Dream Walker

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Chapter 8 Bacon.

I headed out of Leo's room and down the hall, finding the stairs easily enough by following the smell of bacon. I freeken loved bacon. Stepping into the kitchen I was once again drawn to he sight of Leo in those jeans but the man was wearing the shirt he'd taken from the bathroom, I had no idea why but it sent me blushing to see him in the shirt that I had been sleeping in. His hair was a mess as if he'd combed his fingers through it all morning long.

" There she is. food will get cold if you take much longer sit." He motioned to the bar top counter that ran along the side of his kitchen area. He had two plates set out, bacon eggs, and pancakes, a glass for each of us, and he had a small pitcher of water, milk, and OJ all on the counter.

" Okay... Normally I'd complain because it's all fancy and too much effort.. but that looks so damned good." I went for the plate that had extra bacon and heard him laugh. Without waiting I picked up a strip and started to eat. He only shook his head and came around to sit next to me.

Neither of us said anything but ate in comfortable silence. It was weird, I was never a huge talker while eating but he didn't even utter a sound yet it was like we'd done this a hundred times, just so damned normal. After I polished off the last of my food, my half glass of OJ gone I poured myself a bit of water and studied him. He didn't even seem to mind, but he was the one who broke the silence. " Ask."

It's like he'd read my mind. " Well... I know I'm like your Bonded witch now. But You have a totally normal house, and you took care of me like a normal person would.. well minus the whole killing thing which by the way Thank you for saving me and doing what you did."

Leo turned in his seat while I spoke and looked at me the whole time giving me his undivided attention. When I finished he took another bite of food and sipped his drink before saying. " That's not a question."

I found myself grinning. " You'd be right. They always told us in school Demon's were evil beings who cared for nothing but themselves, You are far from what they said... Well I mean you killed a guy without hesitation, but he's a rapist so in my book he deserved it. So did they lie or are you just special?"

Leo'd given me his full attention again, such manners. By the time I actually finished my question he chuckled. " Every Man likes to think he's special even demons." He sipped his milk once more then set it down, shifting to face me fully. " In our world, we have two main types of demons. Those that are born and those that become a demon, Both have tendencies to be evil as most people call it but it's not an overall rule." He shifted until he had one arm leaning on the bar top. " I was born a demon but I wasn't raised by them. My mother was a witch who chose to complete the full ritual of bonding with her demon and well she wasn't on any sort of birth control as it wasn't exactly around back then."

That had me blinking, exactly how old was my Demon? and why the hell was I thinking of him as mine so possibly in my head? But his story wasn't finished. " My mother was terrified when she became pregnant and her coven tried to have her kill me before birth, though back then she could have died as well. My father, however, forbid it and told them all he would wipe the coven from the face of this world if they tried. "

I looked at him horrified that they would kill an unborn child. " My father was the one who birthed me from my mother and after with all those motherly hormones kicking in decided to keep me. Her coven upset by it all banished her from the coven and forbid all their other witches from completing the full ritual to prevent any more..." He actually made air quotes. " Unwanted mistakes."

I felt the need to comfort him so I placed a hand on his knee. Leo's hand covered mine squeezing gently before he continued. " My Father took my mother up into the mountains away from everyone and they raised me together. I ended up with both of their powers and more than even they expected me to have. When I came of age my past was explained to me, and though no witch coven would have me the Demons would. So I signed up my name to register with the demon class though I'm technically a Halfbreed. I wouldn't say I'm a normal demon but all demons protect their bonded, though some aren't as nice about it I was... How you'd say ' raised how to treat a Lady right.'" He smirked a bit.

I turned my hand in his while he continued so we ended up holding hands. " Well, I'm glad I got a good Demon as my bonded. " My heart skipped a beat at the smile he gave me, then the man lifted my hand up and kissed each of my knuckles. Shit... I really needed to start putting up walls when it came to Leo or I was gonna end up like his mother.

" You got very lucky my little witch. Now then Should we start lessons about our magic or did you have other plans?" As he asked his pocket began to ring, and it was my ringtone for my mother.

" Why do you have my phone?" He sighed as he fished it out of his jeans and offered it to me.

" I found it last night and assumed you'd want it." I nodded and took it answering. " Hi, mom." In the next second I was jerking the phone form my ear.

" Sarah! You come home right this minute! I can't believe you spent the night with that Demon! You didn't sleep with him, did you!? Oh, how could you! Demons are evil Monsters!" I winced as it was loud enough I know Leo could hear her. I looked at him feeling horrible.

" I am so sorry.." I spoke low so mom couldn't hear me and Leo gave me a smile leaning in to steal a kiss from me. The kiss wasn't exactly light either, he kissed me as if he wanted to throw me over that bar top and have me right there. I didn't even notice when he took the phone from my fingers until he pulled back and started to speak to my mother.

" I am terribly sorry Mrs. Stone But Sarah is still eating breakfast. I will be more than happy to return her later today after we've finished practicing the bonding ritual. If you've any questions about how a full bonding works please feel free to ask your husband though I'm sure you both know how it works as that's how you made this lovely little witch in front of me. Tell David I said hello and you both have a great day!" His voice was almost sing-song happy at the end before he hung up.

I sat there wide-eyed staring at him for a moment as he turned my phone off. " There now no more interruptions." His voice highly amused. " I bet David will be getting an earful." I realized what he'd done, turned it all on my dad and I burst out laughing too hard within seconds I was holding my sides and trying not to fall off the barstool. Leo's laughter joined mine, today started out totally perfect.

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