaned into his mouth, opening up for him, my tongue seeking out his. I felt him growl against my mouth, his hand moved to press against out mark, the moment he covered the star with his palm power flared from his hand, more pouring into my mouth until it flashed inside me and blackness swallowed me whole.

I woke to warm sun kissing my skin and soreness all over my body. The night had been dreamless something rare for me, but I was glad. My brain was still foggy as I sat up, wincing, the skin sheet sliding down to pool at my hips. I was wearing a large black t-shirt and as I looked around the details of last night came flooding into my mind. James had tried to rape me, I summoned Leo to save me, and James was now dead. I didn’t remember a thing after Leo had kissed me but with the empty feeling I had inside I was guessing he used magic to knock me out cold.

I sat in his king-sized four-poster bed, I didn’t miss the silver rings on every post. I glanced behind my head to see one atop the middle of the headboard, i shifted my gaze away quickly as a blush took over my face focusing on looking over the simple dark wine-red walls, double doors across from the bed open enough to show the white tiles of what looked like a bathroom, windows that took up almost the entire wall to my right, leading to a balcony, and to my left was a door standing ajar leading out to what looked like a hallway. I noticed two towels the same color as the walls sitting on the bottom left edge of the bed, along with what looked like a small pile of clothes.

Wincing I moved to get out of the bed, taking my time and moving slowly until I could stand beside it. Leaning gently against the edge as I worked my way around. I found in the pile of clothes a simple black pair of men’s boxers, and the shirt was a long sleeve button down shirt. When I picked up the shirt I realized it would be longer on my both then the t-shirt Leo had put me in.

" My Demon is really considerate...” I mumbled softly then picked up the clothes, put them on top of the towels, and slowly wobbled my way into the bathroom like some drunk idiot. When I reached the bathroom my mouth fell open I felt like I just walked into a palace. The shower was big enough to hold four people and I could see the jets built into the walls all over. The bathtub if you could even call it that was like a ten-person jacuzzi tub that had been sunk into the floor. I wanted to try the jets in the shower but the tub was too tempting. I went over to it setting the towels and clothes near the side. The buttons on the side were neatly labeled and I hit fill, the jets, bubbles, and set the temp to a lovely eighty-five degrees. Next to the bath were about ten bottles, also neatly labeled, I think my Demon was a little OCD. I picked out the bath oil that smelled like honey and oranges pouring just a little the smell filled the room so I stopped and put the bottle back.

I sank into the water when the tub finished filling the spot I picked had a lounge-like couch the jets working all over my back, butt, legs, and my sides. It felt like heaven. I don't know how long I stayed in the tub relaxing but Leo's voice stirred me from the Nap I apparently had started to take.

"Stay in there much longer you'll be a lobster." His voice was amused, even as I felt myself blushing to check if the bubbles were still covering me. It might be weird to still feel modest at this point but I did, and I wasn't even able to look at him yet as embarrassment colored my face redder than the skin that was still in the hot water.

" How are you feeling Sarah?" I didn't miss the concern in his voice and it made me smile.

"Much better. Thank you Leo, for last night. I um.. You came when I needed you most. And you didn't take advantage of me after.." I'd never had a hero before. The fact he was a demon, supposedly one of the evilest creatures in our world, yet all he had done was save me, protect me, and refused to take advantage of me was changing all my previous notions about demons. It gave me more faith in the fact my Dad and wanted a demon with me, this demon.

I heard his feet padding softly on the tile floor as he came closer only to crouch at the side of the tub. " Sarah. I will always be there when you need me. You are my little witch now. " His voice was amused but got more serious for his next statement. " I will never take advantage of you like that. You are my bound witch, we share our life essence with each other. When I touch you, when I pleasure you I want you aware, I want you to want me for me, not because of some chemical, or magic. Though.. it really wasn't easy after I watched your orgasm."

I felt like I was gonna die of embarrassment when he mentioned that part the memory coming back so clearly, I sank under the water to hide. I heard him chuckle and call out. " Come on out Sarah. You are beautiful, get dressed, I've got breakfast downstairs."

I came back up in time to watch him leaving only to stare open-mouthed. He had only been wearing another set of black jeans riding low on his hips. I could see the sculpted back of a man that was carved by the gods, every muscle group was outlined in his skin to perfection, not that huge bulging muscle but just wow. He had the t-shirt I had been wearing in his hand and as he stepped out the double doors that were left wide open I watched him smell the shirt. I squirmed in the tub ducking back down encase he turned around but he didn't and muttered softly. " Damn that demon is hot..."

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