Dream Walker

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Chapter 9 Mom

Leo and I did end up talking more in-depth about the bonding, what all it meant, and what other benefits it also gave both of us. So the bonding ties your magic, and life force to each other, a full bonding would fully tie the life forces so let us say the witch was killed as long as the demon lived he could bring her back to life and help her heal fully no matter what was one. If the demon was caught and killed.. which by the way is mega harder, as long as the witch lived she could bring him back. Leo spent a few hours explaining how all that worked, including the spells I would need to use if he was hurt badly or needed me to restore him fully. He actually had me practice all the spells until we were both confident I could pull them off. By the time we were done it was nearly two pm. I knew my mother was likely going batshit crazy so he agreed to take me home.

Teleporting was seriously making me Lazy, one moment we were standing in Leo's house, the next we were in my front yard. I saw my car in the drive, my parent's car was likely in the garage as my car was blocking them in. But it was the car behind mine that confused me. " I don't recognize that car."

Leo hooked his arm around my shoulder, totally relaxed. " Then let's find out, shall we. Besides, it's long overdue that I meet your mother."

I laughed. "You know.. it's only moments like this I see your evil streak as you stir up trouble."

Leo chuckled. " Ah, but you like when I do my little witch. It makes you as amused as I, another thing we have in common."

We headed into the house, and I realized I honestly did enjoy his company. I mean the male was hot, like sinfully sexy kindy hot, but he was also great at conversation, smart, and a real gentleman when it came to manners. After getting into the house Leo followed me down the hallway towards the kitchen where voices were coming from.

Whoever was speaking stopped as we reached the room and I heard a chair sliding across the floor as if someone was standing just before we walked in. " What the hell is a demon doing in your house?!" It was a male voice and the man was tall but thinner than even Leo, less muscle mass, dark circles under his eyes. Honestly, he looked half dead as if he wasn't even trying to keep himself up.

My mother was the next to pipe up. " Sarah you get that Monster out of this house this instant!"

I felt Leo stiffen a little shifting a fraction away from me and I don't know why but I became livid for the first time with my mother in ages. I stepped fully in front of Leo and faced my mother, ignoring the stranger. " As long as MY Demon is not welcome in this house mother I won't ever step foot inside it again. He saved me last night from something a hell of a lot worse than death so I will not tolerate you or anyone bad mouthing him!"

Both my parents froze my mother's eyes going wide and her mouth hanging open. The stranger just stood there sort of shell shocked, my father however who was still sitting at the table only smiled slowly. Leo moved up and wrapped his arms around me from behind, his chin dropping to rest on my shoulder. I lifted a hand to rest on the arms that crossed around my torso. " And his name Mother is Leo. " his arms squeezed me gently.

Finally, my mother straightened and she glared at us both. " Then get out of my house." Everyone else in the room ended up looking at her life she had lost her mind.

My father stood up. " Amy..." He was literally thrown across the room in the next moment. The only one that reacted in time was Leo. One minute his arms were around me the next he was between my Father and the wall catching David in time.

My mother was lifting her hand to cast something likely a lot worse when power flooded the room. Leo's eyes were glowing as he stepped around my dad. Leo's hand flung upward towards my mother and she froze it didn't even look like she was breathing anymore, fear was clear in her eyes.

" Leo?" I moved towards my dad and him both.

" She's fine. I have simply used a what would you witches call it... A Medusa spell. It has also trapped her magic inside for the moment. Now then Amy. Let's have a chat." he didn't move closer to my mother, his eyes simply glowed as he held her in place. My dad wrapped an arm around me, and I was surprised he didn't try and protect my mom, then again he trusted Leo enough with me why wouldn't he trust Leo not to hurt my mother. The poor stranger in our kitchen was just staying as close to the wall away from us as possible.

" I am a Demon. Yes does that make me evil? No, it simply means I do not follow the same rules as you witches or those of humans, the law of any other race besides demon law does not apply to me. You may consider that evil but that is your perspective, not mine. Have I killed people, yes, in fact, I killed one that was hurting Sarah, I'd do it again every single day and not care. I will not stand here and watch you hurt my friend for doing nothing more than saying your name." His face hardened a little.

" I have been told you are an elemental witch, meaning your temper runs high because of your power, and your power feeds off emotions. I know about you attacking David, and putting Sarah at risk while you two have your fights because I have been watching over the Stone family for over four hundred years."

I was shocked when I heard this. Talk about an age gap. That explained the insane power level he had, I thought it was just a demon thing, but if he was that old he had a hella lot more power then he was showing off even now.

"I do not know why you see all demons blindly as Monsters but I do not care. I care about Sarah above all and David. If you kill or hurt David it hurts my Sarah. I will not allow that. So the compromise will be this. For two weeks say goodbye to your magic. You will be a human. You and David work out your issues one way or another without the risk of you killing him. If those two weeks end and you attack him or Sarah ever again I will turn you into the thing you seem to hate most. I will turn you into a Demon."

My mother paled. Even my father was shocked at the last line. I glanced over to the Stranger in our kitchen it looked as if he wanted to break through the damned wall to get out of our kitchen. Leo lifted his other hand and a ring of power formed around my mother's neck, glowing gold energy swirled, two more forming around each of her wrists small symbols flashing as it got tighter around her neck and limbs until it touched her skin. The rings flashed as they sank into her skin on each wrist a very pretty henna like tattoo formed with the flowers and vines going down her hands towards her pinky so the spell looked like a decoration.

The moment the spell was done and Leo released my mother she clearly tried to use her power then she got angry again but this time none of us suffered. " How dare you take away my magic what gives you the ri.." I cut her off having enough.

" You could have killed dad! You could have killed me this morning. I have scars and so does dad from your tantrums mom. If I had known it was possible to actually stop your tantrums for any length of time I'd have done it. You trashed half the house yesterday! You were out of control and if dad wasn't so good at battle Magic I know I'd have been dead by now and likely dad also."

My mother paled a little. " I would never have hurt you Sarah." I yanked up the shirt Leo had lent me and pointed to the scar on my lower belly near my hip.

" I was nine and the scar is still nearly four inches long now. Or did you forget when you blew up the kitchen table at breakfast when you had a fight with dad and part of the table embedded in my body?" My Mother took a step back.

" That was an accident.. I.." My dad stepped up and cut her off next.

" What about when she was twelve and my shoulder had to be sewn back on? I still have the metal wire inside my body keeping my bones together from when you lost your temper and broke the ceiling itself I had dived to cover Sarah and it nearly took her head off. If it hadn't been for witch laws I'd have taken her away from here years ago Amy. I love you, I always have and will but you've almost killed Sarah so many times. It's why I stopped arguing with you at all, why I just gave in and did everything to keep you happy. It's why Sarah has done pretty much the same. But that's over now Amy. Leo is her guardian and now I don't have to worry about you being able to hurt Sarah. I want a divorce."

My mom lost it. I was shocked that my dad wanted a divorce but honestly thinking back I couldn't blame him. How long had he been trapped in this relationship because he loved me, needed to protect me from my own mother? I heard dishes breaking as she threw them off the counter. " NO! You can't leave me not now and not ever!" My mother picked up a knife.

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